[FE8] Fire Emblem: Flux's Conquest [Complete] 1.1

This is a game I have created thanks to the many helpful tools for FE hacking such as FE builder and the FE repository. I may decide to add a full story at a later date if I feel like it. The main focus is gameplay and custom maps. This is my first project so there may be some bugs, but I have noticed anything game breaking during playtesting. Feedback is highly appreciated. (there are most likely grammatical issues, I will try to fix them as I find them / pointed out)

This game includes skill systems and many quality of life patches. I work to keep the number of skills low, there are only personal skills with the occasional single class skill to keep the mental overhead low. Many class promotion bonus have been changed slightly, on average a foot unit will have better bonuses than there mounted counterpart to compensate for canto, additionally foot units have a type of movement skill such as shove etc.

All chapters are completed, there are 21 in total. It is designed around difficult mode and should not be super hard, however if you are struggling normal mode has less tough enemies in the mid to late game.


If I have missed a credit in the readme let me know, and I will add it.
Patch link: Dropbox - Flux's Conquest - Simplify your life

Update 1.1 Changelog, also in a txt file in the download.

Fixed the shops in CH10
Fixed appo death quote
Changed Chief to spawn in as a blue unit
Fixed some spelling mistakes
Wyvern Lord promotion gives +1 speed
Added Reisen’s discription
adjusted CH13, new path to the chests
Marisa starts with a lockpick
Adjusted some units bases and growths
increased enemy levels in the midgame
changed the music for the snow maps, as the one in use did not loop
Fixed Aya’s death quote
General’s class skill is now Weary Fighter
Added Epilogue, and Character Endings
Added a few new supports (still no dialog)
Changed to make it so only 1 A support can be gained per Character
Fixed the Villages not being destroyed when they should
Adjusted the unit placement to avoid units from joining when they shouldn’t


beta, complete

That’s an oxymoron


Genuinely very fun, personally playtested it and had a blast. You can iron man this, I lost units and had no issues. I also personally suggest buying a Fire Sword, it helps a lot even later into the game.


This is true, I was not sure what would be a good method to convey it still had some testing needed but the chapters are completed. I see now it is just more confusing then anything lol.


We have just finished two more days of playtesting, patch coming soon!


How high are the stat caps

Most of the them are the same or similar to traditional GBA stat caps. Most are 30 or below for promoted classes

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Hey all, we just finished playing through the whole hack. Many bugfixes, grammatical fixes, tweaks, and epilogs will be updated and added. Patch should be soon! Also I forgot to mention, you can definitely ironman this. I lost five units including my dancer and still got through just fine.


So far, I made it to the Desert Chapter, and the game has been going mostly well. So far, there have been some issues with the dancer, the thieves and during the middle of certain chapters.

For the dancer, there are a couple of items that the dancer can use to strengthen a unit, similar to Ninian’s rings. Sadly, these items for the dancer are kinda bugged. If you tried to send them into the convoy, they end up disappearing completely. I searched every single sections in the convoy for the dancer items after depositing them (both when you go to Joshua to manually drop them into the convoy and when you automatically dump them into convoy after getting too many items), but I couldn’t find them anywhere anymore.

For some of the chapters like the desert chapter and chapter 13, I have been noticing a number of instances where the game tends to freeze a bit when I tried to preform any actions (selecting a weapon to attack enemy unit, moving one item from one person to another during trade, dumping an item into convoy, etc.) or during the middle of a battle animation.

For thieves, it is pretty neat that thieves can steal stuff even when they have maxed out their inventory, and dump whatever they got into convoy right away. However, the steal function for both of the thieves’ steal skill is bugged as well. If you have max inventory space, whatever exp or level ups the thieves get after stealing gets reset automatically (ex. level 8 adventurer marisa with 95 exp (before stealing) gets a level up after stealing (level 9 adventurer with 5 exp and getting 1 hp 1 str 1 mag and 1 res from level up) but gets reset back to her previous level. And it also happens even if the thieves don’t level up after stealing. This makes it kinda annoying to level up thieves, especially when you are having the same thief steal more than one weapon/item consecutively without getting a chance to have them fight an enemy.


Thanks for giving such detailed descriptions of these bugs. I missed all that while playtesting last week, I actually didn’t even think to test all that. The stuttering may be a software issue, I had that happen a couple times as well. Flux is looking into it. Anyway, I’ll let Flux know about this, thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Alright, he’s aware and looking into fixes. Thanks again!

Final edit because I forgot to do it last time, I missed that a patch got released today. I do know it fixes a lot of issues and adds some cool stuff.

I will see what I can do for the dancer rings. The stuttering may be a emulator issue, which emulator are you using? The Thieve steal leveling issue may be a skill system issue as that was not anything I manually added but I will definitely check it. I also released a new patch today, that fixes some of the other bugs and issues found, however these ones you’ve given are new.

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Currently using VisualBoyAdvance for GBA emulation.


Your welcome.

And yeah, kinda what happens when you have a stealing addiction and you find out the stealing bug very easily (thanks for the addiction, Thracia 776 and PoR).