[LT] Server 72 [COMPLETE]

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Latest Release: 2024-06-08 17:39 EST
Latest Android Release: 2024-01-20 11:37 EST
(note: android version is in no way guaranteed to be stable and it will likely be impossible/difficult for me to recover your save data)

REGARDING BUG-INDUCED CRASHES: If a bug ever renders a long boss fight unwinnable, suspend and then send me your save data so I can clean you up. If you crash, I can probably still salvage your save data (no need to suspend in that case obviously).

Gamers. You know them. You are them. But would you want to play a game about them? No? Too bad.

Set in 2068 some years after magic is released to the modern world, Server 72 details the quest of some gamers as they attempt to clear the Tower of Dreams, a tower climb-themed expansion to the magic-VR MMORPG Real You Online, a joint venture between games titan Blizzsoft and defense company Rathian. Ascend through the Tower as you attempt to beat the infamous Floor 50 which has stymied all challengers since its release.

Mechanical Departures from FE
  • No permadeath. The game takes place within the confines of a video game that isn’t Fire Emblem, and, as such, units come back to life at the end of each chapter. Don’t be afraid to sac your entire squad for a boss kill, or just because you feel like it.
  • No randomized stat growths, or stat growths at all. Instead, you buy stats as your characters level, allowing for full customization of the one thing IS is too cowardly to allow you to customize.
  • Mana and chapter-based durability. Spend your resources as hard as you can each fight, because you’ll get them back!
  • Skill emblem. Each unit can eventually gain up to five class skills (plus Canto for the mounted ones), and can additionally learn up to four learned skills, although this is not advised. Currently up to 12 status effects can be displayed at once as well, and likely I’ll have to find time to bump that up to 18 eventually.
  • A combination of short, puzzle-like chapters and long grinds.
  • Early-game play that more closely resembles a DnD dungeon crawl than Fire Emblem. Ironically, strategy is more key here: resource management is integral to boss chapters, as you can quickly find yourself running out of weapons, mana, and, ultimately, hit points. Much like in MMOs, breaks between fights should be treated as time to heal yourselves up and prepare for the next enemy cluster.
  • Mystery-based gameplay and supports. Nothing makes a character more likeable than their ability to solve gamer-related mysteries. Navigate through amateurishly designed mystery sections as you attempt to choose the correct answer or present the correct evidence to move the plot forward.
  • Large free-roam sections more akin to a JRPG. There are new talks with NPCs and base conversations after every floor, so be sure to see them all, or not!

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Content Rating

This game is rated 17+ due to copious amounts of lurid language. There are no obscene or otherwise wholly objectionable acts depicted within this game, except perhaps being a gamer.

The download link above also contains a small Player Manual for those who are unfamiliar with Lex Talionis games, as well as a Credits document detailing the skilled creators behind the ludicrous girth of assets used for this project. If you are uncertain whether you wish to give the project a try yet, I recommend at least reading the Player Manual, because it’s fun to read Player Manuals lmao.

To report a bug to me or otherwise complain at me, you can DM me here, message in this thread, or find me/DM me through the Lex Talionis engine Discord: Lex-Talionis

