[FE8] Behold the Mega-Flare v1.2 [Upto Ch.9 ending, Ch.5x still not ready]


Personal Useless Backstory

After a long break I’m back making FE Hacks. Bored during Corona what else is a better time? You might remember my previous hack FE8x Stones of a Divine Dragon (shameless plug: [FE8] Stones of a Divine Dragon V1.3 is no longer being updated ever. Plot is fully explained in 1st post), which was left incomplete because it was based of FE8s story and I wanted my own. So here we are.

I was also gonna drop the full game when released, but storywise you hit a big milestone. So I wanted this out there for any final changes before I start the rest of the game. (estimated 20 chapters).

Game Plot

A young man who drifted onto foreign shores looking for his Father who stole his younger brother years ago from his home and fled. Now a grown man he searches for his family to reunite them with his mother before she passes. Unfortunately for him he’s entered the Domain of another Dragon who doesn’t wish him alive, and the group known as the “Flare” who has seperated from the church with high ambitions and secret plans.

There is also another story… After Ch.5 you can choose to leave Argonia behind and return home to your mother. Once you arrive back home, something is different… Your not in the same time as before, your parents are younger then you and a threat looms across the country. (This route is counted as a Gaiden chapter and will be from Ch.6x all the way to the end planned to be at least Ch.20x)

  • Several QoL patches such as: HP bars, Danger Zone, Skill Systems (nobody learns skills, weapon only.), Better music player, skip intro etc etc

  • Playable upto Ch.9 chapter names and story planned to have around 19-21.

  • VERY IMPORTANT AS CHANGE: Every 4skill now lowers your weapon weight by 1. So a Con of 10, Axe of 15wt and a skill of 9. With that your Con is treated as 12 with the Axe of 15 you lose 3spd instead of 5.

  • Weapon balancing across the board. Iron->Steel gives the same wpn/hit/weight benefits or penalites regardless of sword or axe unlike OG fire emblem. Healing Staves now 1-2 range. Blade/Great Lances/Poleaxs are added and upgrades like PoR and RD.

  • Anima Magic has it’s own weapon triangle of fire->wind->thunder->fire. Fire/Thunder are 1-2 range while Wind is 2-3. Bows also have weapon triangle advantage over Swords/Spears/Axes (WATCH OUT), Bows base damage is higher too, so always be on the lookout.

  • Staves now have 1-2 range. Heal now restores a minmum of 20HP (mend is 40). Vulneraries also restore 15HP. (clerics can wield light and staves too).

  • Zanbato, Hammers, Horseslayers now have the same stats as Steel weapons making them actually useful. Hammers+Armor slaying weapons also effective vs Wyverns. Armor Slaying weapons also effective vs Commanders (Graham), so be careful.

  • Unpromoted Classes max stat cap is now 25 (luk is 30). And promoted can go upto 40! Character growths and bases are higher to assist.

  • Master Seals only promotion item. With a max level of 40 (might be changed to 35/30), you promote at 20+ and keep your levels. So no reason to wait and no punishment for waiting.

  • Some chapters will have secret locations guarded by Promoted Units or secret areas. ( Will be provided in a text document in later updates.)

Class Changes (oh boi)
  • All this is also in Text Document with the patch

=-= removed classes =-=

  • Generals, Troubadour, Valkyrie, Thieves, Assassins, Rouge, Monk, Priest

=-= Class Changes + Name Changes =-=
Cavalier -> Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow Cav
Sword Cav promotes to Paladin (Sword/Staff)
Lance Cav promotes to Duke Knight (Spear)
Axe Cav promotes to Great Knight (Axe)
Bow Cav promotes into Arch Knight (bow)

Knight -> Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow Armors [armors can’t promote, no playable armors as well]

Mercenary -> Brawler
Hero -> Veteran

Soldier promotes into Halberdier

Wyvern Rider -> Lance/Axe Wyverns

Cleric/Monks now use Light Magic AND Staves. Still promote into Bishops

Pirates -> Journeyman

Berzerker -> Dominator

Falcoknight -> Unicorn Kn.

=-= added classes =-=
Commander (Sword/Spear/Armored infantry)
Bow Cav, and Bow Cav promotes into Arch Knight (bow)
Pegasus Magi (anima), promotes into Pegasus Lord (sword/anima)

=-= Final Class List + Promotes + Weapons =-=
Sword Cav (swords) -> Paladin (swords/staff)
Lance Cav (lance) -> Duke Knight (lance)
Axe Cav (axes) -> Great Knight (axe)
Bow Cav (bows) -> Arch Knight (bows)
Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow Armor (uses weapon based on name) -> Can’t promote, no playable Armors.

