Fire emblem Apocalypse (FE8 hack) 5 out of 30 chapters done! (WIP)

Two Months into the hacking community and I’m already releasing a part of a incomplete hack? How unwise anyways here have it and (hopefully) enjoy it.
Big notes to keep in mind of:
-Most of the story in the beginning of this hack is intentionally not explained. The context of the situations and events that happen in this hack is greatly explained in chapter 5.
-My english is not the best so sorry for the grammatical errors in this hack
-30 chapters
-30+ characters
-20+ hours of game-play
Full-on supports
Additions implemented:
-Level 30 caps and increased stat caps
-Skill systems are included
-Thracia trading is included
-Talk and action at the same turn included
Enjoy some nice pictures


Credit to basically anything are in the RAR file pleaseread!


Ok, I played the first chapter and a bit of the second, and the only thing I can (sadly) say is “this hack is a complete mess”
First of all, the maps make no sense.
You need to escape from a terribly designed map with your lord that for some reason has 20 move.
The way the terrain and enemies are positioned is also pretty bad.
I could beat chapter 2 because the game just crushes at some point

The story also makes no sense.
There is no introduction, and you only see this random characters speaking making a lot of grammar errors

There are a lot ( and I mean, a LOT) of things to improve.
I know making a rom hack is difficult (I never made one) but this is sadly not fun to play, it almost feels like a complete joke.

I’m hoping you will take this criticism and try to improve your hack, good luck!

(Sorry for the bad english here and there)

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Why does this not have a category? Also, the hack looks at least…interessting, I guess? Maybe it needs an editor to make sure everything works correctly(like fixing grammatical errors, bugs, etc.)

Ah the lord having 20 move was a glitch will fix ASAP.

oh gosh, where do i even start?
look, you had to have put some effort into this. i respect that. but there are… a lot of issues. i hope you can improve your hack with the help of the community, and i hope feu doesn’t take this as an opportunity to piss on another creator. me playing through it to chapter 3, i really enjoyed it, but it was in a campy kind of way. i hope you can fix it up.

Every Issue I Found
  • The chapter title isn’t capitalized correctly.
  • Dande’s blinking frames bleed past his eye. His mouth frames are sketchy as well.
  • The first map doesn’t look the best. It’s just the prologue from Sacred Stones with some stuff plastered on.
  • The dialogue has terrible grammar, punctuation, and is formatted poorly. Line breaks appear randomly, punctuation is stuck onto each other (e.g. “!..”, “!.”), and text boxes extend past the screen. Sometimes the text boxes extend so far that text doesn’t appear. There was one case where Stephine and Brock were talking where a “[]” was in the text. When General Gerold and Frank were talking, the textbox was between both of them.
  • TLP minimugs aren’t an issue, but the community frowns on them.
  • These are personal issues, but I don’t like the conversion of God-Shattering Star, or the stat screen used. The conversion is extremely loud and isn’t that accurate (I know you didn’t make it), and the stat screen uses the transparent colour, making scrolling between units an issue.
  • You can’t give a unit Nice Thighs and expect us to take your hack seriously. Is this because you didn’t mess around with skills? Is Dande supposed to have Saviour?
  • Dande has 0 leadership stars, please set it to “–” for consistency’s sake. Is Dande also supposed to be one rank away from B rank in swords?
  • “killer” [sic] is an interesting class name. It’s a personal nitpick, but what isn’t is the class description. Please maybe fix the description to be a bit more polished and detailed?
  • Light Brands have infinite uses. Is this intentional?
  • Alchemy is an interesting country name. It’s not really an issue, just wanna say it’s a weird name.
  • Talk conversations in battle usually don’t have backgrounds. Maybe remove the background?
  • Everything about this picture. I wouldn’t recommend using profanity in hacks personally, but that’s a personal choice.
  • Frank’s blinking frames are sketchy.
  • “The highspeed chase” is an odd chapter name. I would maybe fix the capitalization and pick a different name, as it’s too long? Either that, or change “Chapter” to “Ch.”.
  • Stephine’s mug is very sketch. Her hair is off, her blink frames are weird.
  • The tutorial box in Chapter 2 warning of Dante’s departure needs an [A] code.
  • The battle screen being used is not free to use. Please get permission from creators before using non-f2u assets.
  • Please credit the creators of the music, even if you take them from other hacks.
  • Nakana’s animation is sketch. I’d ask a spritans for more detail, but it’s not the best.
  • Is Dande supposed to be the army commander in the status screen? He’s not the lord.
  • Is Run different from Escape as an objective?
  • Chapter 2 has no tile animations. Use the ones from the field tileset.
  • Little as a noun is different than little as an adjective. For my sake, please please please don’t use little as a noun. It’s not the best word.
  • Lyra’s palette. Just Lyra’s palette.
  • One of the villages says Albania. Is Albania still a place? If so, maybe change that? Albania is a real country.
  • Why does Riley come with a sword he can’t use? That’s just weird.
  • Why do you use Salvaged Cavalier for males but not females? That’s also weird.
  • Battling Shawn with Dande makes a battle conversation between Nakana and some other dude happen?
  • Shawn’s death quote should have him on the left, not the right.
  • Fort Dallas is a former military base in Florida.
  • Thracia trade is just broken. Trading with someone, you can still exit out and return to where you were, keeping the items you traded.
  • In a conversation between General Gerold, Frank, and Dande, the background is the fog version of the mountains, despite the map not having any fog of war.
  • The scripted battles are… something. I don’t know how they work in FEBuilder. Talk to someone else about fixing them. Maybe use Snek’s scripted battle numbers?

hope this can help in some way! <3


Thank you very much its still very work in progress don’t expect this to be even close to the actual release once I’m done as it’s very incomplete but thanks for the critism. It’s a lot for once person so im slowly working on improvements throughout.


Having played Grand Uprising and Transcending Darkness, and now seeing this is unbelievably impressive, because it has improved drastically. This clearly has many problems, alot of which were fixed in Grand Uprising, and then you went even further with TD. All I’m saying is, your improvement is incredible, and thank you for not stopping.

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