Fire Emblem 8: Self Randomizer (Reverse Recruitment Edition)

Hello there, internet people!

How many of you have heard of circleseverywhere’s Self Randomizer hack?

A lot of you?

Well, how many of you have wanted a harder version of that hack where the characters are recruited in reverse order, and where Eirika is the final boss, and comes with a 1-3 range Magic Brave Sword?

Nobody? No one at all?

Well, have I got the thing for you! This edit of the 1.3 version of circleseverywhere’s hack seeks to do just that! Among other changes:

  • Characters are recruited in reverse order, and have death quotes to boot.
  • The Caellach replacement (Neimi) joins you in Chapter 15 (someone new replaces her…)
  • Some classes are changed around (Eirika Lord and Great Lord are replaced with the Arcane Lord and Sorcerer, classes meant for Lyon, Necromancer is replaced with Fell Lord, which is basically a buffed Eirika Great Lord, and Female Wyvern Knights and Lords are replaced with the Spearman and Dracomaster, classes meant for Cormag)
  • Lord weapons spawn with their classes! (Ephraim Lord can spawn with Reginleif, Ephraim Great Lord can spawn with Siegmund, Necromancer can spawn with Naglfar, ect. Fell Lord ALWAYS spawns with the Sieglinde replacement hinted at above, Refil) This way, more options are available to the player and enemies!
  • Enemy growths are buffed all across the board! (Usually by +10 to non HP stats minus luck, which gets +5. Not all classes are buffed this way, and some are buffed more than others)
  • Hard mode bonuses get brought back for playable characters! (Get ready to see some janky Innes bases, since he replaces Marisa)
  • Entombed are buffed all across the board so that they no longer are the worst things ever!
  • Snipers get 15% crit bonus like Swordmasters and Berserkers! (It doesn’t show up in the skill menu, but it’s there)
  • And more!
    Overall, I hope you enjoy this blatant attempt to cash off of circles’ success story fun hack!
Come get 'em here!

And for the daring:

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Lyon’s Hard Mode!

Experience a harder journey with:

  • More balanced weapons and stats!
  • A much harsher leveling curve (expect promoted enemies MUCH earlier!)
  • Shops with better valuables!
  • Hopefully, an even harder final chapter!
  • And more!

A few things to note:

  • Mage Knights, Gwylgis, Gorgons, Falcon Knights, Valkyries, Elder Baels, and Wyvern Knights do not become T3 classes. This is partially do to class space being lacking, and also because some classes in the base game are better than others. Thankfully, these DO have improved caps.
  • Canto + Ballistae can cause crashes, in particular, trying to move. Just wait.
  • Berserk + Dance causes a glitch. Try to avoid placing your dancers in the range of enemies with Berserk. Or use Restore if you’re able to.

But yeah, here you go!


I have not! I better put that here:

