[BETA][Lex Talionis] Fate of the Fallen - 21/21 Chapters


Well, hello there, funny seeing you here. Do you come here often? Or do you just drop by when I have an awesome game to share? Well, if that’s the case, you’re in luck.

I’ve been working on Fate of the Fallen for the better part of a year. A lot of that was taking the time to learn the engine, learn to splice, and gain a grasp of code, all of which have helped to make FotF a game I’m proud of.

Unlike my previous two releases, FotF is far less out there FE wise. It has traditional chapters with party members you can recruit, promote, lose, and trade between. It has regular rescue mechanics and FE8 stats. I really stretched my legs making ToT and ARS, but I could only do that because I got comfortable enough with the engine while making FotF.

While the gameplay mechanics might not be as new and crazy as ToT and ARS, the game itself still has enough there to be an interesting, awesome, and fun experience.

I will say, I’ve been told that the plot is best experienced with as little warning as possible as to the nature of the game. So I’d ask that we avoid any spoiler talk so we can provide the best experience to new players. Thank you.


The story of Fate of the Fallen begins as the first prince of Vosferr, a power hungry nation, attacks the royal castle of Magnyria to slaughter their royal line. However, his quest to end the life of Princess Risariya Magnus de Magnyria acts as a catalyst in this tale of war, life, and death.


Supports (Currently all C ranks have been written. Plus some extra.)
8 Playable Chapters + a Prologue and a Gaiden.
Bow Lord!
Secret Missable Characters
Unlockable Skills
So Much Music
Member’s Card
Mean Despots
Good Princesses
Aloof Swordsmen
Bandit Trio Favoritism
Secret Items
High Growths
Branched Promotions


Fate of the Fallen - Extended Trailer

Link To Play & Instructions

Fate of the Fallen
Just open the folder and click the “double_click_to_play.bat” file.

Current Known Game Bugs

If you encounter the gate to 11x after completing 11x, refuse to enter. This will block it from reappearing again. Entering a second time will cause you to be unable to progress. This shouldn’t still be a bug, but let me know if it is.
At the moment, Chapter 9 is broken because of an engine update. This bug will hopefully be fixed before long as it is a Fatal Error. Fixed!

I hope you enjoy my new game, it’ll be getting the bulk of my attention from now on until I finally finish it. This release only has 7 chapters, but I’m actually a bit further than that. These are just the most polished, and I wanted to release with my best foot forward.

My current plan is to release a new chapter every month on the 1st. These chapters will release first on my Patreon and then a month later they’ll be released to the public. You can think of this as an early release for FEU, since I’ve grown fond of a majority of the community.

Initial Plan

On the first of July, I posted Chapter 8 on my Patreon. On August 1st I’ll release Chapter 9 to the Patreon and Chapter 8 publicly. This will continue until I finish FotF, and then proceed to work on my next projects.

August Update

As of August 1st, I’ve updated the Public version with Chapter 8 and the Patron version to Chapter 9. I’m finding myself much more motivated to finish this game than I thought. It might have something to do with the recent updates to the LT engine, or it could have to do with the work of other Devs encouraging me, or maybe it’s just something about FEE3 in the air. Regardless, work on FotF is coming along smoothly and in fact I could see myself maybe releasing multiple chapters next month to the Patreon… :thinking:

September Update

As of September 1st, I’ve updated the Public version with Chapter 9 and 9x and the Patron version to Chapter 10. I didn’t manage to release anything extra this month, but as I’m coming to the end of my first playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, I anticipate this next month to be far more productive :wink:

October Update

As of October 1st, I’ve updated the Public version with Chapter 10 and the Patron version to Chapter 15. It turns out September was a big month of work for me. The Patreon version is now well on it’s way to being finished by the end of the year. The real hard part is that I keep wanting to put new stuff into it.

November Update

As of November 1st, the thread got a surprise release during FEE3 of Chapter 11/11x. I’ve also now included a link to Chapter 12 on the Discord, this link will be added to the FEU thread in several weeks for anyone who just despises Discord. The Patreon has been updated to chapter 16, and 17-20 are just about ready to be polished and added next month. October was a lot of maintenance more than anything. Did a lot of work to make sure I had something nice to show off for FEE3, and then did a lot more work to improve that work with nice visuals and audios. We are about as close to that finish line as you can get.

