[FE8] Fire Emblem: Tales of The Conquerors

Across time, across continents, several individuals stood up against the world and, by force or wits, prevailed and changed the course of history: Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses, Generals and Commanders. This story is about them, about those who paved the way for a new era, for better or for worse…

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Fire Emblem - Tales of The Conquerors is an anthology consisting of four 4-6 chapter long campaigns regarding numerous characters of official games. This hack compiles events and stories that molded the different worlds of the saga to the ones we get to see in game.

Please remind yourself that none of these stories are canon and some may deviate a bit from the official sources in order to get a better experience.

This game contains the famous Skill system! Its usage, however, will vary depending on the story: some will use it more than others.


The stories will be presented in the format Name - Location - Stage of game (Levels at which player and enemy units will appear), alongside a short description which you can skip if you want to play blind. Completed tales will be marked as such. (Completed as in “every single chapter can be played”, not “completely polished gameplay”)

The Scouring - Elibe - Mid/Late Game (Lvl 15-40) - COMPLETED

Elibe is devastated by the Ending Winter and the War that’ll be known to later generations as The Scouring. In this landscape of darkness, eight legendary heroes have the tremendous task of not only defeat the Manakete, but of also lead humanity to a brighter future, fighting those who only desire death.

In this six chapters long Campaign, you’ll play with Elibe’s Eight Legendary Heroes.

Every single chapter has Hard mode.

Crimean Dawn - Tellius - Early Game (Lvl 1-20) - COMPLETED

A frail empire, a controversial topic, and an smart but unorthodox companion are all three ingredients Senator Caradock needs to halve the Begnion Senate and march towards independency, aided by a unexpected ally: the newly formed nation of Galia.

In this five chapters long Campaign, you’ll play with Western Begnion.

Hard mode is aviable in:

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
Crimson Eclipse - Fódlan - Mid Game (Lvl 10-30)

Grand Duke Rufus Thierry has died, alongside his nephew, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd. For the empress of Adrestia, Edelgard von Hresvelg, this opens the door for her to crush the scattered forces of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Church of Seiros. As the Empire expands, the Azure Moon turns red.

In this four chapters long campaign, you’ll play with The Adrestian Empire

Unholy Empire - Archanea- Varied (Lvl 10-40)

A warrior with no battles. A king with no respect. A married man with no love. Emperor Hardin has everything, yet nothing at the same time. After a strange interaction with a merchant, he begins to connect with his true emotions: anger, hatred, and an unending desire to rule over the continent.

In this Five-Six chapters long campaign, you’ll play with the Holy Archanean Empire

Difficulty selection and Battle Report.

There are three different difficulty options:

  • Normal: Intended gameplay
  • Hard: Higher enemy stats, but no gameplay differences.
  • Lunatic: Same stats as Hard, with added gameplay changes designed for a more challenging experience. Note that right now not every single map has its Lunatic changes implemented yet, but they will.

To avoid having issues with difficulty, you’ll be able to select it in each map! This will allow me to make a more deadly hard mode experience, knowing that if you get stuck in a certain chapter, you won’t have to restart from the beggining. Even at Hard Mode, there will be no ambush spawns unless specified in the Battle Report.

“Battle Report? What’s that?” I hear you say, probably.

The Guide has been replaced with the Battle Report!

In this section, you’ll be able to see the Side quests and Main Objectives that’ll be given to you throughout the maps. (Note that there’ll be no Side Quest that will appear in the Battle Report without notice in game)

There’s also different Tips and advices about the chapter, as well as short details about the plot and the map itself in the Battle Forectast. Of course, all of this is optional, so if you don’t like reading, you can skip these.

Help needed: Portraits

In order to make the game as beautiful as possible, I need help in the art department. I’m terrible at splicing and colouring, so if a kind soul would help me with this, I’d appreciate it a ton. If you see a story that you like, or one that uses characters that you’d love to make a portrait of, please talk to me! DM me in Discord, The Man Who Pets Doggos#4277.

