FE7Lex Project -- New Year's Update Released!

NOTE! This version is old. Find the new one here!

Version 0.2 Alpha of FE7Lex is now available! Get it here!
(Click the download button in the upper right.)

Note that saves from the previous FE7Lex release won’t work with this new version. This is due to the new features I added in this version.

The readme can be viewed separately here.

This release (version 0.2) contains all chapters up to and including “The Peddler Merlinus.” Some notable added features include:

-All characters now use voice clips in combat and in dialogue. These voices were sourced primarily from Fire Emblem: Heroes. Other sources were used for a minority of characters who have not been officially voiced. Voices can be disabled in the options menu for those who prefer to play without them. I cannot overstate the amount of work it took to implement this feature…
-Marcus and Lowen have new custom battle animations.
-The turnwheel can be enabled when starting a new game, but this is only available on the normal difficulty mode.

Features coming in the next update:
-More chapters
-Functional weathers (rain and fog)

I am always interested in feedback, so feel free to chime in if you have suggestions. The original spiel describing FE7Lex is below:

FE7Lex is a conversion of Fire Emblem 7 into the Lex Talionis (LT) engine. For those who don’t know, LT is a Python-based fangame engine designed to replicate GBA FE gameplay with additional features. Note that knowledge of Python is not required to use LT. A link to LT is at the bottom of this post.

Some built-in features:

Native Skill Support

Threat Ranges
Danger Zone

HP Meters
HP Bars

Fixed Growths Mode
Fixed Growths

Casual Mode
Casual Mode

Text-editable Classes, Items, and Units
Text Edit Classes

I have tried to mirror the experience of the original game as closely as possible. Thus, this base conversion will not incorporate skills, branching promotions, etc. I will leave those aspects for community modders to tweak to their liking. I am interested in all hearing suggestions or feedback from players!

I intend for FE7Lex to serve as a base for like-minded ROM hackers who enjoy FE7 but have been stymied at times by the shortage of resources and features for modding this ROM compared to FE8. I intend to continue adding chapters until the entire game is converted. Please be patient, however, as this is far from a trivial endeavor: everything must be imported and re-scripted by hand. I am basically playing through the FE7 ROM and re-creating it all using the LT engine. Larger chapters can take a couple evenings to complete in this manner. Once this conversion is complete in the future, I will announce further plans.

Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis Modding Tutorial




Amazing work

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Yeah umm how hard is python??(compare to java i havent tried python yet i wanna know how long should i be practicing python)

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To be clear: you don’t have to delve into Python to modify stats and script cutscenes, etc. Python would only be needed if you wanted to modify the engine’s code itself for things such as adding whole new features.

I am largely able to translate FE7 into LT with no prior Python experience, for example. If you do want to learn Python, there are many resources online for that. A lot of people find it user-friendly if you have some pre-existing coding experience with a different language.

I suggest checking out the Lex Talionis Discord server if you have questions about the engine. They are very helpful and active. LT Discord Link

*Edit: if you’re interested in how to write dialogue etc. in the LT engine, there’s a step by step tutorial on the wiki page of the link in the main post!


It’s worth mentioning that as of this moment Lex Talionis only has one gui editor for the chapters, not for editing players, dialogue, or anything else. There are some big editors in the pipeline though! Look forward to it.

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For one second I thought this was going to be FE7 but every character was Lex from FE4.

On a more serious note, how flexible is the Lex Talionis engine?
Did you hit any roadbumps while making this?


It’s under very active development but I’ve been able to accomplish everything I set out to do thus far. That is, up through the end of the Siblings Abroad chapter. The developer, rainlash, is often active on the LT Discord server and quickly addresses any bugs that are found with the engine. In short, highly recommend.


I personally never got the engine to work, but it is nice to see that people use it to do cool things. Hopefully, this Project will do well in the future.

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I should mention that one “roadbump” you will encounter is that most publicly available FE resources are formatted for import using FEBuilder and the like. Things like battle animations, map sprites, etc. will need to be converted to LT format for use in the game. Luckily, rainlash created two utilities that automatically translate map sprites and battle animations into LT format, so it’s pretty easy. To my knowledge, the only thing that remains challenging to convert is spell animations. However, there are some folks (@BBHood217 I believe) courageously converting these on the LT Discord.

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I have uploaded the initial release of FE7Lex in the first post! This release contains all of Lyn’s story. Normal and Hard difficulties are currently supported. Lunatic will be added at a later date for the masochists. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions. I expect that some bugs will crop up, especially in this initial release. Thanks!



This custom Lowen cavalier battle sprite will be included in the next release of FE7Lex. So nice to be freed from the 16 color limit! Thanks to Pikmin1211 for his input.

Next up: Marcus.


This is a really interesting project that I am very much looking forward to seeing its completion! Trying out lyns story now! Great work so far!


Another new feature coming in the next version! All player characters are voiced similar to modern FE games. This includes battle grunts for attacks, taking a big hit, dying, critically hitting, and when selected for the first time on a turn. See the following very echo-ey video for a demonstration!

All voices were taken from Fire Emblem: Heroes. For characters who haven’t been introduced in that game, I hand-picked a voice from one of the characters. For example, Kent is using FEH Sigurd’s voice. Once this is released, I will definitely appreciate feedback on the voices.


Very nice! It’s cool to see what you can do when not confined by GBA’s limitations.


Oh booy!! that’s awesome! :heart:

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Will there be any way to turn these voices off? I can see why they might be cool, but personally, I find them kind of annoying and immersion-breaking. It’s still an interesting feature, though!


I can probably add the option to toggle them on and off. I’ll look into it.

*Edit: yep, I added an entry to the Options menu to enable/disable character voices.


This is really cool.

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The video doesn’t seem to work for me, but I think it’s a neat feature to include! The fact you’re adding a toggle is great too, for people who don’t like it :slight_smile:

Oh it’s been three months since the last post, rip. Didn’t mean to necro.

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