M.E.R.C.S. hack Wip

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Hey! Thanks for coming here, first off, I’d start with saying that I need some playtesters and writers and if you, yes you! Want to help out you can contact me on discord at


also can someone tell me how I can update the thread without getting the big dead for necroposting?- much appreciated.

I’m not really good at balancing and enemy placement, so I’m really sorry if you find some parts of this hack tedious or boring.
Currently, only the first chapter has a starting event, and you can play as intended until chapter 3. Other chapters aren’t really finished enemy placement wise, you should be able to play until chapter 6, which is unbeatable.

Characters (most of the portraits are a WIP):


Agatha Guereca_1 Agatha Guereca_2
Agatha Guereca: The, let’s say, protag of this hack, even if it doesn’t really have one.
A bow user that struggles finding motivation and often locks her in her room for days.

Nuakea: an assassin and the caring leader of the group.

Archibald: a bow and lance wielding wyvern knight, he’s wise and somewhat distant.

Cyrus Blois
Cyrus Blois: quiet but deadly brigand who joined together with Winsor.

Winsor Schaefer
Winsor Schaefer: a fun-loving, big bro pirate, enjoys hanging out with Cyrus.

Warwick Von Edgar
Warwick Von Edgar: proud noble and tactician of the group.

Piper Tranquijia_1 Piper Tranquijia_2
Piper Tranquijia: an ex thief that was rescued by the group.

Hawke Dyer
Hawke Dyer: prideful monk of Mizea in service of a noble.

Features planned for full release
  • 7 chapters full of houses to visit and enemies to slay;

  • support for hard mode;

  • an escape map, a fog o’ war map and something more complicated for the last chapter;

  • animations, bgms and status menu from the fe repository (all credited in the credit.txt file);

  • custom palettes and hand made portraits for every major character;

  • different portraits to display characters’ emotions. (probably to be added after full release)

  • a light hearted and simple story;

  • a small cast of characters (10, one joining on the last chapter);

  • ample characterization with talk convos each chapter;

  • no supports;

  • no 1-2 range shortbow;

  • no convoy;

  • limited items/gold;

  • playable magic users can wield at least 2 types of magic;

  • 4 big maps (woah);

  • Skill System;

  • hand drawn cgs (very unlikely, probably will be implemented after completion);


Here’s the download link for both credits and patch:

Thank you for reading!


if it’s your thread, you don’t need to worry about this

but cool looking project, looks like a fun time. I assume this is a mercenary quest given the name, but also light hearted, so that sounds interesting

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alright, thanks!
And yeah haha, I just want to make a simple hack where everyone has fun, both the
characters and the player.

Quick suggestion, maybe put some of the opening post inside a details tag or two? Goes like this: [details=Click Here]text goes here[/details] =

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Would make it easier to read / better presentable.

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ll edit asap.

Just a heads up but I’m pretty sure that MMB is too large width wise. It’ll probably overlap with the cursor in particular positions so you’ll want to look towards reducing the width most likely.

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I don’t think it’s much of a problem since it moves itself when you’re pratically inside it, if that’s what you mean, I’m pretty dumb lol
fe.emulator fe.emulator
and I saw in this post that you can edit various parameters, but I don’t know how.

Various parameters is an understatement, you can change the whole box, every detail.
Unless you are using FEBuilder, that is, then you are stuck with the premade ones.

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Please take a look at the Modular Minimug Box’s GitHub repository. The readme included in the repo explains how you can modify parts of the box.

You will need a recent version of Event Assembler and lyn.

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If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it : )
tbh this project is not that important for me, so I think I’ll leave it like that.
Thanks anyways!

So I played the first 3 chapters (Not “beat” mind you, the boss of chapter 3 killed the lord, more on that later), and here’s my thoughts:


  • Chapter 1 is pretty tedious, the forest tile 2 spaces left and one space up from the starting position makes visiting all the houses take too long, then the thieves are so weak all they do is serve as a nuisance, as you HAVE to player phase them as Agatha is bow locked, she also doesn’t double them, which just makes things more annoying.
  • As for the writing, it got a few chuckles out of me but something about it just feels off. I can’t really describe it so I’ll leave it at that.
  • No strong feelings towards chapter 2, but I would change it to a seize chapter, get rid of the rain (doesn’t make sense for it to be raining indoors, which is where most of the map takes place), make the breakable walls just an entrance to the building , and give one of your axe bros a swordreaver, as there’s no way to have the advantage on the multiple sword enemies.
  • Chapter 3 is odd, to say the least, the bosses supporting each other doesn’t do anything, as the cav just charges in, the map also feels very empty, as there aren’t many enemies aside from the abundance of reinforcements (btw, having the exact same 4 enemies spawn for 4 turns is very annoying). Also, the boss is way too strong, and for some reason his damage seemed really inconsistent, he went from doing 16 damage to Agatha on player phase with a light tome, to 22 on enemy phase with Nosferatu (which is incredibly annoying on a boss on a throne btw), to 17 damage on player phase with Nosferatu, not sure if I missed a skill that affected that or what, I’m pretty stupid sometimes so I probably did.

Overall, the maps aren’t anything to write home about, but they’re far from bad. I look forward to seeing how this goes.


  • For some reason the menus are really unstable, when viewing Agatha and the Assassin lady who I won’t even try spelling, the menus are fine, but with everyone else the game kept crashing.
  • I’ve used a few songs in this hack before and they sound different, do you have the 16 tracks, drumfix, and NIMap patches?
  • Portraits range from good to really weird. Winsor’s is good, but faces the wrong way.

New version’s out:

Thanks to @Knight_Moris for providing criticism!

  • Chapter 1 has been refined, from the starting point you’ll be able to visit every “important” house;
  • Thives in ch 1 have been debuffed, so now Agatha should be able to double them even at base;
  • chapter 2 is now a sieze, the boss was moved on pillars because it was really annoying to rely on 40%s to hit him before;
  • Upon starting chapter 2 Cyrus will now have a sword reaver;
  • The boss on chapter 3 has been all around debuffed;
  • Some enemy placement has been changed in Chapter 3.
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I tried to fix most of the things you told me, which I agree on.
But for example the status menu works fine for me, maybe it’s emulator you’re using?
And the rain on chapter 2 is more like an asthetic thingie, it does not hinder movement.

Finally I do plan on on changing some bgm, like the one playing in houses which sounds weird. Winsor faces the right way

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