The Ultimate FEGBA Asset Repo


I’ve let this slide for a while, so why not make this post on April Fools.

For a while now, the drive that emblem-anims and the Ultimate Graphics repo primarily uses has included maps, a “Tools” and a “Music” folder, and been renamed “The Ultimate FEGBA Resource Repo.” As of today, Chair’s music repo has replaced the music repo I was maintaining (big thank you, @A_Reliable_Chair), with another child-repo takeover in the works. This repository every f2u asset/tool that a number of people could find across multiple sites.

Enter the Ultimate Resource Repo

The goal of this repo is to be an easy central entry point for doing whatever type of hacking you want, with credits all provided, all the time. This way we can get new hackers up and going, faster. Please do not post new assets here, instead, post them in your personal threads or the child/sister threads linked below. However, if there are any assets, tools, resources, etc, missing that you think would be valuable, please post them here or let me know through dm.

(*Sister topics are not contained within the repo currently. If anyone wants to convert them to drive, they’re welcome to. Child topics are contained within the repo)

Sister Topic: Hacking Dropbox - Primarily ASM @Crazycolorz5

Sister Topic: WIP Hack Directory @Kirb

Child Topic: The Ultimate Graphics Repo - Animations, Map Sprites, Class Cards @Klokinator, @shin19

Child Topic: The Soundroom: Music Repository @A_Reliable_Chair

Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

Downloading and Syncing

Because of how large this drive is, downloading the whole thing is impractical and long. The best method of downloading is to install Google Drive™ on your machine and save the root of the repo to your drive as shown in the gif. This will mean that any time any changes are made to the main repo or any of the child repos, google drive will take care of syncing that for you and keep you up to date, 24-7.


Just put all assets ever into one buildfile directory and have every installer just ready to be uncommented for use


The future is sooner than you think


…It took me this long to realize that this wasn’t an April Fools thing.


I like the cut of your jib.