Saga of Spirits: Aeon Compass

Hey Fire Emblem Universe!

I’m here representing the team of the ambitious FE-inspired fan project:

Saga of Spirits: Eon’s Compass

We’re looking for:

Pixel artists for map and combat animations
UI artists and designers
SFX artists
Map designers
Programmers familiar with GameMaker

Here are some examples of our the game’s current engine build in action:

This is how the game is looking so far – keep in mind none of what is shown in the video will be in the actual game; this is to show the engine’s progress using assets from 3DS FE.

Here are some concept art samples from one of our many talented artists!

Of course, we’ll be sharing periodic updates as the game progresses!

If you wish to contribute to the project in any way, send me a message and I’ll invite you to our Discord!


Oh nice! :smiley: Good luck for this project!


Is that a MIKU? Project approved, I love it
Also, I recognize Ice Barrage’s fx, nice.
EDIT: Read the main post better. I can definitely playtest. What is this written in? I might be of extra help if it’s Python or Java. I can also do map design.

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Now this is interesting. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

Awesome! We would love to have you aboard! I’ll message you the link to the Discord

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Wow. That is super impressive. This was a pleasant surprise to see when visiting the forums today. Keep up the good work, you’ve got a good thing going here!


holy crap this looks really cool! Imagine what a game with fully custom assets would look like! Simply amazing!!!

Looking great! I’ve attempted to create SRPG stuff with GM Studio before and it is certainly not for the faint of heart. I’ll be keeping an eye on this project.


Hello! This is a progress update for the Saga of Spirits: Eon Compass, an FE-Fangame

“Ten years have passed since the invasion of Galicia by its sister nations, Vestfold and Muserta. Despite the war’s end, famine still runs rampant throughout the continent of Erideill, placing many at risk of starvation and disease. Farren, the young leader of a small group of thieves, receives a simple job from an unknown patron; retrieve a small artifact from the mansion of a corrupt noble, and receive a handsome sum in return. Though eager to provide for his crew, Farren soon finds that his employer isn’t the only one looking for this treasure – nor does he understand the true secrets behind its mysterious past. He soon finds himself at a crossroads with a number of factions, all with their own personal agendas. With alliances thrown into question and enemies emerging at every turn, Farren soon finds himself embroiled in a conflict far beyond his wildest expectations – a battle that will determine whether Erideill will live or die in the hands of those who seek to protect it.”

Over the last nine months we’ve made a fair amount of progress, and we’ve decided to start sharing monthly updates with the community! Here is a brief snapshot of our progress so far.

Current Progress:

  • Art
    • 34 classes and playable characters have received concept art
    • Cavalier and Pegasus Knight overmap sprites completed
    • 9 classes and playable characters currently in production
    • Wyvern Knight overmap sprites currently in production
  • Writing
    • Script drafted up to the start of chapter 3 (Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 are complete)
    • 17 full supports drafted and under review
    • Currently refining/fleshing out Act 2 characters
  • Gameplay
    • Decided enemy units for prologue
    • Completed multiple map concepts (Chapters P-6)
    • Currently balancing stats for prologue units
  • Music
    • Main motif established
    • Several pieces started


Some Character and UI concept art


If you’re interested in joining the team, we’re always looking for anyone who’s interested and can lend a hand, but in particular we’re currently in need of:

  • Art
    • Pixel sprite animators (for both overmap sprites and GBA-style battle sprites)
    • Map terrain spritesheet/tileset creators (pixel art)
    • Armor concept artist/designer
    • Character concept artists/designers
  • Sound/Music
    • Composers
    • SFX Designers
  • Playtesting
    • Dedicated playtesters, both for finding bugs and for testing game balance (preferably able to actively playtest several times per week and be able to follow the documentation formatting)
  • Programming
    • Programmer with a Mac and Game Maker: Studio 2 to build for Mac
  • Writing
    • Beta readers and editors
  • Gameplay
    • Map designers

Thank you very much for stopping by! We hope to see you in the next update!

We’ll be posting a sample build of the game’s engine soon, so stay tuned for that!


Current engine test build -

Check it out if you have the chance! We are aware of how bad the AI is currently, and we are still relying on default assets, but this build should provide you with an idea of how the game will look.

Here’s a guide for the build -

Having been following your youtube channel sadness20, I’m glad to finally see a topic created for the project!

After trying the test build, it’s certainly a great proof of concept.

I think you’ll catch the eyes of quite a few people with this. Best of luck to you.

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what kind of stuff do you need for composers? I can probably throw a few classic JRPG tunes together if it’s retro-style.

Hello! Sorry for the wait! Our Music lead is currently away at the moment, so I’ll answer as best as I can (I’m the Art lead). I don’t believe we are aiming for retro style music. We’ve been taking inspiration from Slavic, Nordic, and Russian folk music among other regions. Currently we’re just using midi to draft out compositions, but we’ll be using more realistic sounds for finalized pieces. Does this answer your question?

yup, it’s beyond my skill level unfortunately. is this paid work or pro bono? I’ve got a few composer friends who’d enjoy the work if you have any.

Thank you very much for your support! :smiley:

We’re all volunteer work, send 'em on over! We’d appreciate any help we can get. :smiley:

Should have clarified paid work* so that’s a no then

It is not paid I’m afraid. We’re entirely a volunteer passion project, but if your friends are still interested they can contact us at any time!

What did you mean by map design? Like gba style or what you posted?