FETD - Fire Emblem Tower Defense (Mk II)

Basically a crosspost from SF because why not. Title has to be at least length 5 though so that’s why the spacing lol

Anyway, yeah! Based on Jay007’s (and I guess Blazer’s?) idea of a Fire Emblem Tower Defense, here’s my take, made in FEXNA. As far as I’m aware it turns out I can actually release it too whoops um here I guess

To clarify a couple misconceptions:
Units will ONLY autoattack with whatever weapon is in their first inventory slot. If you don’t want them wasting siege or special weapons, just equip something else!
The NPC Bishops, like all the NPCs up at the top, don’t do anything by default. You have to buy them, by buying a key (or lockpick) and opening their door.
Units can’t trade. That’s not really a misconception, but yeah, all you can do is use the convoy to give items to defenders. There IS a way around this, but…
Oh, ALSO: be aware that this game currently stores your save files in Documents/SavedGames/FEGame. As such, it’s incompatible with other FEXNA games that do that, which may be none, but if it’s crashing on the title screen, this may be why.

anyway um idk hf



jattwood go die that post was absolutely fine.


Since this is actually released now… I HAVE to do an LP.

Maybe the publicity will be enough to make me want to actually update it…
Or maybe all it’ll take is some free time in Spring Break, who knows~


It took two full years, but I finally beat the game.

And all it took was spamming knights and walling up four Super Druids at the exit gate.

I’m pretty sure if you clear Rogues you get an S rank.

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