[Finished] Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban (Last Update 18/03/2019)

Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban is a project made by a Facebook group, a meme hack, however I have focused on trying to make an interesting level design, this may not be the case, but It was my intention, I still hope you enjoy it, and any errors that you want to report or any suggestions will be welcome.

Main Story Chapters: 23/23
Paralogues 5/5

In the dropbox folder in addition to the patches of both languages (They applies to FE7 (U)) are art and information that can be useful.

-Give Up and Skip commands added, for change chapter and skip a alredy completed chapter
-More Spanish and English Translation
-SFX to Deni/Zack Animation
-Stairs at Banrigth, and escape in Loli-Con-Quest and Im You but stronger have now a Unit Command

Uragirimono and AW War’s units was nerfed

-AW War renamed to False Friends Pt.1
-False Friends Pt.1 renamed to False Friends Pt.2
-False Friends pt.3 and False Friends Final Part added
-Dialogues updated in both languages
-The fount of FE7 was changed by the fount of FE8 and now it has the special characters of Spanish (but not all the dialogs in Spanish have been updated)
-False Friends pt.3 is a chapter of 12 maps which you can interact and change through the chapter to complete a dungeon, this is the reason why it has taken me since July to bring new maps, but since that chapter is finished, I will be able to bring chapters with more frequency
-New Music and CG


  • Four new chapters (Sieg Kaisser Kokue, The Battle for Everyones Ban, You Can Ban and You Can Not Ban)
  • Supports added (only esthetical and for bonusses, no convos)
  • Sound Room has reorganized
  • A lot of new portraits and portrait updates

-Too long; Didn’t Write: The game is finished and has both languages patches, the english patch may have text error, so in a weeks probably i will update, but now is playable

Some captures…


Pls nerf Deni, i mean, he is the best lord and all but pls nerf.
Also, can you add another multiverse destroyer? :u

I’m sorry for not being a gringo

ewe, please do not shitpost here Sebastian

The music was good…but the memes are bad and tasteless, the maps and portraits also need work.
Do you have permission to use the Shulk (Menudo Boy) animation that someone else made?

About the memes, well, I don’t know what to say. I mean, there will probably be some people that may like it, and some that won’t. But the idea is about the story starting as something pretty dumb and stupid that slowly starts turning into something serious.
When it comes to the sprites, at first, we didn’t have any quality control, and some of them are still as bad as they were back then. However, I’ll keep that on mind.
About the maps, do you design wise, or about how they look like? About how they look like, they’re definitely going to get improved, but I don’t have the time for that for now. Design wise, I’d like if you could be a little more specific about how to fix them.
About Shulk’s sprite, I didn’t give it much thought back then, since it was an small project that would probably never make it outside of my circle of friends. I didn’t even find it myself, someone sent it to me. But, when I started reading the rules on the readme file last week, I kinda forgot about it tbh. I going to try to look up for the artist, and give them the respective credits for it, or just remove it (lol, seems like I actually found it 5 minutes ago).
Anyways, I really appreciate you comment. Especially about the Shulk part.

I apologize for the late reply, I must’ve forgotten…
I’m afraid I can’t say much about the story, but from what I can gather, it does its job.
The portraits, while some not so bad, are mostly…quite messy.
The maps could be a little smaller, the enemies more varied and interesting…Chapter 2 specifically, feels really slow.
The menu design is actually quite nice, as well as the battle frames; and on the behalf of all artists, I thank you for being respectful.

Most of the portraits are in the process of being redone because they did it a long time ago and regarding the chapter 2 if you give me the name would be more specific because each team has its own chapter 2.
And the original author of the Shulk sprite already gave me permission to use it so I put it back and put it in the credits.

Well…It was the Baron’s (I imagine that’s your character) Chapter 2, I haven’t been able to play much else for now…
I’m glad to hear that you’ve gotten permission.

