Yggdra Hack UI Translation

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Exactly what the title says. It was fairly simple for me to recycle a lot of my work from TNH, and I wanted to play Yggdra, so I figured I may as well release this publically while I’m there.

emulator-0 emulator-1 emulator-2 emulator-3

Obviously, none of the dialogue is translated, nor is any character R-text. Please let me know if there are any errors. And, of course, shoutouts to @Isaac for creating this hack in the first place.

Download (For FE8U or FE8J)

Github Repo



As someone who’s a big fan of Yggdra Union, being able to recognize that the first screen is basically a mirrored Battlefield 2 puts a big smile on my face. (also Yggdra’s very much a Rightful Queen thank you)

Might actually give this a spin one day, so this helps a lot!


Quick update - I missed the route split and world map text, since I totally whiffed on those being in the game. Also picked up on a couple smaller errors while playing myself.
Don’t ask me why options appears twice in the menu by the way. Both of them function though!

emulator-0 emulator-1 emulator-2 emulator-3 emulator-4 emulator-5


I don’t remember liking this much, but I see the portraits have gotten better, so maybe a second run will change my opinion. Thanks for this!


Thank you for sharing this!


Back again with another update. Seems I goofed on some magic related text. While I was there, I also updated the names for Pure Water and Barrier since the effect is technically different now.

YggdraHack_EngTrans-0 YggdraHack_EngTrans-1 YggdraHack_EngTrans-3 emulator-1


I revisited this hack due to the translation patch (my original run was November 2018) and to see what changed.

I actually managed to get A rank (Normal Mode, Ephraim Route)


It’s ranked now? Does anyone know the requirements?

How do I made Olwen retreat in chapter 6? The map is based off of Thracia, but it doesn’t like the trigger where she retreats activates on the same turn.

Or is she just not recruitable in this hack?

Is all the menu’s translated?

The menu has been translated.

Olwen withdraws on the turn.
She will not be a companion.


Thanks for the information. That spell tome of hers is mine!

update; RIP Olwen. She retreats player phase turn 11 of CH 7, but she has a droppable Dimevolt and isn’t recruitable…

Oh well. Now I have Dimevolt

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