FE Sacred Stones Death Difficulty

This is a hack of Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones that amplifies the difficulty of the game to the max. In this hack there is no money, no growths, same turn reinforcements, and every turn the main lord has a 1/10 chance to die from random heart failure. This hack was inspired entirely by Bismix’s video “Difficulty in Future Fire Emblem Games” Difficulty in Future Fire Emblem Games - YouTube. I highly encourage you to watch it.
Here is the link to the Github page. GitHub - Slimjim8345/FE_Sacred-Stones-Death-Difficulty
I made this a while ago, but I noticed that I never posted it anywhere. Oops.


Does it make the title screen a nice shade of green when you beat it?

I saw on youtube that Mekkah will play this hack.
No money, no growths upon level up, same turn ambush spawns and the best of all, the main lord has a 1/10 chance to die from a random heart failure.

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Hi everyone,
I fixed some of the problems with the original version. I never though someone would actually play this lol. I fixed the random heart failure rate so that it is actually 1/10 and not 1/17 because I am dumb. I also fixed Orson’s growth rates to be 0%. I had only changed his creature campaign growths, and didn’t realize there was a different version of him for chapter 5x. Maybe I should have played FE8 first. I also added the death difficulty rules to the Tower of Valni and the Lagdou Ruins.
If you find any other problems with it please let me know so I can try to fix it.
Thank you for deciding to suffer through this game for whatever reason.