Brawler (Mercenary)(swords) -> Veteran (hero)(swords/axes)
Myrmidon (swords) -> Swordmaster (swords)
Soldier (lances) -> Halberdier (lances)
Deserter (lances) -> Halberdier (lances)
Fighter (axes) -> Warrior (axes/bows)
Brigand (axes) -> Dominator (Berzerker)(axes)
Journeyman (pirate)(axes) -> Dominator (Berzerker)(axes)
Archer (bows) -> Sniper (bows)

Lance Wyvern (wyvernrider)(lance) -> Wyvern Lord (lance/axes)
Axe Wyvern (wyvernrider)(axes) -> Wyvern Lord (lance/axes)
Pegasus Kn. (lances) -> Unicorn Kn. (swords/lances)

Mage (anima) -> Sage (anima/staves)
Cleric (light/staves) -> Bishop (light/staves)
Shaman (dark) -> Druid (dark/staves)


I know you went here first, I’d do the same

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Version 1.2 [8/12/2020]


Included is UPS File, Class Changes, Bugs List, Version Changes and Credits

Known Bugs (features)
  • Pressing Start to skip events sometimes (alot) screws with player and enemy placement. Instead just keep hitting B if you want to skip.
  • After Atlas joins, for the enemy phase music sometimes changes into recruitment theme.
  • Prolouge and Ch.1 water animations make the cliffs look weird / misshapen
  • Chest / Door Keys description is messed up and only open what they say. But you have to open the item menu and use it that way instead of it automatically appearing.

Johalva talking like Johan would

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Ngl, the title is what caught my interest. It feels a little unorthodox for a hack title and I like that for some reason. I’m already helping test another hack rn along with a few other things, but I’ll give this one a swing sometime relatively soon.

I tried this out & recorded it. Definitely liked what I’ve seen so far, though I only played the Prologue. I’m headed out but hopefully this will finish processing soon.

Thank you guys for trying it out, I forgot another bug in Ch.4 is messed up with camera movements so it’s not smooth and Ch.1 is by far the hardest level in the back so

Ch1 tips / how to survive

You can try attacking all the knights in front of you, I’ve succeeded once. Then buffed an Archer so you can do that anymore.

My solution, run as far back as you can, put Jaxon in range of the deserter in bottom-left. And have Atlas+Graham in the last possible range for the two bandits on the bridge, and recruit Mendina with Beatrice, sending her to tank a mage. Next turns kite further down and be VERY wary of longbow Archer/Knight. They have killed me several times. Also Lance knight has a heavy Slayer which works on Commanders (Graham), so watch out for that.

breathes in


now that the important thing is out of the way

This hack is actually quite fun and unique. The writing has a few grammatical mistakes here and there, and some of the vocabulary used doesn’t fit a medieval-like setting (such as missing commas and your instead of you’re for the former, and the usage of O-M-G for the latter), so I’d suggest to comb through
the script to iron these things out when you want. Otherwise I don’t have too many complains on that front - perhaps more show and less tell? Graham especially does a lot of expositioning on the region, customs and especially discloses a lot of personal information about the King right out of the gate, which feels quite odd… not to speak about the exposition the King himself does, as well. Otherwise, I have quite enjoyed what the hack has to offer so far. Every unit feels special and unique in their own way without the need of giving them personal skills and, although I can see the inflation and big stats involved in things (just look at the growths or the two people aiding you out in Chapter 3), I still found the current version of the game enjoyable overall. The maps felt quite dynamic, and there were tons of things or gimmicks going on at all times… Except for the Bridge map, most likely, which I felt was rather uninspiring and could be rushed through very easily in a very short amount of time.

Anyhow, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Perhaps I’ll even write down my thoughts in longer form later on. Keep up the good work!

Yeah I’ve always done uh, not great in english. Graham exposition is only for the “prolouge” which is now over. From ch.6 on we start to see more of the other non-party characters talking and doing their deeds. Graham also instantly knows who Atlas is and is kinda grooming him for the war he knows is coming.

The Bridge map was completely different when I first started too. It was like 15tiles more to the right, and you start in the bottom right, approach the village south of the bridge beat boss A. the bridge gets blown up and Triton appears to kill the boss on the top castle. you get ambushed from your spawn with boss B and they chase you down. So I had to change it up alot, but yeah I might change it to an indoor map so the two joins for that chapter is more natural.

Anyhow thanks for the feedback!

