[April Fools] [FE7] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Three Heroes

(Over one year later) One project at a time m’dude.

After finishing up my last hack I figured I’d try taking on a new challenge, hacking FE7 using only archaic hacking tools. Lemme tell you, it was a real challenge. Well, weeks later, here we have it. Fire Emblem: Three Heroes.

Starring three protagonists, Fire Emblem: Three Heroes will take you through each of their own tales while simultaneously telling a much larger overarching story involving kingdoms, countries, and of course, dragons.

Just like vanilla FE7, there’s a few differences when playing on alternative modes with a few characters not found in other modes!


  • Over 40 playable characters across all tales
  • Fully written supports that really flesh out the characters
  • Over 30 playable chapters!
  • Work has been put into Hard Mode!

Get the Patch Here: Fire Emblem: Three Heroes


Actual Edits here:
  • Lyn has guaranteed perfect level ups (HP, SKL, LUK all the time, every time)

  • Hector get FE6 Karel’s growth rates (Game balance is my fashion)

  • All red (and reddish) haired characters are replaced by Red Marth (even their names, I lazily edited them so now any word with ‘wil’ will be replaced by ‘he who must not be named’.)

  • All non-red haired playable characters get Red Marth’s hair colours

  • All playable units aside from Lyn and Hector get Eliwood’s kid’s growth rates

REDFE Done right, don’t @ me Mystic.


bro this was the first game on the 3ds https://youtu.be/BmQNmyrYGZQ


bro i can’t believe this is actually a demake!
hats off to chair for making the first complete demake ever! :confetti_ball:


This’ll make FEU history!


…where are the screenshots? I thought they were mandatory.


Did anyone playtest this before release? I don’t think it’s fair to say the hack is “complete”, Chair.

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Coming to a Soon™ near you!

It’s always nice to hear such words of positive encouragement, thanks for showing interest in the project!


Alright, the novelty wore off, actual edits are listed in the OP.

tl;dr everyone except lyn and hector have Roy’s growths; all red/reddish haired characters are replaced by Roy and all non-red haired playables have Roy’s hair colour.

An interesting challenge for FE7? An elaborate shitpost? Somewhere in between?

In case anyone was surprised, April Fools.

This is definitely an interesting rom hack! I can’t wait to finish it!
rendering the prologue now. You couldn’t have used Arch’s tutorial killer? :’(


The download is gone, deleted. Where would the download be? ):

How can i get link download mod

there is none, this is a joke, its useless

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