Fire Emblem Origins: FE1 in GBA

Hello everyone!

This is a FE8 rom hack that aims to be both a direct port of FE1 (Faithful Version) and a unique experience using FE1’s story (Full version). I am working with Boye to make this project a reality. My primary focus is the Faithful version, and his is the Full version.

Make sure to check out the sound room!

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Map (Faithful Version)

Chapter 1 Map (Full Version)

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Map (Faithful Version)

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Map (Faithful Version)

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Map (Faithful Version)

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Map (Faithful Version)

Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Map (Faithful Version)

Faithful V0.0: Added Ch. 1 using existing assets; proof of concept.
Faithful V0.1: Reworked into FE8, Ch. 1 is 100% complete.
Faithful V0.2: Added Ch. 2, squashed some Ch. 1 bugs.
Faithful V0.3: Added Ch. 3, some minor improvements.
Faithful V0.4: Added Ch. 4, squashed more bugs.
Faithful V0.5: Added Chs. 5-6, further optimizations.

Newest version:
Previous versions: Releases - Google Drive

As always, I welcome any and all non-destructive feedback.
Thanks everyone!


I played this map in shadow dragon :v.

You might be interested in this project that was never completed:

I know a lot of work went into it, but I have no idea how much of it is done or if someone else is free to pick up the mantle.


Or this project that was completed:

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Is this gonna feature the weapon triangle? (It would be more faithful to FE1 without it).

I haven’t quite decided yet. As of now, it is included.

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Looks promising, let’s hope this fe1 remake will come to fruition, excited to see where this goes!


That was quick.

Hey, I noticed you’re making a FE1 remake, it just so happens I am doing so too, wanna work together on it?
But first of all is using FE7 as base a good idea? FE8 is right there and has way more support so
maybe it would be better doing it there.
I can make maps like this very convenient chapter 1 recreation.


Oof… What I mean by complete is 100% polished as in fully reworked graphics and everything. Since that is something I am terrible at, it would take me forever to do. And about it being more realistic, I’d say remaking FE1 is far easier than FE4. I quickly realized I was in over my head with that one…

Yes, I’d love to work together on it! Honestly, the reason why I went with FE7 is because, like is displayed on your map, the village and castle tiles do not match with the grass tiles, but ofc that can be changed. Given that FE8 is definitely better, I agree it would be better. Thanks for offering to work together! I’ll DM you my discord.

Update: Faithful 0.1 has been released! Chapter 1 is 100% complete. Make sure to check out the sound room too!
In addition, I would like to thank Boye for teaming up with me for this project. You’re awesome!


UPDATE: Again with a new update, this time adding Faithful Chapter 2. Please et me know any feedback!

Yet another update: Chapter 3 has been added!

Another update: V0.4 has been released. If you guys want me to shut up whenever there is a new update, just let me know (nicely please).


the only gripe I have with your updates is that you label them as 1.-, this usually signals a project is in it’s full state and the added content with updates are usually bug fixes and such, so technically you would be releasing version 0.4, other than that it’s normal to bump your thread whenever you update your game, although maybe adding two chapter per release instead of one would be better.

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Update: Next two chapters have been added. Now nearly 25% done!


I’ve got a lot going on right now, so Faithful chapters 7-8 is a ways off. If anyone has any critiques or suggestions for the hack, please let me know!

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Tp give an update on the full version, it’s still in progress thankfully.
Shoutouts of the GFE1R team for making their mugs F2U, it has been making progress
a lot faster.
The first release of the full version will go up to chapter 8-10, for the people
who are interested.


Just finished the demo, a really good recreation of Fe1 but I did notice a few glitches. Mainly staves seem a bit buggy in that sometimes you just cant use random ones at all, the dragonstone village turns away Marth, and also the chapter 4 path the wolfguard uses to get to the middle of the map normally isnt travesable, but other than some minor issues its a really good recreation and im excited to see it be futher made!

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