Yggdra Hack UI Translation


Exactly what the title says. It was fairly simple for me to recycle a lot of my work from TNH, and I wanted to play Yggdra, so I figured I may as well release this publically while I’m there.

emulator-0 emulator-1 emulator-2 emulator-3

Obviously, none of the dialogue is translated, nor is any character R-text. Please let me know if there are any errors. And, of course, shoutouts to @Isaac for creating this hack in the first place.

Download (For FE8U or FE8J)

Github Repo



As someone who’s a big fan of Yggdra Union, being able to recognize that the first screen is basically a mirrored Battlefield 2 puts a big smile on my face. (also Yggdra’s very much a Rightful Queen thank you)

Might actually give this a spin one day, so this helps a lot!

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Quick update - I missed the route split and world map text, since I totally whiffed on those being in the game. Also picked up on a couple smaller errors while playing myself.
Don’t ask me why options appears twice in the menu by the way. Both of them function though!

emulator-0 emulator-1 emulator-2 emulator-3 emulator-4 emulator-5


I don’t remember liking this much, but I see the portraits have gotten better, so maybe a second run will change my opinion. Thanks for this!

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Thank you for sharing this!