Under Grey Skies


Hey guys!
I’m here to finally announce the first public release of my ROM Hack, Under Grey Skies! For those of you who haven’t seen my ramblings on the FEU Discord, Under Grey Skies is a project I’ve been working on since early January. It follows the story of a young villager named Bruce, who sets out with some of his fellow villagers in order to fight in a civil war that, if lost, threatens to destroy their home and country. The gameplay of UGS is heavily inspired by the idea of hard hitting enemies with lower durability shown in games like FE12, while also utilizing the Circles Skill Patch (though unfortunately there have been some complications with skills due to classes not being able to learn multiple skills immediately upon promotion). This first version contain 7 Chapters, with 14 playable units as well as a completed arc of the overall story and supports (though at the moment many of the supports only go up to C in terms of writing). Attached to this are some basic screenshots from the game as well as a link to the patch. Keep in mind we are aware of a few non major but noticeable bugs, so I’ll just list them here.

-The units Ray and Leanne are currently unable to be Shoved
-There is a minor spot in the battle screen that covers up that weapon name

That’s all, I hope you enjoy!



The time has come! Congrats on the official first release!


Well done Amber,now you got the ball rolling!


Ayyy congrats on release, What I played of it was really fun


A female axe-user? She remind me of someone :smirk:


why does the steel axe sprite look ridiculously tiny compared to the other axes

why are there two prfs and a bajillion axes at the very start of the game

what’s the point of elixirs if vulneraries heal so much

why is the first boss a 16 strength warrior

why does a dog have a three line bio what the heck

a jagen having mercy entirely removes the drawback of stealing exp that they should absolutely be designed with

why are hit rates so ridiculously high, and what’s the point of using swords and sword units if axes are just objectively better


what on earth is the point of using other weapons if prfs are so disgustingly powerful and versatile and their only drawback is durability

everything feels like it creeps over itself in power constantly and it all feels very… idk excited with itself? Throwing all these big numbers and really powerful weapons that only get more and more ridiculous within the first couple of chapters

you are allowed to like FE12 but it is not a good game design to base GBAFE hacks around

the class bios are smart, I like those but the promotion gain numbers being shown


I just played through this and had a blast. I’m also up for any art or writing help you need


Finally got around to finishing, was fun and Io can’t wait for more!