Before playing:

Please note that english is not my first language, and some gramatical errors may and will appear while playing. If you find one, please let me know so I can fix them. The same can be said about bugs, glitches, and softlocks. Some of the maps will have some heavy gimmicks (because I like to suffer), so if something breakes, please inform me! Everything in this hack can be changed. Don’t be affraid to give some advices!

Credits! Let’s thank those who help me make the hack cuter.

JeyTheCount - Queen Sue / Hanon portrait, Ranger battle animations
Marloon024 - Saint Elimine portrait
Eldritch Abomination - Several FE7 portraits with FE8 colours
??? - Several FE6 portraits with FE8 colours (If you know who did it, please tell me)
L95 - Earth Dragon
SqRtOfPi - Elibean Nights’ Ice Dragon
Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq - Soldier Shield Map Animations
Numaron - Soldier battle animation.
TBA - Halbedier battle animations.
SALVAGED, Flasuban, Epicer - Sword/Lance/Axe/Box cav battle animations.
Nuramon - Myrmidon battle/map animations
DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211 - Ephraim Sword battle animations
Teraspark - Ephraim Sword map animations
Imperial, CardCafe - Elincia portrait.
FEU discord server - FEBuilder and mapping help.
NickT and Stitch - Kieran, Bastian, Lotz portrait (Recolored)
Quotedotlass, Electric Serge - Titania portrait (Recolored)
Fenreir - Knight Klein portrait (Recolored)
Niharu - Dorothy Male portrait (Recolored)
Flasuban - Generic female soldier portrait (Recolored)
LordGlenn - Axe sprite
2WB - Imperial Lance 2 sprite

If you see something that’s not credited, please let me know so I can add them!

Enjoy! Here is the link!


coming up with original titles is hard, please understand

What about Fire Emblem: Hope, Love, Despair, Conquest . . . ?

or something similar. I’m not sure what exact themes are in each story but some words sound cooler together than others lol

Just add world map just like in sacred echoes.

That sounds interesting. I’ll think of some combinations.

I tried that. Didn’t work, sadly. Even if it did, I’d have to make 4 maps into one, one for each story, which is way out of my league.

Next patch will be released in a couple of hours!

The Scouring

  • Chapter 2 and 3 can now be played in Hard Mode
  • Made it clearer what chapter 3’s objectives are.
  • Changed Hard Mode bonuses to be the same as Moderate difficulty
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I hope in your next project will be a crossover from all fire emblem games.

Why are you talking about their next potential project when this one isn’t even done, seems a little rude.

@svya1029 Hope this project goes well! I can’t make any portraits but if you need help with a map or two I’ll be glad to help!


I hope the world map will set aside for next project.

A crossover? featuring different characters from mainline FE games? nah that’s super lame, for those kinds of stuff you have feh /s

Thank you! I mainly ask for help in the FEU discord server, but if I’m stuck somewhere, I can ask you for some advice.

For the next patch, which shouldn’t take too long, there will be a cavalry split! Each unpromoted cavalier will have access to only one weapon, which isn’t important in the Elibean campagin (which will have all of its chapters playable on Hard Mode), but will be in the next one! Also, there’s an error that causes promoted enemies to have way more stats in Hard mode, compared to Moderate. This will be fixed.


I know this dragon! That’s by L95, both the battle anim and the map sprites.

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Thank you! I updated the credits. Only one more to go.

New patch is up! Crimean Dawn’s first map is completed, but it won’t be aviable until some of its chapters are at least playable.

Bug fixes and misc.

  • You can now skip the “Select difficulty” Text.
  • Fixed a bug in which skipping any starting event didn’t fade the screen to black.
  • Polished some starting events.
  • When in the Axis, the description of the green units now describe the campaign they represent.

Map balance and changes

  • Fixed a bug in which Hard mode promoted enemies have way more stats than in Moderate mode.

The Scouring

  • Changed Durbans’ skill.
  • Added Chapter 5’s Hard Mode! The AI will be more agressive.
    • Removed the Bridge event in Standard and Moderate difficulty. Now it’ll only happen in Hard Mode.
    • Last melt event will happen later.
  • Tweaked some enemy stats.