In the case of the first map, as each person requested their class, weapon, etc, I can not give more variety because it is what they asked me, although with the enemies if I try in future chapters to give enough variety and not always use the same , With respect to my chapter 2 feels slow (because yes, it is my character), I know that it is but I do not have the slightest idea to fix it without eliminating the premise of “puzzle chapter”, but it is constantly the one that I most fix you details so you feel less slow (I think now i are editing Unit Menu Comands can make it more intuitive)

If you’re still working on this, I would like to know how to beat that one chapter that follows the Great Knight with the Jonathan Joestar-esque portrait. Those Warriors with full skill and OP axes are too much for me and I hate luck-based hacks. Did I miss something in any of the levels preceding that, including the one with that Dark Druid (Antonio?)?

tl;dr What is that chapter and what brought to you to make it to that level? A Super Thracia homage?

Also, sorry for any rudeness.

I don’t mind rudeness, I prefer that you tell me things the way they are, even though I don’t think it’s that difficult, in fact there is another chapter later that I think is the worst in that sense and I still try to balance it, it’s just that, it is complicated to do something hard but not bullshit XD
I don’t feel this chapter is really luck dependant, but let’s see, on the left side Kokue promoted, with the Steel Rune he should be able to stop those enemies with much of a
problem, you’ll just need Luis healing him constantly, and some units semi-bulky to support him (Rin, Christian with BanChika or the Banflame), etc, on the right side you must try to progress as fast as you can, I think Seim, Yayo, Jose (with his Bantolteinn) and Sagi are the best ones to accompany Deni, to progress quickly, I think more than, the chapter being complicated you just have to get the hang of it .
You mean if you lost something in Antonio’s chapter? It depends in whch units you’ve brought which legendary weapons you got, I don’t feel that’s something that can just warn the player without losing the immersion, but I suppose that I can include the weapons you get according to which character you bring to that chapter, I already added it to the dropbox

Update: I tested again the map and i will update a rebalance for the map in this week (today no because university homework)
Update 2: I did, the units are now nerfed


Yet I don’t fully speak spanish… RIP.

The game is in both spanish and english

Okay, i’m sure that necroposting is okay in this case.

Probably not of interest to many, but today is the second anniversary of this project.
When I did not have much experience in hacking and I did not even know FE Universe, they made this post in the FELat’s FB group, which was the basic idea for this project

"Someone should do a hack about this shitposting

"Fire Emblem (Latino): Civil War.

Includes 5 routes
Banright (Josué’s route)
Pirate Honor (Angel’s Route)
Loli-Con-Quest (Blaggi’s Route)
All Hail Almeja (Omega’s Route, duh)
Do it for her (Berenice’s route)"

I’d pay por this shit, And it would be would be the first game I paid"


I made this video because of the occasion, it is also a kind of trailer because I am about to finish the hack.
And I have not abandoned the project, only that the advance is slow because the university steals my soul.


Hello, I’m from China. I like your works very much.As for the difficulty, there are also some challenges.All the previous levels have been cleared. In addition, I would like to ask how to translate deni. Why are there three forms?:blush:

Thanks uwu
Deni is Denilson’s name cut short, I don’t know if you asked that, and he has 3 forms because “it’s a change of class”,but they’re the same character and because he is a gary stu edgelord, I do not know if that solves your questions, I did not really understand XD

Thank you for your reply. I still have some questions. Maybe I’m too excited。XD

1.Where does that Endless Possibility come from in background music? And madarot? Insignia knight. I didn’t find it. Did you play some piano BGM in this game?

2 Is the Berenice in the original work infected by omega? And then it seduces Sagi and Xator, right? Maybe I didn’t look carefully

3.Do you watch the World Cup? Who do you think will win this year? Do I think Brazil or Portugal?

1.- Endless posibility is from Sonic Unleashed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJjxKhjR9H4). The peviously called Medarot is Strike Enemy from Medarot (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSFuO-kxKG4), but someone gave me the wrong name. I suposse that’s what you ask, but if I’m wrong, Endless Posibility plays during Loliconquuest and Medarot is the battle theme in Pirate Honor. And Tsubasa was composed by a friend, but I don’t play piano, other than that, every song is from anime, videogames, or memes

2.- Yes, kinda. She is supossed to die during Ban Tendency, but Omega revives and infects her, she then seduces Xator, and Sagi just follows Xator without thinking.

3.- I’m not. I’m not a big football fan, though it’s a trend so I’m aware of what’s going on, like Memexico winning (I’m mexican). About who wins, I don’t really know, I don’t know too much.

Hello, may I use/alter your Shulk battle animation? I would like to use it in a screenshot lets play.