Community Blitz 4: Reawakening (Version 1.0 Out!)


First blitz that has finished in deadline since the first VBA. 5 Blitzes have failed inbetween.
23 Full Chapters!

Link to Patch | Link to Discord Server

We’ve included the debug mode in the patch, because this is not tested extensively and you can skip chapters if you break the game.

The project folder can be found in the discord server. Also give all of your bug reports in the server (or here I guess)

Have Fun

[WIP][Please add your own hacks!] The Fire Emblem Hack Directory

I’m glad to be part of the project and be able to finish it on time, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since VBA. Of course, there are many problems we’d like to weed out, so it’d be great if you could send us feedback on our discord server.

We strive to make the game as great as possible. It may not be much in its current state, but eventually we hope to create something as great as the original VBA.

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I… made one chapter! Apparently one of the worst ones in the game?

It was my first time doing buildfiles, so at least that was something?


Making a bad chapter just means you know what not to do the next time.


Hey, my chapter literally broke the game until 2 days before release and we had no idea what caused it.

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Congrats on getting this out guys.

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Blitz more like uhh shitz haha goteem