December Update

As of December 1st, chapter 13 has been released on the public thread. The Patreon has been updated to chapter 20. There’s going to be a lot more work in December than I thought there’d be. Mainly because of one aspect: Supports. By the end of the year FotF will be playable start to finish, and if I have my way, that will include Supports.

January Update

As of January 1st, chapter 14 has been released on the public thread. The Patreon has been updated with the full BETA release of the game. The beta classification is because I’m still planning on polishing various aspects. Achievements, more supports, bug fixes, QoL changes, etc. While there’s still plenty to perfect, FotF’s story is playable from start to finish.

February Update

I’ve never been more annoyed to get COVID. I managed to write about 40 or so supports, but I’ve got so many more to finish. I did the math, and I should have over 600 Support scenes by the time I’m finished. I’d estimate that I have maybe around 150 as is… Then again, I did this math while I was sick in bed, so I could be WAY off lol. This month will be mostly Epilogue, Epiphany, and Support work. A lot of writing, but as a writer, that’s what I live for. I’ll also be finding time to work on my new side project which I’d love to release the first version of soon. It’s REALLY weird.

March Update

I finished another 40 or so supports, but the really impressive thing I completed was the Gender modifier system. This required going through the entirety of the game’s script and changing each mention of a pronoun to adapt to the player’s selection. With that finished, I have nothing left to keep me from doing the writing that I put off this month lol.

I’d also like to give my Patron’s some voting power on things they’d like to see in upcoming releases as far as extra content. Whether this is more/Specific Supports, Items, reworks, Skills, Characters, etc… I really like the idea of giving the fans some say in the game they enjoy.

I also have a pretty bare bones discord that I’d love any input on what to do with.

I’ve always wanted to create games for a living, and while I’ve worked on a few as a contract writer, this will be a learning experience for me as the sole developer of my own project.

So if you’re a fan of my work and want to help support me, please consider checking out my Patreon and Ko-Fi pages. And if you can’t afford to support me financially, that’s cool too, it’s still a big help just playing my games, sharing them with people you think would be interested in them, and sharing your experiences with me.

Okay, I feel like I’ve been going on long enough, you’ve got a game to play, and I’ve got a new chapter to work on. As always please feel free to reply with any bugs, questions, concerns, or just to talk about the game.

Thank you for playing my game, and I hope you enjoy Fate of the Fallen.

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Definitely recommend checking this out. The first two chapters hooked me more than any other FE title has before.

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This even seems to be bugged. Right after this line, the game goes back to the map and nothing happens. You can repeat the process forever, but nothing changes.

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Great catch, I’m guessing some old code. I’ll fix that up and have a new patch up within the hour. <3
Thank you kindly for the report

Update: Less of a bug, and more just shoddy code lol.
The event has been completely reorganized, nothing rewritten, just made it so that the computer knows what the heck is going on now XD.

The version 0.1.1 patch has been uploaded, and since I picked up a trick from other uploaded projects, thank you, Bells of Byelen, I don’t even have to update the link.

Bugs Addressed in this update:

  • The Green Anna event has been rejiggered to properly react to all orders of visitation from any player units.

I’ve played up to Chapter 5 of this game, the setting and characters are interesting and for the most part, I feel like every unit recruited thus far has had an essential niche in the party.

Thoughts atm

The prologue made me briefly consider the possibility that we might play as the baddies à la something like Bandit Emblem, which was also fun. Though I knew it was unlikely based off the fact that the prologue units were already pretty much maxed out.

I hate Fog of War maps with a burning passion, but it’s to this game’s credit that I didn’t feel like throwing my computer out a window while playing Chapter 3. I haven’t really had a moment where I thought “this is absolute Kaizo-level BS.” More of a “ah, so that’s where I messed up, I’ll try this next time” feeling.

