Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Weapon Reversal

Fire Emblem Weapon Reversal

Weapon Reversal is more or less a reskin of Sacred Stones that changes every (yes every) unit to a class they are weak to.

Finally 100% (I hope) Finished!

New classes and animations have been added to compensate for lack of certain weapon types.


All (finished) palettes done by Datagne. Note that not all palettes are done for all units yet, and no units have their promoted palettes finished currently.

Units that have more than one weapon type are usually reclassed based on their highest ranked weapon. Example a cavalier with a D in swords and a E in lances would be reclassed to a unit using Lances. Units who use 3 types of weapons (Duessel) are reclassed as I saw fit.

I appreciate any balance suggestions.

NOTE: The game has been tested on hard mode, and as such I suggest playing on hard mode.


  • Gave Ephraim a new base class animation (pictured below)
  • Gave Eirika a new base class animation (pictured below)
  • Gave Ross a new trainee battle and map animation (pictured in main post)
  • Gave Amelia new battle and map animations for several of her classes.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash on entering battle with a Gargoyle in skirmishes.
  • Fixed a bug causing a healer in chapter 3 to not heal anyone. Changed all Myrmidons in said chapter to Sword Brigands.
  • Fixed description bugs of the bosses in the Final Chapter. Also made them count as boss units.
  • Disabled easy mode.
  • Updated unit panel to include stats and active weapon.

Lord new animations:


  • Fix Bugs

Document showing all characters classes: FE8 WTA Change - Google Sheets

UPS patch (Apply to a clean FE8 Rom) :


Cool stuff, I might even give it a play with a premise as neat as this!

P.S. @CT075 the spoilers are still tiny as fuck.

If you’re going to play it wait until later tonight/tomorrow for when I update it.

New patch out. This one is completed for the most part until chapter 17 of Ephraim route. Here is a list of changes

  • All unpromoted palettes are now finished.
  • Gilliam has his promoted palettes done.
  • Franz is now a Pegasus Knight
  • Tana is now an Axe wielding cavalier that promotes to a Great Knight. Will add Axe Paladin at a later date.
  • Characters who still had their old weapon ranks in addition to their new ones (example Innes using bows and magic) have been fixed.
  • It is now no longer impossible to recruit Rennac, he will now run around the level randomly until you recruit or kill him.
  • Amelia’s class now promotes to the correct classes.

This will work with old save files, although I suggest starting over because if you don’t Tana and Franz will not be their new classes if you have already recruited them.

If I remember correctly, Lute does not use the Female Shaman animation. What reason is there for this? I’m curious, because that would have been a nice reference to FE6. There is a female Shaman and Druid animation supplied by IS, and I have a female Summoner animation by Whitewolf8.

No, Lute is/was intended to be a female Shaman. Source: Paletted it

I must of forgotten to changet the class from male to female shaman. With update when I get home I guess.

Oh boy huge patch.



  • All of Ephraim route chapters (Yes including Final Chapter) are now finished!
  • Previously broken promotions were hopefully fixed!
  • New secrets! (Sorry!)

A special surprise awaits those who get to the final chapter. Get there and see for yourself… In the meantime I leave you with a hint and some other screenshots!

What’s this?

Cool new stuff:



  • Female Warriors, Fighters, and Pirates.
  • Split promotion for axe cavalier
  • New archer based class and promotion for one of your units!
  • And more I don’t remember!

Reply Orsoon. Glad that the promotion stuff is fixed.

I’m having trouble downloading the updated patch, because it gives me errors when I go to the site. I want to play this, but I literally cannot in the worst possible way.

That’s strange. I fixed it now

Fast updates incoming!



  • Endgame is one of the most interesting chapters I’ve ever edited. No spoilers though, get there and see for yourself!
  • Female Warrior is now in the game.
  • Female Pirate is now in the game.
  • Female Hero is now in the game.
  • Non nomadic nomad(?) is in the game. (Unpromoted ranger of sorts)
  • Bow and Lance Paladins are in the game.
  • All of Amelia’s promotions work (Besides Super Trainees, don’t use those.)
  • New challenges await! (Final Chapter)
  • Valter’s palette is done.
  • Orson’s palette is done.
  • Caellach’s palette is done.
  • Selena’s palette is done.
  • Vigarde’s palette is done.

One little sneak peak:


New update.

I’ve fixed the majority of things wrong with the female Dark Mage classes.

Does this count as a necro? Eh prob not since I’m the creator.

We’ve done it.

Eirika Route Finished!

I’ve finally finished all of Eirkia route (although the later chapters are still largely untested due to no save files)

Without further ado, here’s the changelog!


  • All of Eirika’s chapters are finished.
  • Dragoons now gain +15% bonus to crits much like Berserkers
  • Viewing a units stats will tell you their growth rates, press select to see them. Also includes a nice color code (Grey-Green) to see a small indicator of growths.
  • Pressing select during a battle will show you the “danger area”, much like modern Fire Emblem games do. Press A while in the danger area to view healing area.
  • Fixed the Sword Bandit’s map sprite.
  • Changed Ross’s (terrible) animation.
  • Female Fighter animation added for Amelia.
  • All classes now have proper weaknesses (Axe Cavalier having weakness to Horseslayer, etc.)
  • Remember that terrible animation Ross had? Yeah thats gone now and has a better one in its place.


I’ll update the main post in a min or so. Have fun!

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good job :slight_smile:

tbh … at first I was okay (from the discord)… then you pull out a nice Eirika too.

Thanks! Theres a lot more cool palettes where that came from. This one is my personal fav.


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New update already, cause stuff.

This is all thats really added, but I think its important:

Health bars! These things are cool.

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Some end game spoilers and fun easter egg I recorded while testing lag with the HP Bars hack.


I like how you’re also adding improvements to overall gameplay for what should be a relatively simple gameplay hack. Really enhances the experience!

…I hope you also increase the difficulty a bit too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trust me klok, this should be harder than the average sacred stones expierence.