New hack: Spark of Life

There is already a demo version but it’s old. This will be updated occasionally if someone wants to see it. This is a hack made by a friend and I. He started it and I help, and he wanted a patch posted to get feedback and constructive criticisms of it. This is his first hack so there is a lot to be learned but as I said, criticisms would be helpful.

So far this is a prologue and 7 chapters long. Most of the bosses are new and all the playable characters are new. It’s about three adventurers getting slowly involved in bigger things. Here is the patch, to be used on a fe8 file.

Spark of life Version 3



Special Animation Credits

Alusq and Maiser6 for Armored Mercenary


the file in the drive isnt in ups form…so how am i supposed to patch it?

I’m sorry I didn’t notice that.
It’s been replaced with the proper file now, that was embarrassing.

No worries happens a lot…is everything supposed to be perfect up to the last chapter or im i only to look at story/conversations and maps?

It’s not perfect and we know that, it’s far from it. We just want to see what would make it more enjoyable as we don’t really have experience. It’s all up for criticism, we’re not going to pretend it’s amazing. (and thank you for trying this project of ours, it means a lot)

As I said in my video, The prologue is rather empty and would do nicer to have a few more enemies on the map.

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Thank you a lot for trying a video on this, soon it will be going under a story fix and the first several chapters will get more to it and be changed a bit to not be so generic sounding. More things to fill that space will come as well. Thank you again for trying this little project.

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