[Complete] [FE8] Fort Mangs Emblem

Posting this here for organizational reasons.

I don’t have much to say about this title; it’s a Fort Mangs project akin to The Sacred Chairs but developed by a different team, with lots of names and such available in the attached credits list.

It’s a reskin of Fire Emblem 8 with questionable design choices and plenty of memes you may or may not understand. It should offer a unique enough experience from Sacred Stones, and there is a not-so-secret Extra Final Battle at the end of the Lagdou Ruins.

Fort Mangs Emblem-0 Fort Mangs Emblem-8 Fort Mangs Emblem-26 Fort Mangs Emblem-10

Download it here.
Has some bad language, so be warned.


Just entered the ruins. :love_you_gesture: :laughing: :point_right: Nothing can stop me now!!

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Tried playin this but its wayy too cringy for my taste.
thanks for trying though.


This brings me back memories.

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