Fire Emblem: Steel Will (First Demo Released!) (9 Playable Chapters)

                        FIRE EMBLEM: STEEL WILL

What is it?

Fire Emblem Steel Will is a romhack of FE8.

With a main emphasis on using what vanilla systems are there to create unique map objectives and scenarios without relying on heavy ASM usage, units that have distinct weaknesses rather then just being plain good, and an FE10 style party split with 3 unique campaigns to explore.

Our adventure entails in the land of Paulo. A land rich with history not a soul could remember. Join our 3 protagonists as they each take differing perspectives into this lush land of mystery…and unfold a secret plot unbeknownst to the entire population…



  • 24 (Planned) Chapters
  • 3 Unique campaigns with 3 unique Lords
  • FE10 style switches between parties!
  • Gameplay inspired by FE11, and FE12
  • Unique objectives
  • Capture(?)
  • Wind magic
  • QoL features
  • A Base Mode between chapters
  • Lots of weapons
  • Armor Knights that are actually good!
  • Mono weapon classes
  • A story that’s…I mean it has one idk
  • Full supports (Eventually)
  • Skills!
  • Enhanced Weapon Triangle
  • Familiar, and original songs by me!
  • …And more!

35f2ef4f300379fa72afe7ce1912c56f87cca5a0_2_517x291Screenshot (255)Screenshot (256)Screenshot (257)Screenshot (258)Screenshot (261)Screenshot (265)Screenshot (266)


The “AS” in the items menu of the stat screen does not display Attack Speed. This will be fixed (Hopefully) in the next major update.

Content Rating

ESRB Rating: E10
Fantasy Violence

Download Link: Download Me

I’d really appreciate your feedback to make this hack the best it can be!


Cant wait to try this! FE11 is the remake of the 1st game. How does this one have similarities to it?


Well, a large, Iron Man friendly cast, enemies that’ll hit hard, Manaketes, a rather simplistic story (at least for part 1), a few archtypes from the first game, and characters with generally lower defense.

I’m currently balancing chapter 2 right now. The first demo will have a planned 9 chapters.


I shall give it a try as soon as its ready


This looks pretty cool. Can’t wait for the release.


Well, the wait is over. FE Steel Will’s beta demo drops today, containing 9 chapters of content! This is a beta demo though, so it hasn’t been playtested by anyone but myself.

Download link is at the top of the thread. Along with new screenshots, and a recruitment guide. A secrets guide will be created for the next update as well.

New Screenshots

35f2ef4f300379fa72afe7ce1912c56f87cca5a0_2_517x291Screenshot (255)Screenshot (256)Screenshot (257)Screenshot (258)Screenshot (261)Screenshot (265)Screenshot (266)

Player and enemy units don’t fully have their palettes yet, those will be in the next update, but the gameplay is ready for beta playtesting. If you discover any bugs or glitches, please let my know and I’ll squish 'em! I would gladly accept feedback for the project in all departments.

And yes, the TLP Mini mugs will be resolved. Eventually.

See you next update.


Hello! Minor update to Steel Will, adding the character palettes for Part 1 for both player and enemy characters.

Development on Steel Will has slowed down a bit since I’ve been working on my entry for Celica for the past month, so development of the hack will commence around April 12th to 14th or so after the deadline.

That’s all from me. Patch is at the top of the Thread. Till next time!


Hello! I thought I’d drop by to ask a question. Would you rather the next demo have 3 chapters, or 5 chapters?

How many Chapters for the next demo?
  • 3 Chapters
  • 5 Chapters
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Thank you for your time. Be seeing you.