FE8 Boss Recruitment (Ephraim Route Edition)

Hi everyone, and this is a small hack I decided to make. This was inspired by the FE5 Reverse Boss Recruitment hack made a while back. This hack was based on Ephraim Route’s ordering of bosses, and I decided to make the player go Ephraim Route as a result, but I still accounted for Eirika Route bosses because, quite frankly, there weren’t enough bosses. Because of that, I added some monsters as playable characters.

You now play as O’Neill and Selena, the latter of which becomes the main lord.

Some changes from vanilla

  • Brigands promote with Hero Crests
  • Monsters have a exclusive promotion item in Hell’s Mark
  • :crab: TOWER AND RUINS ARE GONE :crab: (this means that grinding is more like 3H on Hard and Maddening Mode)
  • Brigands can use lockpicks and have extended fog vision

image image image image image image image image

here's How I finished the run


Download Here



This is super dope! Looks fun(ny)


Don’t know if you want to polish this further but if so I found two things so far: Colm will move off the throne to steal stuff from you and you lack a chestkey in that chapter.

Funny little hack.

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With Colm it was intentional, as he has stupidly high Avoid for this point in the game. It was done so you can actually hit him more reliably. I also did this with Marisa for the very same reason.

As for the chest key thing, I really had no idea how to go about it, so I left it as is.

Greetings ! I’m horribly late to the party, but i wanted to ask some questions, if you’re still here : How does this hack work ? As, in, does it have it’s own story, supports… etc. Thanks !



Suddenly, pal appears. That’s new.

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Boss recruitment

Now this is an excellent start

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Perhaps I’m a bit delayed in answering, but every playable character in the main campaign is swapped with a boss character.

The story and other dialog remains unchanged.

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not a… necromancer?

I wanted Syrene to have a special class, since she replaces Lyon.

Artur is a menace, aura lets him crit and ohko basically everyone, and I am lowmanning with Selena Murray Bazba Zonta Gheb and Breguet, had to promote Murray at 17, pure water and angelic robe him so he could survive a crit, that could softlock or kill lots of guys and fuck his avoid is big. Murray has 80 hit with slim sword when aura is equipped

Alright, because of a few problems I found in the current patch, I decided to fix it. This fix includes:

  • Brigands having thief skills like extended vision range, lockpicking, and boosted EXP.
  • Selena being able to use staves at base.
  • Thrones and gates having less avoid

The newest version can be found in the Hino here. I will add it to the OP.


Thank you so much! Chapter 10 was frustrating for me because I was lacking a healer.


Is Tirado having E rank Swords at base and Selena’s Static hitting Def instead of Res a glitch or intentional?

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Is that a thing?


Finally getting around to playing this! Tried to find this thread again and did not know about the lockpicking thing. Now im bummed i missed a bunch of chests

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