Fe 8 rom hack (sacred stones remix ver. FINAL) (COMPLETE)

A hack that changes a few things to mix up the game. it’s fully complete so enjoy.

for those who want to know what this hack does here is a list.
:tweaks a few map designs: :adds a few new classes: :more playable blue units: :slight changes to classes:
:changes some enemy placements: :adds new weapons: :adds a few new shops to a select few chapters:
:eirika route only: :chapter 4 intro/ending and enemies changed: :buffed bosses: :adds 2 secret boss fights:
:adds new promotions for specific characters: :2 new characters: :last hope map and enemies changed:
:harder difficulty: :more music: :all bows are 1-2 range longbow 1-3 range short bow 1 range (double crit):
:unlock staff became an weaponized staff for preist’s and clerics: :new events:

update patch ver 0.5 notes:
:fixed lancebreaker from being counted as light instead of sword:
:generals now have a bow animation and a great bow animation:
:added sub bosses to most chapters:
:added Roy: (can you find him?)

update patch ver 0.6 notes:
:knights and soldiers have changed animations:
:added new class (Fearless) (soldier promotion):
:recruit’s can now promote to (soldier):
:ch.3 map design changed:

update patch FINAL notes:
:added new staff weapon (flare staff):
:changed ch5 map:
:changed ch14 map:
:changed ch 5 objective to (Route enemy):
:changed final boss stats:
:added ??? (tower of valni final floor chest):
:you can talk to the frelian on ch4 to move him off the village he guards:
:changed ch 15 objective to defeat all bosses:


in this community, we don’t say “first”
we say, “is roy in this hack?”

btw is roy in this hack

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no. but im thinking about it.

Remix patches are very cool so I’m happy to see more around, just be sure to not make all the maps too big. Nothing more annoying than just moving units down a hallway for three turns. So make sure to add enough to the map so all that space is used.

Looking forward to seeing the final product!

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So a “is roy in this hack? timer”?

When it comes to harder difficulty, will stats go as high as jp riev?

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This is fully playable but i make updates to it to change things up based on feed back.
but thank you for your appreciation. currently on an update right now expect it shortly.

riev has his stats almost capped in last hope and darkling woods.
but what i did was i increased all bosses stats by 5: gave some enemies stronger weapons:
and gave some enemies that can’t fight a way to fight back.
so yeah it’s made to force you to change strategy when things go south.

hello do you think about bringing other characters like the good guys or villains like Roy, lyn Hector, negal, zephiel among others, or adding their classes to our characters like the first knight “gilldean” (i forgot the right name) to have as an option to change your two originals the general the heavy knight and you can add the king class as an option it is beautiful to see these variables but your hack is getting very good and puts some print on the home screen to make it more attractive

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this is my first hack so not much is to be expected.
also the king class is in this hack it is known as (royal guard)
one of the 2 new characters promotes into it but not until WAY later.

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mesmo sendo seu primeiro está muito bom aconselho a fazer mais atualizações e não deixar assim pois tem muito potencial só aconselho a trazer novas classes as únicas que particularmente amo a classe dos lordes de fe6 e fe7 e seus vilões, mas meus parabéns esta muito bom

I am now currently working on a new hack. (sadly 10 ch. long hopefully 20 if motivated enough)
it will be my own hack with a different outlook on story (not much i suck at story telling)
and theme of the adventure.

if anyone wants they can ask if they want to have their self inserts in the hack.

just post a link to the drop box of your character, color palette and type the info of character:class:
skills (2 starter skills only i will make level up skills myself): and personal weapon icon and stats.

looking forward to this! :smiley:


News: i have released a promo of my new hack its called (Fire emblem tales from afar)

Figured I’d leave my experience on the hack. Overall, it’s definitely questionable with some of the changes (iron walls in particular were a real nuisance, as was the magic seal spam near the lategame) but it’s still enjoyable. Played it through with a friend up through the campaign and it was really fun, though I doubt that you intended for someone to just put all the numerous stat boosters the two generic soldiers that you get and steamroll a good portion of the game. The postgame, however, felt extremely grindy with no real purpose, as the superbosses with all capped stats were either trivialized by a maxed out Myrrh, or left up to chance, as with the ruins superboss.

There were a few bugs I encountered as well, namely with a few promotions. Ephraim’s promotion into Divine after declining his promotion after defeating Orson was bugged, preventing him from getting any of the skills he normally would have gotten on promotion, as well as his level capping at 2. As well as this, the Flare staff retained its usage as a warp staff (was this intentional?) meaning in the lategame, it was incredibly easy to skip past the last few chapters.

Overall, though, this was a fun way to go back through the game, with enough changes to warrant playing it.

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Thank you for the feedback i see where the bugs are coming from the ephriam promotion was not intentional
the flare staff no matter what i try the staff just kept its original function.
either way glad it was at least fun in some way.

Btw i have a new hack in the works its in promo stages right now here have a link to it and give some
feedback on how it feels. and if you feel like it you can add a charcter of your own in the hack just follow the
steps in the page description.

Another game breaking bug I noticed, I’m at chapter 6 and Ross’s auto promotion causes the game to crash just as I start the next chapter, i can’t progress at all and I really don’t want to have to reset, also you’re a troll for making no arena in serafew lmao “armoury”

Thats weird it never happened to anyone else ill make him a fighter as a pseudo fix untill i figure this out

Pirate please lmao

There you go patch applied.
btw have you tried my recent hack? it’s still in the works but has a playable demo patch
goes up to act 2.

No I haven’t yet, I will try it later when I have the time