FE6: Incandescence Edition

This is my first remotely substantial ROMHack, a graphics update of FE6 that rearranges character recruitment and involves new story scenes. I had actually done most of the mugs a very long time ago, but before the advent of FEBuilder, I struggled to even add 1 character to the game (as in without replacing anyone else) without it freezing up via the Event Assembler and Nightmare.

Many changes assume that you are not doing an ironman run, and thus will completely destroy your immersion if you leave people dead but they show up in cutscenes anyway. This is largely because I replaced a lot of “Merlinus shows up because he can’t die” scenes with other characters. The actually new scenes made can be thought of as akin to those bonus scenes that were in additional playthroughs of Radiant Dawn.

Units I never actually wanted to use who were not difficult to remove from the story were replaced. This is because I made this hack almost entirely for me to play over anyone else, and am just happening to make it available for others to play after going through enough quality control to be presentable.

Screenshots for comparison






To me, this is my definitive version of FE6, which I will play over the vanilla version henceforth every time I feel like replaying the game, which was already the title I put the most replays into. It’s also something I wanted to do because I knew I could actually get it done and have a finished game, and my estimate of needing to work on it for around 2 months was accurate.

To you, this will probably just be a novelty. There are FE6 hacks with significantly more expertise going into them, like Project Ember and Maiden of Darkness. As a result, I am going to avoid spoiling anything that could be interesting or controversial about whatever I have to offer. Story differences are distributed throughout the game, so I do not recommend skipping dialogue at any point, including what might start out the same way but turns out to go in another direction. If not playing to see what’s happened with the story, the game probably isn’t very worth playing at all as it’s mostly just vanilla FE6, and dialogue scenes are where you see portraits in action the most.

The overall plot is almost completely intact with the original and I do not intend for any changes made to character dialogue to be considered somehow official, or even headcanon, even if I tried to keep most of it consistent with who they are.

Regarding Incomplete Aspects Of The Game

Character endings have been totally unaltered at the moment because I wanted to release the game already, and that is going to be a hassle due to having to guess the text editing formatting properly at the end of the game where support levels will also have to be involved to see different results.

Unfortunately, certain aspects of the game have not been changed as I had intended them to be. I am not referring to accidents but to my lack of skill. The title screen does not actually use a different subtitle, that is just an image editing trick for the promotional video. The Manaketes use ordinary spell animations instead of proper dragon breath solely because I currently have no knowledge on how to create spell animations, and having ported the FE8 manakete into this game causes it to use a brigand scream instead of a dragon roar for its critical because I do not know how to change it easily.

There are also some compromises I made in order to mitigate potential issues from surfacing, such as keeping the number of backgrounds the same and replacing ones of more niche purposes with specific new ones I wanted to include. These aspects might be improved in a later patch when I want to put in the effort or risk into doing them properly.

Playtesting so far is limited to me finishing a full run without managing to notice anything that went wrong I did not address. If anyone comes across an especially serious bug, chances are I won’t be able to fix it. If anyone comes across something like a typo or a gameplay oversight, I will be able to do so. (Some oversights are ones I do not intend to fix, like unintentionally making Chapter 7 way easier because Lilina cooks wyverns for breakfast.)

Download Link for the UPS Patch (Apply to a clean JP ROM)

For people who do not use VBA as their emulator and thus can’t read the savefile properly, this is an alternative with the hard mode patch applied.

Credits to people who made the resources I didn’t
Intelligent Systems for the original game
7743 for FEBuilder, making anything beyond replacing mugs and changing stats possible for me to do
gringe for the new translation patch of FE6 that this uses as a base
The Blind Archer and Maiser 6 for the Hawkzerker animation
The Blind Archer and Nuramon for the Shield General animation
The Blind Archer for the Sword Armorknight animation
Temp and helmfried for the Female Warrior animation
Jj09 and Furious Squid for the Female Pirate animation
Teraspark for the FE8 Manakete repalette
eCut for the Monk repalette


Why is Melody so pale?

I use very strong contrast at times which results in especially bright (or dark in some cases not found in this hack) skin tones for some characters. She originally had a somewhat lighter complexion than others in the game as well, but there are many cases where I depart from trying to be completely accurate for the purposes of my own aesthetic.

this must be the alternate universe of elibe where everyone is a morph


Backstory: Irrelevant. Nergal won.

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pls no I intentionally pretended FE7 never happened for the whole thing orz

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This made me do a double take, figure it should be brought to the forefront.

the dreaded out of place OCs who harbinge cringe


Wouldn’t it have been better to use the patch that unlocks hard mode instead of giving a hard mode save? (the one you gave wasn’t working with my emu, so I had to add the patch in builder myself)

just because you acknowledge them ironically doesn’t make it any less of what it is :OOO


frankly I should be grateful someone hasn’t tried to behead me pulling my skull off the rest of my body with their bare hands yet for daring to stick 'em in

Wouldn’t it have been better to use the patch that unlocks hard mode instead of giving a hard mode save? (the one you gave wasn’t working with my emu, so I had to add the patch in builder myself)

I didn’t know that existed, though either way I generally avoid trying to make changes I’m unfamiliar with in fear of something else screwing up somehow. Actually I’m not aware of emulators besides VBA…

I use m-gba.

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lol did you make these mugs or what


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yo, shout out to @NICKT for his work in fe6 incandescence edition! we love you, and we’re ready to support you on whatever venture you may complete next <3


…Is this an April Fools joke?

I’m legitimately not sure. It seems to have too much effort in it to be just a joke, but then I hear about stuff like how apparently Gonzales is unrecruitable, (and the weird trailer), and combine that with the timing of the release…

I can absolutely guarantee it is not, having played the first 4 chapters.

As unpopular the reception for this seems to be, I’m actually going to stand to defend this.
This is Almirage’s ideal version of FE6. It’s unlikely that it’s going to be the same as yours, but if his changes click with you, then here it is, available for you to experience.

I know there’s a lot of cringe behind it, sure, but there is also, well, effort here, which is more than can be said about a lot of other edits.