Fire Emblem: War of Lovers



Five years have passed since the War of Heroes concluded. Marth, the Hero King, defeated the Dark Dragon Mediuth, finally putting a decade of warfare to rest. The Seven Kingdoms of Akaneia were unified, and Marth became Emperor of them all. He also married his wife, Sheeda, making her Empress.

However, Marth has been missing for two years, and his united empire is crumbling at the seams. Akaneia is in a civil war, with the sage Marich and the hero Kris struggling for control at every turn. More distant regions dream of freedom, and rebel for independence. All claim loyalty to the absentee Emperor, but ambitious figures are more than willing to prosper from the chaos.

While Akaneia burned, Marth had gotten engaged with Alear, from the far-off Lythos. He had no memory of anything he had done before arriving there. But engagement wasn’t sufficient: marriage was on the table. Marth and Alear’s wedding day will prove to be fateful…

War of Lovers evolved from my attempted Hack Jam 2 entry. Though the story outline and basic idea of the gameplay was decided, they were completely unplayable and I chose not to enter. The only feature working was the unit randomisation: at certain points, a random unit will join the party. The fact that I failed to finish didn’t sit well with me, as I usually enter hacking contests. With International Hack Release Day rolling around, I decided to take what work I had put in and try to release something. It’s not 100% complete, but there’s enough to have something worth playing.


  • Four playable chapters
  • Three written chapters
  • Voice clips
  • Unit randomisation
  • Akaneian maps reimagined
  • Unit variety
  • A close-to-FE1 Falchion
  • The Wing Spear
  • The FE3 soundtrack
  • Marth and Chiki animations

Known Issues

  • Chapter 4 has no story text.
  • Vander uses flashback Ephraim as a placeholder portrait.
  • Chiki’s transformation animations show Myrrh.


GachaJam_14 GachaJam_15


Click Here to Download
Credits are within the download.


This is without a doubt one of the games of all time :+1:

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Randomized units are awesome. I wanna see more with that