I will say that Rosa, though still inherently useful due to her high mobility, seemed kind of weak compared to my other units. Maybe it was because I didn’t get her a Slim Lance or I had bad luck with her growths, but she had trouble consistently doubling even compared to the knight and her RES was unexpectedly low for a Pegasus Knight, which made Chapter 4 seem a bit more of a hassle than it should have been. I understand having archers mixed with other units as a deterrent for wandering off too far alone with your flier, but even when I finished them off it seemed to be a much better strategy to just pick off mages with the Longbow, facetank with Kree and huddle most of my guys on the left to kite/guard/rescue fanfiction as needed rather than risk sending Rosa after the mages at all. There was the Pure Water, of course, but having to use it on her in the first place felt kind of silly.

I’m sure there are a ton of secrets I haven’t figured out yet, and I’ll probably post my final thoughts once I finish what’s currently available. Also, I’m curious as to whether you’ll have an achievement system/different endings to this like with your other stuff.


I appreciate hearing your thoughts, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying the game. I also see that this is your first post, so let me be the first one to welcome you <3

I have been stat screwed on Rosa so many times lol.

I think RNG just really likes rolling bad for her stats. Maybe the gods of fate just aren’t big fans of her.

I will say that one thing that makes FotF a little unique that I forgot to mention in the first post is that unit stats are rolled according to their level when they appear in game. Basically every unit is spec-ed at level 1, and when they show up, they’re automatically leveled (including all the RNG of growths) to their appropriate level. And just like normally leveling, sometimes you can get a dreaded empty level, or sometimes you can get an awesome almost full level.

So for instance, in my last play test, I got a Rosa with great SPD, but only subpar STR. But previously, she’s been like a one shot glass cannon, and sometimes she’ll be basically a tank. Hopefully these stats can even out as they continue to level, but that’s RNG for ya.

I will also say that Fog maps are notoriously hard to judge, since I have all the inside knowledge lol. I’d be curious to know how more people feel about it in particular. The idea that there might be too many archers could definitely be valid.

As for achievements and different endings, I can say with utmost certainty that I want to include them.
For Achievements, besides the basic story related ones, I’d love to hear some cool ideas for challenges/achievements for players to try for.
And for Endings, FotF is actually planned to be a Trilogy, so there will be a canon ending… unless I can figure out how to carry over saves… :thinking:

Game Crashes when you use a torch next to an enemy who is in the fog part of the map.
also on chapter 4 and I have 8 deploy slots but 7 units. did I miss someone?

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You might not have visited the tavern during chapter 3?

And I’ll check out that torch bug. I do know that fog of war got a recent update, and that could have caused something like this. Any chance you took a screenshot of the crash report?

I did not take a Screenshot of the crash report, I can reproduce it when I do another playthrough and do chapter 4 again.

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status effects carry over. at least poison does.

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Now that is so annoying. I thought I fixed that.

I’ll check both of those out right now I’m so peeved lol

So I’m still not sure why Poison is persisting, but it turns out that using any items after moving into the fog will cause a crash. This is most likely an unforeseen bug due to a recent update to the LT engine. As soon as there’s a fix for it, I’ll upload a fixed 0.1.2 version.

Thanks so much for the bug notice, you’re not only helping FotF improve but the Lex Talionis engine as a whole <3

promoted just to see what the gains were like and noticed level doesn’t reset.
is this intended?

Yes, at the moment it’s not a promotion, but a class change. I have put some thought into instead making Reese initially a trainee class with slightly lowered stats, but I haven’t quite pulled the trigger.

ok gonna review since I am having way too many problems with chapter 7.
prologue is pretty balanced since the prince cant die.
chapter 1 is pretty balanced. Standard challenging but not overwhelming chapter.
Chapter 2 is also very challenging but managable.
Chapter 3 is pretty hard till the starting rush is over then it eases up a lot.
Chapter 4 is pretty easy. There was points where I was pressured but it wasn’t that hard to get a good strat going.

chapter 5. this is when certain units start to snowball. Hazel, Rosa, Sidney start to shine here. the rest of the crew have problems holding their own besides Kree. Sabe joining is really rough his 4 base speed really hurts him as a mage when he is also super squishy. imo he is the weakest unit on the team. I would buff his speed to at least 7 or 8 to be usable. way too much doubles him.

