BS Fire Emblem GBA



WIP Remake of BS Fire Emblem: Akenia Saga in FE8U. Much work has been done since the FEE3 trailer, and is now in a state I feel comfortable releasing a fairly buggy test build of it in.

Project Repository

Download v.0.5.2

-Fixed ch2 boss’ weapon ranks
-Minerva can now seize

Download v.0.5.1

-FIxed healing freeze
-Fixed effectiveness issues
-Fixed destroying villages by visiting

Full credits list on GitHub.


BSFE_038 BSFE_049 BSFE_053 BSFE_050
BSFE_061 BSFE_047 BSFE_010 BSFE_070
BSFE_088 BSFE_125 BSFE_130 BSFE_129

If you encounter any issues, please report them here.


This looks sweet dude. Can tell a lot of love went into it. The custom grapihcs in particular are great - love the watercolor-y aesthetic.

Looking forward to trying it out and sharing feedback!


I see bows are still effective against Bishops.


I guess you could say that’s very BS
someone end me


Apologies for the shaky launch, but every game-breaking issue that was reported has been fixed in release 0.5.2. Thank you to everyone for playing my hack, if you had a poor experience I hope it can be better another time around!