This is a place to generally shoot the breeze and discuss whatever.


Have a question that isn't answered already somewhere? Ask away! And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question (except for the ones that have already been answered - use the search function responsibly).


This is the place to find various "how-to manuals" on ROM hacking.


Notes on the engine, data structures, and anything else really - all in one location for convenience.


ASM hacks, animations, music and other resources that implement new features for your hacks to utilize.


From assembly to art, post your requests here!


Full-fledged ROM Hacking projects - taking the base engine and making something new!


A category for topics discussing different various facets of game design; level balancing, character progression, conceptual gameplay systems, all of that wonkish wizardry.


Give us a glimpse of your artsy side. Whether they be pixels, paint, words, or something else entirely.


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