Circleseverywhere: Sword Dancer, ALL OF THE RANDOMIZATION ELEMENTS SAVE FOR THE FEW TABLES I EDITED (please check out his regular Self Randomizer, I implore you)
Lucky0426: Refil and Alpha Hasta icons, Valter, Evil Eirika, Franz, Garcia, and Demon King portraits, plus all past character portraits
Flasuban, TBA: Wyvern Lord animations
Flasuban, eCut: Wyvern Rider animations
St. Jack: Wyvern Knight (F) animations
St. Jack, Feaw: Wyvern Knight (M) animations
Flasuban: Wyvern Lord, Rider, and Knight (F) Class Cards and Map Sprites
Big Dededester: Gameplay changes, palette work
Team SALVAGED: Knight, Cavalier, Paladin animations
IS: Base game, Bard music and sound effects, Apocolypse sound effects, Female Hero animations and map sprites, FE 6 Bishop animations, Female Druid map sprites
CamusZekeSirius: Apocalypse animation port
Mikey Seregon: Staff Bard animations, Arcwind animation
Pushwall: Female Hero lance animations
TBA: Female Mercenary animations
GabrielKnight: Hatless Mage
Team Salvaged, flasuban, Leo_Link: Female Salvaged Paladin
Waleed and flasuban: Improved Fighter animations
Temp, Shin19: Hoodless Shaman animations
tristian_hollow: Legendary Tome icons
Sacred Stones: Sieglinde, Siegmund, Nidhogg, Durandal, Armads, Mulagir icons
flasuban: Female SALVAGED Cavalier animations, Improved Fighter map sprites, FE 10 Soldier map sprites, Female Ranger map sprites, Improved Fighter class card, Salvaged Paladin class card,
Agro: Female Merc map sprites
RobertFPY: Class cards for hoodless mage and Salvaged Cavalier
Pikmin1211: Hoodless Male Mage map sprites, Paladin v2 map sprites
Rasdel: Female SALVAGED Cavalier map sprites
Team SALVAGED: SALVAGED Lance Knight map sprites, SALVAGED Male Cavalier map sprites, Mercenary sprites
Keks_Krebs, Peerless, SD9K: Hoodless Male Assassin animation
Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K: Hoodless Female Assassin animation
Unknown: Armored Merc map sprites, Female Summoner map sprites
Alusq, Maiser6: Armored Merc animations
TBA, Arch, Skitty, Temp: Phantom Animations
Alusq: Improved Soldier animation (Spearman), Improved Soldier map sprites
TBA, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon: Shield General animations
Nuramon: Shield General map sprites, Gold Knight animations, Dread Fighter assets, Axe Baron map sprites, Hero sprites
StreetHero: Trickster Map sprites
Teraspark: Monster ranged animations
DerTheVaporeon: Der-Style Archer and Sniper animations, Improved Pirate,
St. Jack: Ballistae animations for Male and female archers, plus Male Snipers
St jack, Seal, Sacred War: Ballistae animation for Female Snipers
BwdYeti, shadowofchaos: Yetizerker
Teraspark, Wan: Improved Wight
Pikmin1121: Improved Paladin map sprites
Ash3wl, L95: Hoodless Shaman map sprites
L95: Assassin class card, Female Paladin map sprites
FEGirls: Female Summoner animation
Seal: Ragnarok, Elder, Gazer, Strigoi, and Legion assets
MrNight, DerTheVaporeon: High Magus, Matriarch, and Patriarch assets
Unknown: Master Knight map sprites
Ereshkigal: Monster Spell Icons
SHYUTERz, Dinar: Brammimond animation
flasuban, DerTheVaporeon: Better Archer animation and map sprites and card
SD9K: Harbinger map sprites
Unknown: Greil Lord map sprites
BatimaTheBat: Archsage map sprites
blood: Bow Knight map sprites
Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus: Baron animation
Spud, HGS: Bow Knight animation
St Jack: Master Knight animations
Red Bean, Shin19: Archsage Lilina animations
Orihara_Saki, HGS: Barbarian animations
Arkth: Strigoi animations
MrGreen3319: God Shattering Star
SHYUTERz: Aureola and Gespent animations, Dark Dragon animations for battle and transforming, Dark Breath spell animation
Spud, Team SALVAGED: Female Salvaged Paladin Animations
Spud: Champion assets
Leo_Link: Trickster animations
L95: New Deathgoyle animations and map sprites

All of these people are way more talented than I will EVER be (especially @circleseverywhere), so be sure to check out their other works! And if I failed to credit anyone, tell me! I’ll happily add them to this list!


New bug fix: Archers no longer have 60 relative class power. It was a mistake I ignored, but I fixed it. Off to a terrific start, aren’t we? Just redownload the patches from the link above.


New version! Lots of new stuff, some affecting gameplay, some graphical stuff, and a bit of audio stuff. Such as:

  • The triangle attack is now performed by Glen, Valter, and Cormag instead of Glen, Dozla, and Colm.
  • Selena’s hair uses a different, more bright palette
  • Archers and Snipers now use the Der look! Note that this makes Archers look kinda ugly now, palette wise.
  • Updated secret shops, plus 2 new (VERY expensive, but well worth it) ones! (The Chapter 14 secret shops now have Aircalibur, and the rest… Well, they ARE called “secret shops” for a reason, eh?)
  • The event only monster slaying normal weapons can now be purchased on the overworld in Chapter 9 shops!
  • Aircalibur makes sounds now!
  • Dragonstones now always play the ranged animation, so that your monsters can look like the fearsome dragon they were always meant to be! (Two other monster weapons are affected by this).
  • Refil’s bonuses are adjusted (+5 to str and def, -2 to skl, spd, res, and lck)
  • Refil can’t be sold. Then again, only one copy can be obtained.
  • To compensate for Naglfar being infinite use, it doesn’t have monster effectiveness
    Hope you enjoy this! They’ve been updated! If you got this patch before, be sure to update it now!
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I love this project. I can’t wait to see how it progresses in the future.

