Fire Emblem: Darkest Blade

This is a huge work in process. This is my first full-fledged ROM hack project, this is made in GBA Builder so I don’t have the most creative resources but please try this so I can make a good game out of this for others enjoyment.

Download ups:

Please Leave any suggestions that could help me improve.
Thanks a lot - SilverFoxG


Include pictures, a bit of the story, some more info, as what ROM to use. So we can download safely knowing it’s not a virus or any thing


Ok thanks for the advise

Added a brief over the backstory and added a few screen shots also it can be run on any GBA emulator.

We only use patches to distribute romhacks here. Use NUPS to create one. Distribution of prepatched roms is heavily frowned upon.

Removed link to rom. Post a patch instead please.

If you are using FEBuilderGBA, you can make ups patch with just 3 clicks.
Please distribute it with ups.

Please see the detailed explanation.解説/FEBuilderGBA/How%20to%20make%20UPS%20patch%2C%20adaptation%20method_EN

Thanks updated

Now that is what i am fucking talking about…

Is this supposed to be patched to FE8U? cause i can’t seem to get the patch to work:disappointed:

Has been updated so ups file should work now

Cool I’ll have a play and give you some feedback then

OK here’s my feedback:

I played this on normal and hard as you don’t specify which to use.

The prologue doesn’t end after killing the boss - is this intentional?
The 2 player units both have a square of messed up pixels by their mouths but only after the battle starts.
The village gives the killing edge before the dialogue.
Said village also contains formatting text when the visiting character speaks.
There were some text skips and inconsistencies in the nations history - though I assume this has not been fully edited yet.

Game play
Map is far too big - your map is too empty to be so big and should be shrunk considering it is only the prologue.
Also the starting area is a massive bottleneck and ill-suited for large amounts of enemies.

Enemies were weak and cluttered. You should cut down on the enemy amount or try to stagger their approach because the player characters were surrounded by the 2nd turn.
Promoted enemies should probably not be seen this early on unless they are a Jagen or non-combatant.
The priest didn’t seem to have healing AI.
Try to add variety with some other enemy classes and different weapons.
Stat wise, the player is far too powerful compared to the enemy. Both player units had oddly high hit and dodge rates - you should increase the enemies skill, def and speed a bit.
As well as that, the jagen should stay lvl 6 but the main character should drop to lvl 2 or 3.

Sorry if that seems harsh but there is good stuff too:
The plot seems like an interesting twist on the sacred stones but perhaps add more variety with the weapon types of the legendary blades cause not every unit wields a sword.
I like the use of an axe-wielding Jagen.

Thanks a lot for the feedback ill fix all of this I only knew about the village and the portraits myself so thanks for pointing these out.

I just tired out the patch - the prologue overall looks pretty good. Some minor text errors in the map event, as mentioned. Lane also calls Adrian Eirika once or twice.

As far as gameplay, there were way too few enemies for such a huge map. In conjunction with their weak stats, the chapter felt a little too easy. Also Lane feels like he is going to be super OP considering he starts at lvl 1 unpromoted and has crazy bases.

Also there’s something off with the Fighter stat caps - it looks like they have a massive DEF cap (the bar goes over the usual max length), and SKL and SPD caps over 20.

It looks good, i think you can do it more difficult but it’s ok.

Thanks for geed back will start working for everything