Fire Emblem 7: Remastered (Help with Mugs requested)

Hey guys, Arkth here.

Well, as the name suggest, this is about giving more personality to FE7 through simple but attractive visual changes.
This project, while mainly focus visuals, will come with change to make FE7 feels refreshing, but keeping the same spirit. Any suggestion or Help is welcomed to increase the game experience.

So far the Lyn story it’s done, just a couple of characters still need custom sprites.
In a general view, you will find:

  • Unique sprites for playable characters
  • Specific color scheme for every faction in the game
  • Variety in units sprites (For example, it’s not the same a Bandit Brigand and a Caelin’s Army Brigand)

It is planed for later:

  • Custom background
  • Custom weapon icons
  • More content (weapons, classes)
    -Special animations for certain weapons

That’s what I can do by my own.
What I like to add but will need a bit of help with:

  • Custom portraits after promotion (working for cinematic too)
  • Enhanced maps
  • (If you have a good idea, this is your place)

Here is the link


Fire%20Emblem%20(U)(Venom)%20-%20copia_02 Fire%20Emblem%20(U)(Venom)%20-%20copia_03
Fire%20Emblem%20(U)(Venom)%20-%20copia_06 Fire%20Emblem%20(U)(Venom)%20-%20copia_10
Fire%20Emblem%20(U)(Venom)%20-%20copia_15 Fire%20Emblem%20(U)(Venom)%20-%20copia_16


Thanks to the community for their fantastic work!

Archer bandana 2 - by DerTheVaporeon
Archer bandana 2 - by DerTheVaporeon
Armored Brigand- by TBA
Armored Merc - by Alusq, Maiser6
Bishop Vanilla FE6 - by Eldritch Abomination
Cavalier - by SALVAGED
Deserter - by Alusq
General - byTBA, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon
General w Cape - by TBA, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon
Jaffar Assassin - by Greentea, Nuramon
Kent Cavalier - by Greentea, RobertFPY
Knight - by Iscaneus, Nuramon
Legault Assassin - Greentea, Nuramon
Leila Assassin - by Greentea, DerTheVaporeon
Louis Sniper - by Greentea, RobertFPY
Lucius Bishop - by Greentea, RobertFPY
Mage Hatless - by GabrielKnight
Sain Cavalier - by Greentea, RobertFPY
Soilder 2.0 - by Alusq, Maiser6
Thief hooded - by Solum

If I miss some creator, please PM me.
If you are looking for the creator of an unmetioned sprite, then it was made by me


Nothing come free, and so there is a coupe of bugs that a notice so far.

  • In Ch. 5 “Beyond the border”: the intro cinematic is bugged and will not go further. Just skip it and you would be fine
  • In Ch. 6 “Blood and Pride”: The cinematic is bugged too, but it’s not something to worry about (It just tell you how powerful Rath is).

(I lack the knowledge to fix them, if anybody can help me with it, I’ll appreciate it a lot. Of course you will recive the corresponding credits)


Very nice!

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Slight suggestion: maybe use the FE7 Mugs in FE8 Colors that are in the Repository


hello i have one question the proyecct is dead


Well, I was waiting for FEXNA, but looks like we have no news yet. Anyways, yeah, I’m planning finish it some day for sure. It’s a pain the amount of work for every single animation for every single character but there are a lot of them out there anyways. What’s your question, btw?

I have no idea how to send the ups more directly, but does not matter.
Anyways, here you go xD What made the eventfights buggy is that you did not change the commands in the eventeditor to correspond to the shift in charactervalues(it still specified the vanillavalues).

Also, kent and sains attack miss animation had the same effect and sound as a normal hit and that looks kinda bad in the presentation-department unless you want to make the hack as anime as possible, so I removed that.


Oh wow, I never requested that, so I really appreciate what you did. Btw, if you are interested, the project is far from dead: I’ll post in the next days some sprites of many characters, showing how they will be portrayed. Some have their animations done, some have not. Anyways, thanks for the fix, I’ll update this when I get home

From what I’ve seen of XNA’s current state, I wouldn’t expect it to be available in another 5 years.

you missed a couple zeroes on the number there buddy

it really sucks to be honest because I have a project planned specificly for xna that will reshape the history of fe…hopefully. Actually reminds me currently that the animationcount in this hack will likely be insane.

Hey guys, next patch is on the works. Want to share with you the concepts of Lyn’s story characters. As you can see they got promoted classes too. It may take a couple months to finish the whole sprite sheet. Any help or suggestion is welcomed too. Some of the sprites are based on existing works from other artist, I’ll give them proper credits with the path release. They are all mainly based on the official art and the TCG art.
Yeah, I made 2 option for Lyn, I want to know your opinion about which one do you like most. Would be cool to add both options like SS for the Lords, but dunno if possible. Anyway, there they are:
1_Lyn 2_Lyn 3_Lyn 1_Sain 2_Sain 1_Kent 2_Kent 1_Florina 2_Florina 1_Will 2_Will 1_Dorcas 2_Dorcas 1_Serra 2_Serra 1_Erk 2_Erk 1_Rath 2_Rath 1_Matthew 2_Matthew 11_Nils 1_Lucius 2_Lucius 1_Wallace 2_Wallace

Some of them need work of course; these may or may not be the final product.


everything is possible, but I think split promotions in fe7 has not been done yet. you could technicly still use both in multiple ways:
-people already made diffrent promotions from diffrent items possible I think, so the nomadtrooper-lyn could be her using an orions bolt instead of a heavens seal.
-you could make 2 seperate versions of the patch(would also allow giving other characters multiple choices)
-lyn has an unused baseclass in the vanillagame that has the same name as her promoted class. Idk if you replaced it(did not look into that when editing the rom), but you could technicly spawn that blade lord into hardmode and that has the nomadtrooper-promotion while the normal baseclass is spawned into normal mode and keeps the bladelord promotion. the intended promotion for that class is swordmaster btw, but I assume you do not want to use that promotion ever, so it would be ok to replace.(that reminds me, could you do that with eliwood and hector in hardmode? :sweat_smile: spawning them with their unused classes in hardmode I mean. the promotions into paladin and general are nice connections to their canonpromotions in fe6. I would not complain if you would not want to do it tho since you would have to either find or make animations for eliwood paladin and hector general)


This topic was renamed into FE7 remastered? interessting choice I guess

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I got several bug such as oswins sprite being glitched out with a green and white pallette along with the first boss in hector mode having the same pallette issue. Also in chapter 12 the pegasus has “UNUSED” as their title. Maybe I patched it incorrectly?

Note:Ah nvm didn’t realize only the lyn mode was complete

how to fix thus

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Is this still on-going?

Arkth is currently working on something else, but it will eventually be updated.

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are you guys also gonna finish translation errors or is this just a reskin hack?

Currently, it is only a reskin. I cannot do a major update of the hack(I already did a minor one making a few palettes more visually pleasing) without asking Arkth and I do not want to bother them with it since it is not a priority for a longer time. So I cannot confirm or deny that it will eventually fix translationerrors and players have to live with the jank of it not being finished for the time being.

oh ok thank you