Oh, hey, Crimean Dawn’s complete.

New patch! It’s been a longer than I thought. I was going to release a mid-story demo showcasing the first 3 maps of the newest campaign, but I just keep saying “one more change, one more chapter” and thus I made all five before releasing them. The first 3 maps were made in july (winter vacations where I live), and the last 2 were made december-february (summer vacations) hence, why it took so long. I didn’t work on the hack while I was in class.

This one was though. It’s my first time messing with palletes and portraits, so everything took 10x more time than usual and looks kinda awful. It was also complicated to create and balance the Laguz units; there’s not a sprite that I could find that represents cats and lions, so I just used vanilla’s wolf sprites, sadly. Cat Laguz are the unpromoted mauthe doog and Lion Laguz are Gwyllgi.

Anyways, here’s the full patch notes! Changes marked with [EXPERIMENTAL] can be reverted, if enough people don’t agree with them.

General changes

  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Last chapters of each story is now marked with an “x”

Mainly for clarity purposes, I don’t want anyone hoarding items because they think there’s one map left.

  • [EXPERIMENTAL] In each story, starting at chapter 3, the “choose difficulty” dialogue is automatically skipped.

Allows you to enter the map almost instantly, instead of having to press A five times.

  • Removed “Death of the Eddene” from the story list, added “Unholy Empire” in its place.

Death of the Eddene didn’t fit the theme of the stories. While the other ones centered on glory and conquest, this one’s more like a tragedy of some sorts. Unholy Empire follows the ascention of Emperor Hardin, which fits as a darker, villanous story while mantaining the commmon themes. I really liked the premise of the removed campaign, tho, so if I ever get to make another anthology (perhaps centered on tragedies), this one’s definitively in.

The Scouring

  • Roland now has proper skin colour!

  • Each character now has its own death quote.

  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Athos’ hair colour has changed.

I believe in dark hair Athos supremacy

  • Each playable character now has its unique battle pallete.

  • Chapter 1: Changed the top left portion of the map to include a river and a forest tile.

Barigan and Hanon excels at close combats, so having them be introduced in a open map feels rough.

  • Chapter 3: Included a new, optional conversation that unlocks after a certain point.

Only chapter besides chapter 2 without one

  • Changed Martel III’s class to Priest, to fit his outfit.

Between that and changing his portrait, you know which one I chose

  • Chapter 5: Changed the secret reward of the Village.

The prior reward felt lacking, considering they’d die almost instantly. This one at least has a permanent effect.

  • Chapter 6: Reduced enemy density and changed their positions.

Crimean Dawn

  • Added to the game!

What’s next

Crimean Dawn is far from complete. I assume the balance is completely wrong and the story might have its issues and plot holes. After I polish the story and gameplay even further, the last step is adding a Hard mode challenge to the remaining maps (and change the current ones.)

I decided to skip Crimson Eclipse for now, since there’s not enough portraits of the students for now in the repo. What if, at the time I finish the third story, there’s still not enough of them? I’d still want to make that story, so I would have to come up with something or change it slightly.

So, the third story that’s gonna be made is the new Unholy Empire! Don’t expect me to complete it soon. College starts 15/3 so there’s not enough time for me to come up with a story like that extremely quick. Perhaps by the end of the year? Who knows!


Emergency update!

Crimean Dawn

  • Chapter 1:
    Added Hard Mode! Every enemy is now transformed.
    Fixed a bug where upon defeating the wind sword boss, the incorrect death quote appears.
    and it just has to be a spoiler…

  • Chapter 2:
    Made Hard Mode actually playable!
    Fixed a bug where the map visually breaks if you don’t skip the starting cutscene.
    Changed the left side of the map; Selime has more things to do.
    Moved all events one turn up: the Laguz transforming back now matches with the rest of the game, and the reinforcements appear later.
    The Boss now has its range properly marked.