[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Lullaby of Lust - Act 1 (6/~25 Chapters)

These short 6 chapters serve as the beginning for a larger story comprising of 5 Acts, each further delving into the ongoing story of several people trying to preserve their own truths. I made this mod as something fun to give to my friends, but here it is publicly!

Content Warning:
Slight gore, frequent strong language

  • Unit Forecast: Know ahead of time who’s leaving!
  • Unique Skill Sets: Skills aren’t shared by class, but are tied to their respective characters.
  • Talks: Supports are replaced by talks, tying the characters to the progression in the story through access to new chapters, lore, and secret weapons.
  • 2 Difficulties! The intended Hard mode and dulled normal.
  • MENACE Enemies: Challenging foes who will reward you with strange boons to behold…
  • Genealogy Maps: As a true testament to your skill, a challenging gauntlet pushing you to your limits.

FEE3 Trailer:

corbin and uktena
lullaby of lust.emulator
uktena stat 2
uktena stat

Sunday Morning (Title Theme) - A_Reliable_Chair
Brutal Siege (Boss Fight) - Mycahel
CV - Bloody Tears (Corbin Player Phase) - Sme
FF10 - Battle Theme (Afternoon Map) - RSflame
FE4 - Conversation 1 (Bonding) - SurfingKyogre
Ethereal Mist (Night Map) - Vesly
FE4 - Girl of the Spirit Forest (Shop Theme) - nyawenyye
CV: Circle of the Moon - Awake (Recruitment Theme) - RSflame
Rain and Night (Thinking) - RandomWizard
CT - Corridors of Time (Day Map) - Sme
XC1 - You Will Know Our Names (MENACE Theme) - RandomWizard
FE4 - Doors of Destiny (Conquest Map) - CivilYoshi
XC1 - Unfinished Battle (Act 1 Final Boss) - Meilu
PKMN Rangers: Guardian Sign (Escape) - Sme

{Battle Anims}
Wyvern Lord Axe and Handaxe Battle Anims - TBA
Cavalier Axe and Handaxe Battle Anims - Skitty

{Battle Anims}
Sol - Mariode
Luna - Mikey_Seregon
Ignis - Mikey_Seregon

7743 - FE Builder GBA
Helmeted Rodent - Sappy GBA
Theflyingminotaur - Fire Emblem Portrait Maker

7743 - Unique Battle Music Per Unit
aera-ngmansion - Preparation BGM by Ch
7743 - Convert Ch Titles to Text
7743 - Continue Battle BGM between map and combat
Zeta - Change Ch Objective
Leonarth - 256 Color Title Background
circleseverywhere and everyone involved - Skill System
circleseverywhere - Map Danger Zone
7743 - Call Supply
7743 - Make the unit bad status
7743 - Make the All unit bad status
aera-ngmansion - Character Retreat
7743 - Get level
7743 - Death to Player Unit
7743 - Send unit’s items to transporter
Tequila - FE8 Battle Stats with Anims off
Tequila - Rogue Robbery
ipatix - Improved Sound Mixer
aera, 7743 - Deny Deployment From Preparations Editor
Sme - Magic Sword Rework
Nintenlord - Remove Easy Mode
TR143 - RNG Randomizer
7743 - Simple setting of Sacred Weapons 2
7743 - Set whether transporter can be used for each map
Stan - UnitActionRework
7743 - Do not end when all units are dead
Stan - Change formula of automatic growth auto level of enemy

AnUntitled Folder
Zero (Act 1)

Known Bugs:
After talking to someone, the sprite will vanish on the map until they finish their turn.
Sometimes, a white pixel appears under someone who has been poisoned.

Download here: awesome link name


Looks good but ill w8 till the whole thing is done.

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sees +15 crit, quick draw, and galeforce

i sure hope you’ve got a good reason for all that skill inflation


don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

I’m sure it has to do with the 34th rule of game development. Look up Fire Emblem Rule 34 Inflation to learn more


Isn’t that your rule? I’m pretty sure you should look up Tzar Rule 34 Inflation to learn about it


Here before this hack blows up. Most epic trailer of FEE3, good job king :sunglasses:
Let me know if you need more feedback in the future.


This hack feels really unbalanced.Those characters can’t handle that many enemies they’re aren’t that strong.

Can you elaborate with some examples? Thank you for your time!

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The chapters are too dense like tha starting ones are full of enemies.Given units aren’t good at defeating a squad of enemies by themselves forcing to play very slowly.

Reducing enemy numbers is a good idea to balance this.

Dammit, you had me captivated… I was so into that story, and the maps were challenging (in difficult mode, anyways)… You had me… All I’m going to say for changes is that I don’t think Uktena was supposed to be level 20 before chapter 5, as the rest of my party was pretty evenly on 13, give or take level.

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