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Had an issue with saving the patch files before, but I fixed it, so be sure to download the new patch!

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Thanks! If you have any suggestions for how I should improve this, tell me!

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Well, I’ve got a few improvements to add in, soooooooo


  • Class descriptions for monsters, lords, and refresh units are updated to match other class descriptions.
  • Wights and Gwyllgis are renamed to match their Japanese version names! (Wights are now Hellbones, Gwyllgis are now Cerberuses)
  • Bonewalkers and Wights are more differentiated now (Bow variants are now faster, gain less defense, and use axes, whereas Sword variants now are stronger and sturdier, but gain less skill). Because of this, Sword variants of Wights have overall improved caps. Both versions gain Crit+15.
  • Entombed have improved skill caps, and it and its prior form get +1 mov.
  • Monster classes have improved promotion gains! (Deathgoyles have Wyvern Lord gains, Arch Mogalls have Druid gains, and Entombed get their own special gains)
  • Pirates now get the Der makeover!
  • Valter has slightly improved growths, since his low-ish growth total makes him prone to being screwed.
  • The Queen is now more like the Female Swordsmaster! (It needs to be, because…)
  • Cutscene Ross and Mansel now get Audhulma and Latona! (Ross can use Audhulma because he needs to in the cutscene, but Mansel can’t use Latona because it would trivialize Chapter 19 otherwise)
  • Promoted Monster weapon ranks are lowered for monsters with two weapons (Maelduins get C in bows, Melee Wights have B in swords and lances, and Bow Wights have a C in axes).

By the time this is posted, the patches will be updated! Have fun!


Alright, very small update. The enemy phase palettes of the Pirate are now fixed.

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So, I decided to update this again, this time, to update sprites and animations!

  • Female Salvaged Paladins! Now Female Paladins aren’t clones of their male counterparts! They now share palettes with their male counterparts, who themselves have new generic palettes now.
  • Class cards for Assassins and Summoners.
  • FE Girls style Female Summoners.
  • Female Rangers get new map sprites. They also get +2 skill in their caps, to make up for the -2 str and def they lose.

The dropbox’s updated, so get it now!


Wow I just saw this project for the first time today. What a shame it’s gotten so little attention. It sounds really fun! Keep up the good work. Maybe ask some screenshot lpers to play it? That usually helps drum up interest in a project.


Hmmm, perhaps I should… Thanks for the suggestion, and thank you for showing interest in it! I’ve tried to work on a regular version with story in it, but writing dialogue’s a pain. And that’s a shame, because this dialogue would also hint to some gameplay changes regarding some chapters (Chapter 15 and the Caellach and Valter replacements, Neimi and Franz, especially, what with

Dumb Idea

Neimi being recruitable and Franz being initially stationary and a 1 ranged boss until he is attacked or turn 10 is reached, where he calls for reinforcements and charges the player the following turn

). Alas, I still need to work out how I’m going to handle that, as, while I like writing dialogue, I like designing the aspects of games more.

Also, are there any screenshot lpers you’d recommend that I ask?

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Back in the day, I asked several people to screenshot LP FE7CM, which more than likely helped make it a hugely popular success story.

Problem is, that was a few years ago. I don’t know if there are any such LPers still around, or who is available. Check the LP section on Serenes?

Here, you can see what the screenshot LPs looked like for my project:

Moniker’s community LP:
Tequila’s first LP:
Tequila’s second LP:
Nintales 0% growths LP:

And so on. These LPs are a great format for the type of game you and I make, which are vanilla games with a ton of changes and/or randomization. The LPers can usually explain the changes as they play, if that’s their style, or make memes and stuff.

Just check this board, find someone whose style you like, and PM them to ask if they want to play your hack. That’s what I did, and it worked :slight_smile:


Played a bit with the new patch and ran into some issues.

Breguet spawned with 0 hp (I’d been skipping cutscenes with start). Here are his items and his stat screen in case they’re relevant.

Hayden spawns with a droppable javelin though it really makes no difference.

I also had Hayden die to Bone who was using Tear, which was effective against him despite the description stating that it’s only effective against infantry units. Here’s Hayden’s class in case that’s the issue. Also as a side note, Tear seems very strong for an E rank tome.