Chapter 6, this chapter was very easy to 3 way push and get everything. the only really challenging part is killing Larrada on his throne, imo the thrones need a dodge nerf as it is really hard to land hits on them. drop it down to 20. the defense buff isnt a problem with how tanky the bosses who are on them so far.

Story wise is very engaging. Being in Purgatory is something I didnt expect someone to do in a hack and it well writen so far. Sound track is also really good. is that custom made sound track or a sound track from somewhere I never heard from before? Sprites and animations are pretty good. They can get a little janky if speed up is used.

Now for chapter 7. it needs less reinforcements and some units need a nerfing. more so some of the imperials with 14 speed and some mages with 14 speed. That is a bit overkill considering none of the bosses have that much speed. there also a few mercs with 14 speed but they have low attack power compared to the imperials and mages who have 14+ base attack with 14 speed. Also shouldnt have the imperials spawn and then act on enemy phase, that caused was too many turnwheels and restarts. I could not reach Anna with Giovanni or Baxtor with Sabe due to being pinned down way too much.
Rosa was sent to handle the stuff like the bolting mage and other things that she could handle so less problems could happen but even with Giovanni, Hazel, Sidney doing the heavy lifting, I was still pinned down since Sabe and Aki is mostly useless here.
Chapter 7 punishes dead weight units a lot.

Resource and exp wise there is enough to work with. no one runs out of weapons/staffs/tomes.
now for what I have after clearing chapter 6.
from the 2 times I made it to chapter 7 Reese is average, the one thing that makes her useful is the early armor slayer.

August is pretty good startting off then starts to slow down a little but can reach C rank swords letting him still hold his own.

Varton is pretty solid unit despite not getting good axes for till chapter 6 and 7.

Giovanni starts a bit rough but he then starts to pull his weight after a few levels.

kree is a solid Jaigen. I avoid using him for a couple of chapters but he can still carry his weight in chapters 5 to 7 despite that.

Hazel is crazy fast for a Knight. the one from the 1st playthough was better level ups but I deleted that save. she has a good start and finish. I was letting her solo a lot once she got a couple of levels.

Sidney starts off rough but once he gets the levels going he becomes the biggest mvp the team has.

Rosa is good to go right away thanks to her axe reaver in a chapter with a lot of axes. give her the killer lance and she really murders a lot with her high speed.

Sabe is just way to slow to be useful. that wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t also super squishy.

secret character get. I assuming he is secret was fun using him even tho he is hard to get exp for.

thanks to all the vulneraries and money we get healing isnt a problem till we get kai. I did notice physic is 1-5 range which is pretty bad imo. I would make it at least 7 range to make it useful. the sleep staff is also useless since the player cant use it being B rank and kai is C rank in staffs. if it was C rank it would be super useful in chapter 7 giving the player a little more breathing space.

Aki is mostly useless besides being able to open doors and steal.

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I love to see the review, but I would appreciate you putting it in a hide details drop down just to keep it compact. Plus maybe keep the spoilers away from any new players. Gotta keep that twist as hidden as possible lol

And I love seeing the different units, and it’s crazy how stat screwed your Sabe got. As I mentioned earlier, all unit stats are set at one and then leveled up when you meet them. So at his current level nine, that means he had 8 levels without a single SPD gain, and only 1 DEF and RES gain. His SPD and RES growths are at 50%, so that’s the engine really hating the librarian.

And yeah, your Sidney looks like a beast. They’re usually pretty decent, but that’s a unit I’d never really worry about except for Horseslayers.

You might be right about the Thrones, if I remember correctly, I actually gave Larrada an avoid debuff to counteract some of the throne buff XD. Might just want to tune it down as a whole maybe.

I’m a little surprised that you’re having such trouble with Ch.7. The reinforcements are pretty tough, and this is basically meant to be the End Boss of FotF’s "Lyn Mode, so I’m glad it’s a challenge, but you might be right about having the imperials coming on enemy turn. I could definitely see switching that to a player turn appearance.

