[Complete] [FE8] FEU Gacha!

The voices of the people were heard, the game was made.
This hack has all you love about collecting your favorite anime character .pngs: collecting your favorite anime character .pngs.

Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gcdue1qgpg4y924/Gacha.ups?dl=0

The game is pretty simple, after starting a save you can open the menu by pressing Start:
Summon gets you a (hopefully) new unit and costs 20 eggs, Premium Summon is the same but costs 20 ducks instead. Repeat units get you nothing. Getting a repeat unit used to give back some of the currency but that was deemed “too nice”.

You can get more Ducks by purchasing them under the Store option. You start with 100 Ducks.

You can get more Eggs by WATCHING ADs, you can watch an ad every minute, which gets you 5 eggs, up to 3 ads can be watched in a row, waiting for an hour will not give you the ability to watch 60 ads, it will only allow you to watch 3, that’s the max you can save up so be sure to spend your ads.
Ads last for 12 seconds.

Don’t reset the game in the middle of an ad or summon. I mean, you can, it’s your loss though.

If you have difficulty understanding any of it please leave a comment.

And of course you can check out the original topic or the credits for the units if you want, but of course this will spoil the units for you, so don’t do that if you want it to be a surprise!


It’s… it’s like a little baby Roguelike Emblem :o

Me likes it.

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Awesome job as always, Leonarth. Appreciate all the work you put into this. I can now finally fulfill my desire to play a GBA game complete with advertisements that are necessary to complete the game!

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This is great! I like it.

Wow, that was fast. Nicely done, man.


All future joke hacks are banned. Nothing can top this.


We really should unironically have quality requirements like SMWCentral does.

I can’t do premium summoning anymore so I can only suffer and watch ads.
This are the ones I have.

I won and I didn’t even need to cheat.


How long did you hold down the space bar for?

jokes on you my speed up is set to [
so not at all

Only 13 gachamons left…


The patch was and old version lol
I fixed it
Sorry for the trouble

Don’t expect many new things though, I think it’s just the titlescreen section that’s different.


You were never meant to be able to use the save menu, the game is meant to take you from the titlescreen to the map like in the gif.

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“this hack would not be accepted on SMWCentral because there’s tile cutoff” except it’s the vanilla FE8 rom



Speedrun complete.

Game is perfect in every way


Strangely very enjoyable.

Also fun to find out what yourself and friends of yours became ingame. (Gonna have to grind some eggs it seems to make sure my units can survive the Arena)

My Mom is gonna be so pissed off about her bill though.


It’s fine I have more than enough good boy points to foot the bill.

Took me a while (and a lot of my mother’s money), but I pulled myself.