FE6 but Unfair and Bad

I changed units, bosses, weapons, and some enemy inventories in this hack. These changes are not suppose to make any sense. It’s basically a reskin but in UV light. A kaizo but without the quality. I ran through the rom and everything should be working fine and match the descriptions.

The changes:

The rom:

Some pics of the stupidness in this hack:

You probably need some rng abuse because of how dumb this is.

also you have to import a hard save yourself


Gets his compuper, only to make others suffer. Thats supposed to be my job.

FE6 but Bad

ah, so it’s unchanged from vanilla then


A Boy being a sick fiend as usual

Forgot the Unfair part. Tsk tsk

Fe6 but unfair
It already is.
and bad
Oh. Why would you wanna do that? That is nasty. :face_with_thermometer:

Somebody hates infantry mages. And units in those classes. And manaketes especially. “Use the thief glitch to get a firestone” is not fun game design. why are you like this

Your first mistake, questioning my changes despite the 2nd sentence of my post.
Your second mistake, assuming I intended for you to use the firestone glitch.
Your third mistake, telling me that this isn’t fun game design like asking a butcher that the meat you ordered wasn’t vegan.

Oh boy, this looks great