[Release] Fire Emblem - Queen's Sword (Translation Beta v1.0 3-07-2020)

Fire Emblem Queen's Sword Translation Beta v1.0.emulator


Well this took longer than I had planned, but I was able to finish it in the end!

Hello people, I hope you are in good health and having a good time in these difficult times, today I come to bring you a translation that I have been working on since approximately the beginning of April, I should have been able to publish it a month and a half ago but as you know sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to haha.

is a japanese rom created by “GX”, here below I will leave you a small but brief context of what it is about and some images.

Without further ado, here I present to you Fire emblem - Queen’s Sword!


This patch is set on the continent of Elibe. It’s hundreds of years after the story of the Sword of Seal.

Arus, is the last (and only) distant descendant of the Marquess Erik of Laus, when he was a child his family was kidnapped by the bandits called “Badluck”, years later he is going to embark on an adventure to look for them, what adventures can wait for this young man, only time will tell.


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Progress (Please read before downloading)

The game has 2 routes, the first route is the one that is 100% translated, the 2 route maps are still not complete and although there are about 3 maps (and they are translated) I do not recommend that you touch them because I did not polish the text there and it is a disaster, so I recommend that you choose the first option when it appears, unless of course you want to try them.

Temporal Warning: In chapter 8 after beating the boss DON’T SKIP THE TEXT, if you do that you will go directly to route 2 and that route as I just said above is not complete, until I fix that problem, please use caution!

  • Refuge : units can take refuge in other units like cavaliers.

  • Skills

  • Enemy Range: Open the menu and select “Range” to see the enemy range. You also use a shortcut to see the range of a specific unit, select a enemy twice, above their head you will see some kind of arrow, press the cancel button (button B) on the map to see the range. if you want to remove it select the same enemy, then press B.

  • Base : After a few chapters you can go to some kind of base to replenish your weapons, do some extra grinding if you want and get some experience killing some egg monsters in the same base.

  • Kitchen: (Need to change this, sorry about that haha) is the war room, where you can get some guidance and tips on how to complete a map.

  • Capture: Some units like cavaliers can capture a unit, you can use this option when you face another unit, if you defeat them you will rescue them and can take all their items in the next turn (or you could just take that unit with another one and exchange it in the same turn I think?)


I use Mediafire because dropbox hates me
You’ll need to use a UPS patching tool like NUPS or Tsukuyomi and
Fire Emblem Sacred Stone (US version).

[Queen’s Sword Beta v1.0]
Fire Emblem - Queen’s Sword v1.0 Beta

About me

This was a fun experience, I did my best, really and was my first time translating something and I always wanted to translate some japanese game.

I hope in the future I can translate other japanese roms, they need love! enjoy playing and of course every feedback you can give to me will be appreciate it, I hope nothing is break, I already tested until the end but you never know!

Also I’m not a native english speaker, so with zero japanese and some intermediate english I think in some sense I did my best, I hope you can understand but every feedback, like I say is welcome!

Mini guide of recruiting characters

The only thing you have to be careful is not to let your characters die, there will be some small clues that will tell you which character you should use to talk, although most of the time you will use Arus, I will leave here only the most important characters that can go unnoticed

  • In chapter six, you will meet Michael, you must let him live and he will join you later.

  • There’s a village in that same chapter where you can recruit someone you will recognize in exchange for a fixed character, once you do that, the character you traded will disappear.

  • If Michael lives, you will unlock a gaiden chapter where another character will appear after a few turns and you will have to use Arus.

There’s really not much to add, just be careful that you don’t let anyone get killed after that.


For some reason that I have no idea, in chapter 14 of the main route, when trying to see the description of any enemy unit, it causes the game to freeze, the solution I found was to simply restart the game once and continue, that should solve it.

Any bug please report it in the comments!

This was my grain of sand to this awesome community, greetings and have a good play!

Edit: I said it before, but if you happen to come across a bug that doesn’t allow you to keep playing, let me know and don’t worry about your saves, you won’t lose your progress.

GX (The original creator for this hack)
7743 (For FeBuilder)
Isaac (thank you so much for you support)
Pikmin1211( for his help with my questions)
Google Translate
DeepL Translator


oh so this is what you’ve been working on xD
anyway, great job on its completion buddy, mine still has a long way to go haha

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Don’t worry you got my support! you can do it!

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Which version of FE8 does this go with, since it doesn’t work with an American or Japanese ROM (unless my roms are bab)

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Let me check again, it’s should work with the usual FE8

Edit: It work like always thought my FE8 is .GBA but i don’t think that matter?

Edit 2: Perhaps I use the EU version? give me a moment please

Edit 3: Sorry about the late will try to upload it again, my internet is slow so please wait a moment!

Edit 4: alright I’m uploading it again, can you in the meantime confirm if you rom is bad?

The patch seems to work with an American ROM, but it crashes as soon as I open it.

Congratulations on completing the translation!
Great effort!

However, I could not patch it to my Japanese ROM.

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It’s use a US rom, sorry about that!

Alright, please wait until the other patch upload, I’ve tested it and it should work.

Edit: Please until I upload the other patch, will appreciate if you people can all tell me if you too have problems!

Edit 2: I update the link, please try again!

it works for me now. also thanks for translating this hack! now i can’t wait to see some of the others translation… like sword of heaven and earth and the rest of 2 princesses.


I’m glad it worked out! I hope you enjoy it! Any feedback is welcome!

Even with a new clean ROM and downloading from the new link, I still can’t get it to work.

What emulator are you using? with visual boy it’s work for me just fine.

I got it to work.
I had to use Tsukuyomi as the patcher instead of NUPS

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Yes I use Tsukuyomi to create the patch, should I use NUPS instead? sorry about that Green.

it’s all right

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Alright, thanks for your patience, I hope you can enjoy the game and of course thanks to your video about the Queen’s Sword is that I had the motivation to do this, so thank you! And you Hack rom is really awesome!

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Alright guys, I updated the patch again, there should be no problem now with the NUPS patcher, sorry again for the problems!

Oh hey, I’m playing the game and I liked the translation very much, you did a great job :smiley:
I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but is there any recruitment guide for the game?I fell like i’m losing something.

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Hello and thanks for playing, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Well, most of the time you just have to be careful that nobody dies and you will be fine and pay attention to some hints here and there, I will make a guide for that later, just give me some time :smiley:

Edit: Alright, I updated the post regarding that, hope that helps you! sorry if it’s a little vague!

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