Chapter 1 how to survive weird (and luck) method: skip the cutscene so 4 of playable characters will start at left upper corner stacked togethet, and you can utilize chokepoint and vulunery
For beatrice, recruit the cleric and have them vulunary and running in the 90s to the mountains at left bottom corner
And if they dont get hit by iron longbow+another enemy in a turn they can survive the onslaught (or u speedrun the other squad to kill the boss and lose 3000 gold for not raiding a village)
(If they do just restart)
Voila! Chapter 1 complete
Btw why iron longbow has 12 mt

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Yeah I need to fix that, the skipping things messed up placements on alot of players/enemies in chapters. Iron Longbow is equivalent to Iron Blade / Iron Greatlance. And it’s stats are based off of Lances. So they are quite strong, I probably should lower bows damage/hit. But it’s mostly Knights who are scary with them.

Knights get maged over actually not like some bs 3 range bow which acts like a silver axe
Ch2 I’m stuck
The door key the knight drops says it can open door/chest and has 10 uses (clearly a lockpick so I have no thief and stuck)
And a little story here:
As a sword armor serving in the flare, Peter grabs his handy Ruby sword at his duty as everyday. He always dreams of becoming a strong, dependable General so he heeds his duty without doubt.
Today, when Atas’ company rushed towards the fort, he marched out of the chest room, going to confront the group that invaded his army’s territory. That was what he would think, except the hack maker put a obese deserter at the exit of the stair passage Peter was using, so when deserter tripped, he accidentally sat on Peter’s head and killed him
Yup the sword armor despawned when he tried to use the stairs which’s exit was blocked by a deserter fix it too

The Deserter should open the front door by himself just in case, and I forgot the keys you have to use them in your inventory window. They were supposed to be universal but I couldn’t get it too work so I reverted it back to Chest/Door Keys. So yeah open items and use it that way.

Too make matters worse that’s not even Peter. Peter dies going down the stairs and a new sword knight appears from the stairs taking his spot. But yeah all intentional. It’s a key to the secret of the level.

What secret? Stairs mechanic isnt that new foe us
Nope I just made up a name for that poor guy

There’s a secret shop in that level. It’s not hidden but the way to get there is.

No meme-ber card one?
And preparation shop doesnt sell thunder and wind
No cross and quinn cutscene right b4 the chap nearly killed cross
If they 3 are together cross shd be able to talk with quinn too
Selphina desc wrong and palette has wrong hair colors too
(Btw do those 2 prepromotes leave temporaily? They feel like seth but powerful)

Yeah no member card. It’s not a normal secret shop. Just a harder to get to shop because of the secret entrance. You can even see it’s wares in the prep screen.

I figured selling thunder and wind times would be too strong but that’s subject to change.

The Cross+Quinn is just to make you keep on your toes and checking units. Arkas is the leader of their little group so he has to convince them. Cross is kinda dumb and Quinn is absorbed in her magic too much to care.

Arkas Group Spoilers

Make sure they keep their weapons on them you get them back. It’s said in the convos, but please keep them on lol.

The two prepromotes leave, it’s just to show you their power.

U did mention in convos?
What if I already stripped them and finished the chapter

It was mentioned in both join convos. You should uh, be fine? It’s just gonna be harder later… I would get sell some stuff for money.

maybe my patch wasnt the newest
oh and the S bow and killing edge from your nephew seems great so I grabbed it too
wait why u delete it…
was looking forward to super over powered sniper aurora

That’s exactly why I deleted it lol, at least you keep the elixirs.

Also forgot to mention and just updated Features list is… Every 4 skill reduces weapon weight by 1.

So formula for AS is this: AS = weapon weight - (con + skill/4) - speed. So having 12skill, techincally reduces weapon weight by 3. So having a 15weight axe and 10con with 12skill means…
Instead of normally lowering your speed by 5, in this hack it’s only lowered by 2! High skill units can now wield heavy weapons, hooray.

Updated to Version 1.1, mainly some bugfixes and the starting scene of Ch.6 was moved to the ending scene of Ch.5 if you selected yes. You can play and finish Ch.6, but it’s nor fully polished. Ch.6x isn’t in yet, because this isn’t a proper update.

Full Changelist down Below: (also included in a text document in download folder and will always be there as well)

=-= Characters =-=-=

Selphina palette + description is correct now.

Beatrice base stats: +1 Lv/Hp/Mag/Skl/Luk.
Beatrice growth rates: -10%HP, +5% Spd/Def, +5%Res.

Mendina base stats: +1 Lv/Hp/Spd/Res/Luk.

Oxis reworked: Now him and Cross are different statline wise.
Oxis growth rates changes: +10%HP, +10%Str, +5%skl -10%Spd, +15%Luk, -5%Def, -15%Res.

Cross reworked statline is more fit for faster/more res halberdier then accurate/tank/one hitter quitter.

Cross growth rates chages: -5%HP -5%Skl, +30%Spd -30%Def.

Olivia base stats: -2HP, -2Res, -2Con .

=-= Chapters =-=-=

Prolouge+Ch.1: Fixed player/enemy placement if you skipped events.