Updates/Bug Fixes

2023-10-11 - Player now forced to do base event in Floor 2 free roam.
2023-10-11 - Hardman level 5 class skill fixed. Existing Hardmans will be fixed upon entering and leaving the stat buy screen.
2023-10-12 - Floor 12 arena walls now drop appropriately even when a player dies.
2023-10-12 - Walls can no longer be shifted (or moved at all).
2023-10-12 - OOS Skill Graft broke on certain units, this has been rectified (I think).
2023-10-12 - Armsreaver did not stop granting melee reaver + close counter on break. This should be fixed now. Sell and rebuy any armsreavers you currently have after patching, as those will no longer function. You will need to re-forge reaver bows as well.
2023-10-12 - Memory cap busting fixed for OOS (and other skill grafts).
2023-10-13 - Floor 26 boss fight fixed to actually be winnable.
2023-10-14 - Floor 29 boss fight now has an additional in-fight hint.
2023-10-16 - Unit select tutorial fixed.
2023-10-16 - Wildfire buffed to actually be a skill that a human would use. Enter the stat buy screen to properly refresh the skill.
2023-10-16 - Floor 30 boss bug fixed to have proper weapon.
2023-10-18 - Quietly nerfing Wildfire to be a skill that a human would not always use.
2023-10-19 - Fixed Adaptive Armor.
2023-10-20 - Updated enemy AIs to attack Shirked units if they are the only valid targets within range.
2023-10-30 - Fixed boss animation to not crash on miss.
2023-11-05 - Fixed ANOTHER boss animation to not crash on miss.
2023-11-13 - Game correctly registers game over when units are pushed off a cliff and die.
2023-11-14 - Windcallers given immunity to prevent death from ailments.
2023-12-09 - Releasing full game.
2023-12-09 - Bugfix involving aura interaction with turnwheels.
2023-12-09 - Re-adding requirement to use base in Chapter 2.
2023-12-10 - Hopefully fixing Loonie MEM loss on OOS for good this time.
2023-12-10 - Possibly fixed an error reg. Holy Provocation causing a crash when killing.
2023-12-11 - Fixed an immediate crash for phase 2 of Floor 45.
2023-12-11 - Fixed another Holy Provocation crash.
2023-12-11 - Fixed Floor 45 boss not spawning.
2023-12-12 - Fixed date error in prologue.
2023-12-12 - Chapter 7 title parity between roam and chapter.
2023-12-12 - Floor 30 mechanic should now work correctly.
2023-12-13 - Floor 49 unit start positions fixed.
2023-12-13 - Backdraft interaction with flying-only terrain fixed.
2023-12-13 - Fixed the above fix.
2023-12-13 - Refixed the above fix.
2023-12-14 - Fixed Stats screen refreshing skills erroneously.
2023-12-14 - Many minor text fixes (thanks Akira).
2023-12-16 - Crit anim crash fix.
2023-12-17 - Boss behavioral fixes for Floors 51/52.
2023-12-18 - Locking item skills to items to prevent weird turnwheel bugs.
2023-12-19 - Repairing missing epilogue.
2023-12-19 - More Akira stream text fixes.
2023-12-22 - Added a check for when all units are dead to status damage.
2023-12-23 - More Akira stream/Hero VP text fixes.
2023-12-23 - Various endgame mechanics fixes.
2023-12-23 - Check for units being dead to status damage no longer immediately ends the game.
2023-12-25 - Merry Christmas - turnwheel bug fixes.
2023-12-25 - Evidence access fix.
2023-12-25 - Loonie OOS graft usage dialogue update.
2023-12-25 - Floor 41 base usage mandatory.
2023-12-27 - Rebuilt package, should fix ‘crash on select item’ bug.
2023-12-27 - Updated buggy terrain in Floor 48.
2023-12-28 - Gamer text fixes.
2024-01-03 - Happy New Year! AoE Light Dispersal crash fix.
2024-01-03 - Akira text fixes.
2024-01-07 - Banner fixes.
2024-01-10 - Akira text fixes.
2024-01-14 - More minor OOS graft fixes.
2024-01-16 - Skill graft redundancy prevention fixed.
2024-01-16 - Boss Strat dialogue fix.
2024-01-17 - Akira text fixes + Curse Bow fix.
2024-01-20 - Final chapter terrain crash fix.
2024-01-28 - Rebound rapid .bmp screenshots to backslash for push-to-talk users.
2024-01-29 - bpat text fixes, removed some laggy ballista.
2024-03-01 - Updated python build, likely to reduce performance issues.
2024-04-05 - Fixed Floor 40 special items.
2024-04-11 - Fixed event region crash.
2024-04-11 - Fixed thrown item crash.
2024-04-12 - Fixed event region crash again.
2024-05-22 - Cheese fix, Shard skill update, restored animations.
2024-05-24 - Fix for miscellaneous crashes.
2024-06-06 - Fix for endgame crash.
2024-06-07 - Text fixes, final boss animation update (why did no one tell me this wasn’t working?)
2024-06-08 - Longer delay between end cards.