As for enemy stats, those are all mostly determined by engine, it’s RNG deciding what stats those baddies will have. All generics have lower growths than named units, including bosses, but sometimes RNG can be very giving. So yeah, 14 SPD mages can be scary, but then there’s just as many 5 SPD mages. But looking at your Sidney, I don’t think you got much to worry about lol.

Also do remember that while FotF isn’t a casual mode game, it’s not necessarily classic either, just by it’s nature. So losing a unit doesn’t need to be a reset or a turnwheel.

Thanks again so much for playing and reviewing. I hope you don’t give up on Ch.7, you’re so close to that Gaiden, and… that’s the really tough chapter lol.

I forgot how to spoiler on this site. if this was discord, the command for spoiler is muscle memory.
I hardly post on this site much as late, compared to the early days.
that is a strange way to setup units, interest but never seen anyone have an auto level system based on when you get x unit player side that is. I have seen it for the enemies but that it.
Slayers never gave me any problems with how decent the sidney/hazel/kree dodge/defense/hp they have I have to be careful with Rosa but so long as she kills the archers or there no archers around she minor problems.
The 1st playthough, I couldn’t get pass turn 5 as the only blessed units where kazel and Rosa and I missed Sidney. which forced me to restart to see if that helped some. it did but still couldn’t push thanks to Sabe being so bad and kai being mostly useless.
really loving this custom game despite the problems chapter 7 is giving me. also found a class changing item but honestly everyone is better on their base classes then being class changed. it is a neat concept. It just the classes they can be changed to are not that useful for the most part or are redunant.

I use the little gear to use the hide details option.

Secret Spoilers

Like this lol. If you could edit your post, I would appreciate it :pleading_face:

And yeah, I wanted the units to be varied per playthrough. I like the idea of having a different experience every time, sometimes causing you to favor some units and dismissing others maybe. I was thinking of maybe including more stat bonus items to kind of potentially balance this, but that seemed to have the potential to get a little game breaky lol

Class changing is a bit of a fun thing again for variety’s sake. And there are a few that are kind of broken. I’ve seen some awesome Sidney Reclass runs that are pretty crazy. And Varton as a tanky thief, can be pretty scary too. I do want to add more stealable items to enemy units to make thiefplay more worthwhile, I also want to rework staffs basically completely to make Clerics more generally useful. A thought that just occurred to me about reclassing is that I should find a way to increase wexp for your new weapons based on the wexp you’re losing access to. Would make reclassing a good deal more viable.

Oh, and I also wanted to mention about the RNG. The stats of player and enemy units are rolled for when they’re added to the game, usually at the beginning of the chapter. The roll is determined by the Seed number of your playthrough. That seed number is determined at the beginning of the game, when you start a new game. However in FotF, that seed is also re-assigned whenever you turnwheel.

All of that to say, that if you don’t like the stats you get for a unit, such as a super slow Sabe, you don’t have to restart the entire game, just have to reload the last chapter or play a skirmish and use the turnwheel. It’s a little bit of an insider tip, but it’s a good little hack to know :wink:

I went ahead and restarted anyways. I did lose my high str sidney but what I got out of it made up for it
almost cleared chapter 7 thanks to


Grinding Kindred and saving before I do Sabe part in the chapter.

Best unit hands down thanks to his aoe attack.

should make stealing around 15 as well and letting being used if you can manage it being 15 exp as well. more items to steal early would tempt me and most players to class change Varton. E rank on class change is also what prevented me from going to class change as well. not really tempted when I lose all those weapon ranks. if it was D min it be worth it.
Turnwheel is what made a lot of chapters doable imo instead of raging. even with just 3 uses a chapter it still useful as long as you dont make too many mistakes.

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That is a good looking strong boy right there lol. Kindred is one of my favorite characters, and his personal skill definitely has a huge tendency to be broken as all hell haha

When I decided to add the turnwheel, I definitely felt like it was the right move since I was using it so much in testing. I am one of those FE players that kinda hates the turnwheel in the mainline games, but for admittedly stupid reasons lol. And I feel like a limit of 3 uses per chapter is still limiting enough that it doesn’t feel like hand holding.

Hope you beat chapter 7 soon and get to gaiden <3

when using the elite torch. and I wasn’t in the fog.

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