Added Hints in Ch.1 and Ch.2 for their secrets.

Ch.3: No longer can Steal Selphinas Killing Edge. Elixirs are fair game though, how generous…

Ch.5: added bonus ending scene after selecting Yes. (bonus scene was in beginning of chapter 6, just moved back to make timeline work).

Atlas has special battle quotes with every chapter boss. Including ones you shouldn’t fight… And will get quotes for every named boss in the game.

=-= Items =-=

Infernus uses 35 -> 45.

Prices adjusted across the board. Notably: swords and axes slightly cheaper. Lances/bows/all magic more expensive. Prices are very WIP. So if it feels wrong please let me know.

It’s been a quick 16days with work and whatnot, so I haven’t got as much done as I’d hoped. But for now some progress pics of what I’ve been working on, Chapters 6-8 are done and starting 9. I plan to get to chapter 10-12, then start working on Chapter 6x.

Serene, daughter of General Iris joins the party. A Pegasus Mage wielding light magic to burn her foes! Mahama deals effective damage vs Lance/Axe Classes!
20 21

The Flare makes bolder moves as we learn more about their motives and history!
22 23

Journey into northern Argonia and the snowy lands! The northerns use special Jagged weapons to take down their bigger threats, be careful where you place your soldiers!
24 25

Oxis and Quinn had their makeup appointment and decided to change their stats around, (currently shows older stats and not now and improved.)
26 27 28

More map objectives, less siezes, more killing, more surviving!

That’s alot of what I’ve worked on. But as I make more and more character and it goes on, one thing that questions me is what seperates the Slow but Strong Fighter, from the Slow but strong Axe Cavalier?

So here is the question I have to ask you, Do I play with the skillsystem to make your people stronger and then buff the enemies? Or just keep going as it is.

  • One Personal skill per Character/Boss + some weapons still give skills.
  • Keep as is, nobody gets skills outside of weapons.

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Also if anyone cares, here is the patch notes that AREN’T IN THE GAME YET, but it’s what I’m working with and have changed.

WIP Patchnotes

Version 1.2 Changelog so far

=-= Characters =-=-=

Slight Palette adjustments, notably less contrasty more smooth colors.

Atlas growth rate: +5%Str/Def -5%Luk

Arkas growth rate: -5%Str, +5%Spd/Def/Res

Oxis adjusted more to be high Hp/Str/Skl with lower Spd and less magic.
Oxis growth rate: +5%HP, +10%Str, -10%Luk/Spd -5%Mag/Res
Oxis base stat: +2Str/Def, -1Spd, -2Res

Quinn adjusted to be a tankier Druid, but has a chance for speed growths.
Quinn growth rate: +10%Hp/Spd/Res, -10%luk
Quinn base stat: +1Skl/Spd, -1Def, +2Res

Cross growth rate: +5%Def, +10%Luk

Boss Tsunora Ch.2: -1 Skl/Spd/Def/Res/Mag (Might revert nerf based on Levin Sword nerf).

Oxis + Quinn got a new portrait. (Oxis wasn’t fe8 styled, and Quinn was literally tharja and I wanted to not reuse old FE characters.)

=-=-= Classes =-=-=

Normal Female Shaman battle animation changed to Normal Female Druid animation (class and everything still the same.)

Terrain movement penalties organized across all classes: most are unchanged.
Drifter counts as Promoted Infantry,
Knights move across all land excluding mountains only costing 1mv
Scouts move across all land costing less then normal
Mages/Fliers/Cavalry unchanged, but now all classes follow same logie. (before bow cavs could move farther for no reason etc etc)

=-= Chapters =-=-=

Ch.5 ending songs were added

=-= Items =-=

Preparation screen prices reduced to normal. (from 1.5x)

Wind Rapier, Bomb Saber and Levin WERE treated as magic on the anima triangle before. Now they are no longer magic and properly a sword. (reasons being is you can ignore weapon triangle cough Atlas OP * cough* and break certain ambushes and lances users.)

Wind Rapier -1mt, +15hit -2wt +5uses
Flametounge -> Bomb Saber +5hit +5uses (new slimmer icon as well)
Levin Sword +1mt -5hit +1wt +10crit +5uses

Flux/ElFlux/ArcFlux all lost 3weight.

Mjolnir (Olivia’s PRF) no longer protects weaknesses while in inventory, it has to be equipped now.

Chest Key now works and is a Chest Key. Door Key also works and is now a Door Key.

=-=-= Other =-=-=

Changed music when enemy starts battle

Factions have certain themes now: Knights of Argonia, Northern Knights, Bandits, The Flare. Each faction plays a certain theme for player and enemy phase.

=-=-= Known Bugs =-=-=

Chapter 6 title screen name doesn’t pop-up when starting chapter.

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