Perfect Emblem (a technical masterpiece, 1.0 release)

Hello FE community,

I am thrilled to announce and release a project I’ve been working on for a long time. This is a ‘full-fledged’ original hack with a new story, mechanics, art, music, etc. 22 chapters long, 52 playable characters, 20 chapters long, many new items and weapons. I have also added marriage (you can only marry Moulder).

The game starts out just like normal FE8, but don’t let that fool you… it diverges pretty quickly.

Download here.

(NOTE: Easy mode does not work, you n00bs. Don’t even try.)

Technically speaking, I have taken it upon myself to pioneer and redefine what it means to hack FE GBA.

  • All 2D art was produced using photogrammetry and real life locations. 16x the detail.
  • All animations were motion captured (they didn’t know I was filming, but I was). I infiltrated a rehab facility and told them the sensors were nicotine patches.
  • To enable ray-tracing, press Alt + F4 at the title screen (works on non-RTX cards too)
  • The game was programmed entirely in C³, a language I learned by breaking into Bill Grates house and together we watched Steve Ballmer perform his ‘developers’ speech live and oiled – both Bill and I ascended to new levels of genius after the performance
  • GTA style gameplay, completely open world. Travel across the continent of Emerica; explore cities such as Ihio, Kensas City, Washington CD, and many more (the government did not give me F2U permission for its assets – so these names are placeholders as I continue to pursue this issue through the court system; don’t worry, justice will prevail)
  • Updating to DLSS 2.0 as soon as Nvidia responds to my DDoS attacks
  • Vulkan support coming in 2023 or later
  • Goku DLC

While the nature of GBA FE hacks allows for unlimited modding and editing capabilities, I am disallowing any edits to this masterpiece. The UPS file I have included is bundled with a small, hidden program that constantly scans for edits to the game code. If any edits occur that aren’t due to in-game activities, the ROM will implode and try its best to destroy as many components in your PC as possible. The program will deactivate motherboard and power supply connections to all cooling sources and then unlock the throttle threshold on all components and proceed to execute an infinite loop that will slowly increase the temperatures of the CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. until one or all of the components either melt or explode.

I can’t post any screenshots because after a long evening spent on Chatroulette, my screenshot button is no longer functioning.

I will be accepting no bug reports.


So it begins

These certainly are words that could definitely be applied to this hack by virtue of their being adjectives that are capable of being applied to nouns.

Better than TLP2/10


Hi, I wanted to enjoy this hack on the lovely day that is today, but I had a problem patching the ROM. You see, I thought that because of the hacking ingenuity on your part, that this hack would allow me to patch it to my mom’s Japanese FE10 ISO. Surprisingly, it actually worked, but my computer overclocked thanks to the glory of this project and now my house is on fire. Not only that, but the ROMhack has seemed to have possessed said mother and she now won’t leave the ablaze wreckage of my home, instead only mumbling to herself about the “return of Kaga upon this world”, whatever that is. So anyways, is Marth in this hack?


The only thing that could make this hack better is if it also included a full re-balancing of Fire Emblem 6, 7, 8, and Gaiden. Indeed, only Celica petitioning The Forest Sage Halcyon could and should be able to allow Roy to promote early with the use of a solar brace during chapter 14, False Friends.


screenshots anyway :triumph:

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This is very funny I love it! xD but not sure if I downloaded the right one, all I’m killing is Moulder after Moulder until Game Over. Also, Easy Mode does work I’m not sure what you meant by 'Does Not Work" o.o