Aside from that, the patch seems fun though I admittedly haven’t spent a huge amount of time with it yet. I like the addition of having new classes and items, and Valter’s edited portrait looks good.

Here is my seed for reference.

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Alright, I can explain all of these. Keep in mind that the randomizer code is mostly @circleseverywhere’s code.

  1. Breguet with 0 hp. This happens if the ally survives his crit and the retalliation results in Breguet dying, usually as a consequence of the ally’s base class having its randomized bases improved, with Breguet being randomized to have shit bases. This is because, in cutscene battles, the game will update HP, but will not make units die, instead leaving them with 0 hp. You probably didn’t notice because, again, you skipped the cutscene. Just take it in stride.
  2. Why did Hayden come with a droppable javelin? Well, the way characters get items is through the monster item tables. There are two kinds: the equip, and the treasure table. If the treasure table’s result is not blank, the monster will drop their item. If you’ve seen a monster that dropped an item in the Tower of Valni, it’s because the monster spawned with it from the treasure table. When player characters are generated this way, the same thing happens.
  3. Here’s the thing about Tear. It’s the replacement of the Rapier. Since Eirika will always spawn as her promoted class, Lyon’s unpromoted class took her slot, and thus, the Rapier became Tear. The Rapier’s description was “Effective against infantry” because I didn’t touch it and that’s what it was in FE 7 and 8.
  4. Valter’s portrait should be credited to @Lucky0426. He’s a good friend of mine, and an excellent portrait maker. Be sure to check out Franz’ and Garcia’s portraits too.

So, @Cryse, I’ll update this to make Tear use the Reginleif’s description. What else should I add? Should there be a Halberdier or Spartan class? Should Mage Knights use swords? Or is there another change that could spice this hack up? If you have an idea, tell me.


Appreciate the explanation. Most of the issues are pretty minor anyway.

Well I’ll make sure to give more feedback once I’ve played some more, but as for what else could be interesting off the top of my head? Hmmmm…

I like what you’ve done with the monsters so far since it’s one of FE8’s more unique qualities as far as randomization goes, so I’d personally always be down for more improvements in regards to that. If anything monsters are more thematic to this randomizer than any other since it’s reverse recruitment, so it would make sense that they would have more going on.

I’ll try and think on it more, but one interesting possibility could be replacing Myrrh’s recruitment slot with an “Uber” unit. What I mean is having Myrrh’s slot always be randomized into a “Tier 3” unit (Necromancer, Dracozombie, any of the Manaketes, Dark Druid, Archsage, or any custom class that can’t be promoted into). Having it replace Myrrh’s slot makes it far enough into the game that you can’t abuse what you get by making a bunch of new games, and it would be fun to play with some classes that you don’t normally get to use, hence playing as “The bad side”. I’m sure balancing it would be tough though, so it’s just an idea.

Edit: If I recall correctly, @Seal made some resources for monster units a while back if you’re looking for more class resources.


That idea of re-utilizing Myrrh’s class would be interesting, but unfortunately, I don’t know much about effecting what classes change into what, so you might wanna take that up with circles. And I’m not sure how I would use Seal’s resources, since class slots are rather limited.

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Also, I had to update this since I forgot to assign the Female Salvaged Paladin animations to the class.

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You are very kind. Thank you.

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After playing it a bit more, I have 2 more notes.

First, it feels too easy to get very strong weapons as they seem to drop often (Tear, Reginleif, whatever that red prf lance is).

Second, it feels a bit strange for Eirika to be replaced by Lyon, but for Ephraim to be replaced by… I think it was Cormag? It just felt odd that it wasn’t another notable character. That combined with the fact that I believe Lyon has good growths(?), it seems like there’s no real reason to pick Ephraim’s route over Eirika’s. I know that Cormag is just who ended up in the spot since it’s reverse recruitment, but it might be worth considering having someone more prominent and powerful take his spot. Maybe Vigarde?

Overall, the patch has been enjoyable. Increasing the effects of the weapon triangle makes for some different gameplay, and it helps give monsters a niche since some of them exist outside of the weapon triangle. Giving even more monster classes access to natural weapons (claws, fangs, etc) could even possibly make up for them learning less skills compared to the human classes.

I also appreciate the general buffs to some monsters, as I’ve been playing with Valter as a revenant and I am enjoying him not being totally useless.

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