The Queen's Lament Demo 2.00

#Latest Update Here: The Queen's Lament Demo 2.00

Link (demo 1.00):'s_Lament.rar

Hey FEU! About 4 months ago, a bunch of FE fans from 4chan came up with an idea to make a shitty hack from a bunch of our stupid characters. After much polish was applied, we’re ready to release a six chapter demo of an FE7 hack we call Fire Emblem: The Queen’s Lament.

The demo tells the story of Prince Rokevin of Fheg and his good friend, Prince Augustus of Ascana, repelling a surprise attack from the neighboring kingdom of Nasith. The completed hack will tell of Rokevin’s journey, with some brief interludes to Augustus’, as they try to find the source of the war that swiftly covers the continent.

We’ve also taken opportunity to rebalance many things about traditional GBA FE gameplay. The project was originally inspired by the Tellius setting and we’ve taken several cues from it, like adding an anima magic triangle based of effective damage. Wind tomes do more damage against Thunder mages and sages, and Thunder tomes do more damage against Fire mages and sages. A lot of work has also been put into differentiating all types of magic. While Wind, Fire, and Thunder tomes have similar attributes to those in PoR/RD, Light and Dark magic have been given their own niches; all Light magic gives the user stat bonuses, while all Dark magic have special status effects, like poison and sleep.

We’ve also made soldiers into a playable class (though there are no playable soldiers in the demo) that resemble high def myrmidons and promote into Halberdiers with the standard +15 crit bonus, along with Snipers. Speaking of Snipers, all bows now have improved range. Most bows are 2-3, but longbows are 2-5 and shortbows are 1-2 (We like to think this makes archers less useless, tell us what you think!). There are countless little changes as well: Most classes have had their bases buffed, Knights can now use axes, and Cavaliers have been split into Sword, Lance, Axe, and Bow Cavaliers that promote into Gold or Silver Paladins that use their RD weapons.

I’m CopyBotJ/Auriga, the lead hacker, and I join Lisandra_brave and LetsGoForIt as cool people here who have worked on this hack. If you have any questions or criticisms, please feel free to post them, we’d love to hear your feedback. We’ll also eventually post some of the custom animations (and hopefully even custom spells) as time goes on. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the demo!


god damn surprise

Welcome buddy!


This is a pleasant surprise out of the abyss! The magic system sounds clever. [downloads to play tonight]
At a glance: the dude in black armor/hair looks like he isn’t using FE colors. You can still have characters who wear black with FE colors; reference Jaffar, Heath, and Legault.

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Is this like an all new version of that autism emblem thing or something else? Either way, looks cool!

P.S. I recommend 3-5 for longbows. That’s the system I verified works best. 2-5 is seriously broken in many ways.

This looks fancy

Thanks for the warm reception! I’ve actually been lurking here for a long while, but I didn’t want to post until the team and I could get something solid out.
Love how Bloodline looks by the way, I would’ve played through that by now but I’ve been hacking. Hopefully with this demo out I can play through all the cool projects here and give feedback.

James’ (the dude in black armor) original design was so well-loved by the original group that we’ve kept it in as an homage. Also, Sacred Stones’ darker palette really made it pop in the original version.

Thanks! We polished it as much as we could!

Thanks for the Bloodlines love~ means a lot!

If you think that fe8 colors pop out more and are more enticing for you to keep, i suggest switching your other mugs to fe8 as well. Otherwise you have fe7 and fe8 colors on in the same screen, and that doesn’t look that great.

but its your project, so do whatever y’all like~

Hey there everyone, just wanted to pop on and explain that more people than just Lisandra, Copybot, and I helped to create this hack; the ReadMe has even more people who’ve been a major help to the project, and that we couldn’t have done it without them. We’re still working on new characters, classes, spells, weapons, and so forth as we speak! For instance, a female Tier-1 Axe-User to go alongside our male Pegasus Knight (we actually came up with it before IF was revealed to have them, haha).


I’m so happy we managed to create this, and we have so much more left to do! This is only the beginning!


You guys are so cute and enthusiastic, I love it. Please stick around FEU.


P.S. both are insanely OP. Unless you archer-lock them.

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We’re just excited to get this far and have something out!

Keen observation, which is why they are. Longbows, Shortbows, and Sieg…Secretbows are all locked to Archers and Snipers, as a way of making them more competitive against their non-bow locked peers.

Wow this looks awesome! And very promising!
I will definitely try this out next week.
Keep up the great job guyssss!!


you guys are a good


I hope people enjoy how magic works. Balance feedback on that is appreciated Since the magic is all my ideas

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Please do! You’re of Midnight Sun fame, right? Fun fact, our portrait director (who designed Milos) is really jealous of Schwarz because he wanted to be the first to introduce a male pegasus knight and also because he thinks Schwarz is really adorable. So if you want to use our male peg sprite, you’re welcome to. And if you give us a couple of weeks, we’ll release a version that has generic colors so you can have them as enemies. Thanks for your kind words!

Wow, that’s the second hack I’ve seen emerge today!

Does the anima triangle lose to light and dark? or are they neutral to each other?

Woah, long time no post.

All elements of the anima triangle are weak to dark and strong against light. To prevent light from being too disadvantaged, the 1-2 range swords are dark infused and light users are given intrinsic bonuses from their weapons (along with another distinctive advantage on promotion).

i hate to be that guy but how’s the project coming?