Sacred Erika, the Erika Emblem [PROJECT]

“Trust nobody, not even yourself”

A rework of FE 8, mostly just proof of concept as my first hack and an attempt rebalance vanilla SS for a more hardcore, FE crowd

-Everyone is Elrika. EVERYONE
-Buffed stats and levels (play Normal Elrika path for optimal experience)
-The circles skills system for heroes, bosses, and monsters
-Community made animations for near everyone

I take credit for nothing, thank you FEbuilder and you wonderful geniuses who designed it as well as

circleseverywhere for his skills system and simplified HP bars, Fem Ephraim
Infantry Ephraim by Nuramon
Kawaii blader by Yangfly master
SALVAGED paladin and Cavalier
fe10 armor by iscaenus and nuramon
Caped General by Nuramon and DertheVaporeon
Eldritch Abomination’s Leila Thief
Maiser6 and Serra Girl’s F mercenary
Kramagauh and Yangfly Master’s Lyn-Tsukage
Swordmasters by Seal and Russell Clark
Leila assasin by GreenTea and DertheVaporeon
Seal’s Innes Sniper Alt
DertheVaporeon’s Rebecca archer and Nuramon/Swain/Temp/Wan’s Rebecca Sniper w/Quiver
flashuban and ecut’s f wyvern rider
Nuramon’s Armored Wyern Lord
St. Jacks helmetless wyvern knight
Mages by Lisandra_Brave and GabrielKnight
Sages by blademaster and GreenTea/DertheVaporeon (seriously, bif shout-out to these two and their animations)
Summoner and Beserker from Fe Girls
Eldritch Abominations F Bishop
Sassy Cleric by Alusq
Ponytail Rogue by Temp/BlackMage/Wan
Amelia Soldier by Spud
Fe10 soldier by flasuban
f fighter/Warrior by mk404/pikmin1211/maiser6 and Temp, respectively
f brigand by ecut and skitty
f pirate by feGirls
Amelia Halberdier by Spud/Temp/Wan/TBa/BlackMage
F necromancer by mrnight and DertheVaporeon

Give it a shot, see if what you think; any feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated. Will upload screenshots once I learn how


Prepromote eirika on a horse is the best unit. Btw, people could technicly always play jp FE8 where riev has almost capped stats if they want strong enemies.(oh yeah, Evil bishop eirika should be op)