[FE11] FE1DS

This project’s name isn’t confusing at all.

FE1DS aims to replicate FE1 in FE11 as much as possible. There are two patches: The first patch keeps the reclassing system intact so you can have some dumb fun. The other patch removes the ability to reclass any units which should be quite a challenge.


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I won’t bother listing every little stat change as they all match that of FE1, though if it’s asked for I’ll add more stat lists to the download folder. Below are a bunch of notable changes from normal FE11.

Significant Changes
  • all stat caps are 20, HP cap is 52
  • no magic and res stats(other than Gotoh and statboosters)
  • weapons are generally a bit cheaper, further enabling forging
  • wing spear and Hauteclere are gone
  • Gordin has a bowgun(basically a killer bow)
  • Jagen still has only 1 luck
  • vulneraries have 5 uses
  • Hyman(chapter 3 boss) is weaker :slight_smile:
  • Gomer(chapter 2 boss) is stronger :frowning:
  • Gazzak(chapter 1 boss) is the same :expressionless:
  • however, Hyman and Gomer are both much easier due to hand axe changes(weaker and 13 uses)
  • excalibur/aura require A rank for anyone not named Merric/Linde
  • effective weapons have less might and uses, but are also much cheaper
  • except the hammer, it’s hammer time
  • Hardin can use that silver sword
  • Wolfgar take on a very different role
  • statboosters are absolutely bonkers
  • ballistae have 2 range, swarm is 1-2 range
  • dragonstones have their FE1 stat boosts(they only boost DEF)
  • Mercurius is locked to Marth
  • brave weapons have been replaced
  • Falchion is epic
  • you’re definitely not warpskipping endgame this time
  • Wendell is god-like

Removing the ability to reclass allows the game to be even more faithful to FE1.

Additional Changes in NoReclass
  • knights, fighters, pirates, and hunters cannot promote
  • horsemen are an unpromoted class
  • myrmidon characters are changed to mercenaries
  • sages and sorcerers are changed to bishops
  • mages promote to bishops instead of sages
  • bishops have the appearance of sorcerers
  • rip wolfgar

Through working on this project I learned a lot about Shadow Dragon’s inner workings. For example, dragonstones don’t actually have stat bonuses, they temporarily transform manaketes into other “dragon” classes, using the bases and caps of the “dragon” classes during battle. The biggest thing I learned, though, was that this is… fun. I thought that making FE11 have FE1 stats would make a hilarious mess of a game, but it doesn’t. It all works so well, better than the actual FE11. This makes me seriously wonder, why did IS change anything in this remake? It turns out that FE1 was fine as is, all it needed was a new modernized engine. Instead they made huge changes that maps did not account for, like allowing you to have 30 def generals walking around taking zero to single-digit damage for most of the game, and making ballistae and swarm 3-10 range and ignoring the consequences. By reverting these absurdities, you now have to actually play the back half of the game.

Credit to Blazer for making the Nightmare modules used to make this.

I hope all you FE11 fans out there get a kick out of playing this.

All four of you. :wink:


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but why tho

Is the weapon triangle still present?

Weapon triangle is present. Couldn’t find anything to edit or remove it.

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Oh well. But it’s fine since everything else is basically the same as FE1. Which is nice because I hate the fact that FE1 doesn’t display enemy range, so I’ll just play this instead.

this is really cool but I hate it in the best way possible
mainly because I hate FE1

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Made a small update to the patch, FE11’s base heal amounts for heal staves and mend staves were 8HP and 15HP respectively, I just now found the value associated with this so they now heal 10HP and 20HP respectively, as they do in FE1.



Good work bro, might give it a try if i find the time as my experience with FE1 is far less than with FE11 H5