Known Bugs
  • The yellow aura display on Floor 50 will disappear after reloading a suspend. You can turnwheel back before the aura is assigned and move the turnwheel forward to fix this (can cancel out after without spending the turnwheel).
  • Prophecy and Proclamation both killing a unit in the same endstep (by dealing 20 damage to kill and then also killing again) will cause the game to crash. This can probably be avoided by suiciding the unit.
  • Pressing the AUX key (A by default) during dialogue can cause your game to crash if no dialogue has been played yet, as it brings up the text log.
  • Turnwheeling when fighting the boss Beald will cause unexpected behaviors regarding the boss weaponry.
  • AoE skills have inconsistent/bad interactions with skills that depend on target position.
  • Block Banner has wrong description (will fix eventually)

FEE3 Video (which is canon): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLmIH3xKMiU


i love sao


I agree with this, on a spiritual level. Not sure what it means, but I agree nonetheless


The FEE3 trailer is out now! With this latest release, 40 of the planned 52 floors are available to play.


Will try it asap

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New release from mr. Mood let’s go

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Excellent hack, been playing almost nonstop in my free time since the FEE3 presentation. Quick question though, when are the class skills past the first one unlocked?

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Additional class skills are unlocked at levels 5/10/15/20. The way the leveling is structured, you unlock a a class skill and MEM stuff at floor 13.

Hack’s been baller so far, been really lookin forward to it and its yet to disappoint! Just also had a pair of bugs I’ve stumbled on and thought I’d mention, since running into the first one reminded me to sent somethin’ here about it!

  • Hardman doesn’t gain a class skill upon reaching level 5 (didn’t realize it until one of the room convos on floor 20 mentioned his skill LOL.)
  • If you don’t do the Floor 1 preproom and just go right to the teleporter, you’re locked out from using the market and managing sections during both the preproom and in battle preps.
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I’ll push a new version that fixes both of these. In order to get Hardman his level 5 skill, just open up the stat buy menu (you don’t actually have to buy any stats) and his skills should be fixed. Good catch, dunno how I missed that.

(If you don’t know how to update to a new version, please be sure to check out the instruction manual)

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Hey, quick question, are we supposed to have this much money stockpiled or am I playing ultra-frugally? I was going to spend some of it, just want to make sure there isn’t like a giant paywall I need to save for soon lol

Spoiler Image

On the 3rd volcano map


You’re probably fine. There’s a small “paywall” whenever you level up to a fifth level since you buy MEM items, but you’re already past that so spend whatever you need to make things go smoother. Given how rich you are I think you’re already better at this than I am lmao

Lol, I appreciate the complement. Most of the problems in the hack feel flexible enough that you can mostly just get by with changing weapons around and keeping stats low, which saves some money. My Philo is probably my MVP, with resiphon/mire/shadeslash she can pretty easily kill or otherwise debilitate most formations, and she’s 8 power with some luck levels thrown in, and my squad just got to level 7. L2 also can get by on just a few Hp/mag/speed levels up to floor 19 due to the insane tome variety and her second skill.

The weapon selection is godly, by the way. There’s a metric ton of different weapons, and the maps are so varied that you are really incentivized to try out most of them for fun clears before the game ramps up in difficulty. Mire feels like it comes a little early for it’s insane utility and cheese potential, but aside from that, everything feels incredibly balanced too. Can’t wait for floor 21

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If something feels hyperbroken feel free to point it out, but otherwise the intent here was for people to find weird/abominable ways to clear chapters if they could, so anything funny will most likely be left in.

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Why tf do you need to rng abuse to beat the tutorial or am I doing something wrong?

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You’re doing something wrong (but the tutorial is also a mindflood so that’s normal lmao).

If you read the character hints for both characters when you first select them, they should indicate which skills you need to use.

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Hey, it’s me again. Quick question, is Philo supposed to be able to use the fire focus? I assumed it was like a workaround for her since none of her spells are free, and L2 can already cast fire.

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Nope, Philo should be restricted to Primal tomes only, making her reliant on Circulation to keep functional. Is Fire Focus working for her? If so, that’s a bug

Nah, it wasn’t working for her. I was just confused on whether the fire focus was supposed to be a different way for innate magic users to cast fire, or if it gave non-anima users the ability to cast it.

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It’s meant to be a way to turn your accessory slot into a Fire slot for magic users, who otherwise have a somewhat cramped inventory due to only having one uses-type weapon (Fire) while everything else costs mana.