Fire Emblem: Reborn Dimensions, Olethian Princess


No, seriously. Even though this was posted on April 1st, this is a legitimate hack. I will probably be completing it and making it publicly available.

A long time ago, a man named Mig64 released Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions Ostian Princess, an infamously bad hack featuring broken difficulty, messy pallettes, and memetically awful dialogue. Reborn Dimensions seeks to fix these problems with the original hack, telling a new story based vaguely off of the old one that uses many of the same characters. FERDOP still has many of the memes from the original Different Dimensions, too, as well as new ones from the Fire Emblem community. And loads of placeholder portraits and awful dialogue, written by yours truly.

So far, Fire Emblem: Reborn Dimensions is complete up to Chapter 4. The Prologue and Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are all publicly available for playing.

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Download Link, Ver. 0.1

Download Link, Ver. 0.2


  • IS: Making the original Fire Emblem games
  • Mig64: Making the original FEDDOP, Marf’s portrait
  • Maiser6: Lilian battle animation
  • Black Mage: Lilian map animation
  • Alusq: Lilian map animation
  • FE Midori team: Olethiugi icon
  • Various users: Playtesting
  • DerTheVaporeon: Enemok portrait
  • NickT: Mundo portrait
  • GK: Garro portrait, character concept
  • Obsidian Daddy: Ulyaoth portrait, character concept
  • Team SALVAGED: Cavalier animations
  • Sme: Porting music

Have fun! I hope I’m making an experience that can turn the maligned original hack into something fun, new, and unique.


It’s pretty good so far, I must say.
If you need any help with mugs or maps, let us know. :smiley:


DDOP is for normies.
Real men of culture play DGE


Version 0.2 is up! It includes Chapters 2 and 3, as well as changes to the first two chapters. I recommend starting a new save file to experience all of the new content.


Congratulations on the update.
I’ll be giving this is shot later.


A brief warning: In Version 0.2 of the hack, the ending event of Chapter 2 contains some dialogue that should not be there. Lilian and Zach speak to a pair of characters who were removed from the game. Just ignore this dialogue; it’ll be gone in 0.3.