Fire Emblem: Dust to Dust

Man, born from Dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful.
But he was born into an unforgiving world.
The soulless creatures of Grimm threatened to return Man’s brief existence to the void.

However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time
Man’s passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds.

This power was appropriately named, “Dust”.

Nature’s wrath in hand, Man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadow’s absence, came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life.

…or so the legends say.


Fire Emblem: Dust to Dust is a FE8/RWBY crossover hack, set in a Fire Emblem version of Remnant.

Despite living in a hostile land, stalked by the soulless creatures of Grimm, the world at large has been at peace for generations. Everything changes when the White Fang, a once peaceful Faunus rights organization, attacks the kingdom of Schnee without warning. This sudden act of terrorism will ignite a fire that consumes all of Remnant, and lay bare the terrible truth of their world.

UPDATED Demo patch now available!


Consists of one demo-exclusive chapter:



Prologue: White Fang forces assault Castle Schnee without warning, and Weiss is forced to fight her way out and flee to Vale with a small group of retainers. Her father remains behind for some reason.

Chapter 1: On the border of Vale, they are found and attacked by White Fang scouts. They must defeat the scouts quickly before the main force arrives.

Chapter 2: Weiss reaches Beacon but her location is betrayed by Mercury and Emerald. The White Fang infiltrate Beacon and Weiss and co must fight them off while protecting the students.Following the failed attack, Mercury and Emerald escape to report to the mysterious Cinder. Weiss decides to leave before reinforcements arrive. Ozpin gives her some supplies and sends some allies with her, but cannot do more.

Chapter 3-4: They decide that the best course of action is to seek refuge in Atlas. They require a guide to get through Forever Fall. Ruby offers to take them if they will help her find Yang in the forest. They enter the forest and fight off waves of Grimm, where they find Yang defending a wounded Blake.

Passing through the forest, they reach the home of a Gelb, a distant Schnee relative. He is creepy and unpleasant, but his castle is well fortified and he is definitely not White Fang. He tells them that Winter is currently in Atlas, but the Atlesian politicians are cowards and will never agree to help.

Chapter 5: Blake is uneasy and sneaks out of her room that night. She discovers that Gelb is enslaving Faunus and forcing them to fight captured Grimm for sport. With his crimes revealed, Gelb turns on the group, using the slaves as human shields.

Chapter 6: Faced with the reality of Faunus subjugation, Weiss wonders if the White Fang is justified. Blake reveals herself as a Faunus, and condemns the White Fang’s disregard for innocents. Suddenly she tackles Weiss just as an arrow flies in the window. The army must hold the line against waves of White Fang troops. Finally when all hope seems lost, a squadron of Pegasus Knights led by Winter swoops in, followed closely by the Atlesian military smashing into the rear of the White Fang.

Chapter 7: Weiss and Winter return to Castle Schnee with the full might of Atlas behind them. While the Atlesians launch a feigned frontal assault, Weiss and co sneak into the castle via secret passages and take the White Fang by surprise. They defeat the White Fang Lieutenant and retake the castle.

It’s too soon to celebrate, however. They soon discover that all of the Dust in the castle is gone, stolen by the White Fang. Was this their real motive all along? Winter has more bad news – she promised to give Atlas huge amounts of Dust in exchange for their aid. The Atlesian senators are irate and take control of Castle Schnee.

Meanwhile, Ruby runs into a strange girl named Penny. In a darkened room, Cinder meets with one of the senators.






















World Map:

Random screenshots:

Initial concept (yes it’s bad meh):

Prologue cutscene layout (thanks Primefusion):

and yes, there will be dragons


I will say, currently of course the animations excite me, but I feel like until FEXNA is released this won’t see its proper awesomeness, unless of course you want to learn everything related to romhacking to make a full custom hack. It has quite a lot of potential, just so long as it doesn’t stay a reskin forever, hehe.

I frigging love RWBY though, seriously, even if a lot of it is cringey and bad, there’s something about it (the music probs) that makes me want to keep watching it.

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Well, I like learning new things.that’s also why the sprites are taking so long

Of course it won’t stay a reskin, I made the concept before I even knew about Event Assembler. These days I’m porting Eventiel for fun. I wanted to get personal battle themes working, so I learned some ASM and got it done. Romhacking problems are solvable, but there’s nothing I can do to make FEXNA come out faster.

Right now the main problems for me are level/map design and writing, which FEXNA is not going to help me with anyway.



Writing is one of those things… either you have it or you don’t, and even if you have it, you need to sharpen that blade over a long period of time. Nobody writes a War and Peace on their first attempt.


So it’s gonna be a fire emblem 8 hack? Also love that ruby animation.


First draft outline for Part I. I’m open to ideas/critique.

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Ignore the lack of attack animation and check this out:
(link removed)


Love the chapter setup any other progress

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i can’t see it :frowning:

i can’t click play or anything, is that just me that’s having that issue?

Nope, same issue here. Tried on Firefox and Chrome and I can’t play it :frowning:

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Weird, it was working last night and now it’s not. Fixed link.

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That is a beautiful dodge animation.

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In celebration of bannerdom, it’s time to get hyped.

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Ahahaha, giving them the food fight episode weapons. Literally did not expect XD

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ilu btw. (You mean to c# right, or at least to some kind of .NET thing, to work with the other stuff we’re all doing right?)

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Er, no. To FE8, but still in HTML+JS because that’s what I know. Not that it matters, all it has to do is spit out usable Event Assembler scripts. In that respect, it’s already integrated.

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Eh that still represents a big advancement for the community imo, so more power to you. Also just the fact that we have source for these things is good to know.


Okay, so it doesn’t actually work yet, but what do you think? Is it worth pursuing?


Haven’t updated this for a while, here’s Yang’s animation:

And I’ve been playing around with world map stuff: