(Side project) Armor Emblem FE8

I’m having a hard time getting motivation to finish my other hack.
So in a way of getting going again i am making a side hack that doesn’t take much effort.
It’s still being thought through but will be made in the coming days.

Any ways this hack will be simple.
Every playable unit will be “mostly” the same class type. (except Lords, Tethys and tower units.)

In this hack All character units are treated as Armored units. (Insert mix Armored here. Cav and armor.)
Some classes won’t make sense but in all honesty. Some times things don’t need to make sense to be fun.

If you run into problems please tell me. k thnx.


In case your wondering about flying units yes there will be variants for those too.

Isn’t that just… more classes? How will you be distinguishing the classes? Do they all have access to every weapon?

What i mean is the class variant will match the profession of the characters.

So yes there will be more classes of the same class type but fitted to match the characters themselves.

It seems to me like having variants for each character, in addition to flying, magic, and lord units defeats the point of having a “single class.”

Maybe there’s more to it, we’ll have to see when you’ve made more progress.


Yeah, it isn’t very clear to me. Do you mean like for cavaliers, having sword cavs, lance cavs , axe cavs and bow cavs ?
Or do you mean something else ?

The project is in testing stages now and this little bug was too amusing to not show but don’t worry the bug isn’t permanent i restarted the chapter and it fixed itself.


It’s live. Enjoy. Remember if you find any glitches please do tell me.

Also i would not try to enter the tower unless you wana waste a few seconds of your time.
(Hint: You need a certain weapon first.)

Everyone gets +16 move after hitting restart chapter, and while that’s hilarious, the paths they take are real buggy and seth walked out of the map, followed by a game crash.