[FE6] Fire Emblem 6: Yoder Route

Roy’s forces have successfully captures Aquleia and heads northeast to Illa. Meanwhile, the Elimine church has received information about the location and send Yoder to investigate.


You’re Yoder and you have to solo Sacae to get the Mulagir.


  • A Light Nosferatu to make it slightly less agonizing
  • Fell Contract to promote Cath
  • Reclassing Feature using Second Seals
  • Valkyries use Light magic




Reclassing uses Second Seals which are obtainable from Shops. It resets the unit to Level 1 and changes their class to their alternate class (or back to their original class if they’ve already been reclassed. You can do this an infinite amount of times. Reclassing also keeps weapons so you can do some really funny things.

Personal Reclasses

Yoder: Bishop ↔ Sage
Niime: Druid ↔ Sage
Dayan: Nomad Trooper ↔ Ranger
Cath (once promoted): Assassin ↔ Rogue
Saul: Bishop ↔ Sage
Dorothy: Sniper ↔ Ranger
Roy (starts as Great Lord): Great Lord ↔ Hero
Rutger: Swordmaster ↔ Assassin
Bartre: Warrior ↔ Beserker
Lugh: Sage ↔ Druid
Clarine: Valkyrie ↔ Mage Knight
Raigh: Druid ↔ Sage
Shanna: Falcoknight ↔ General
Karel: Swordmaster ↔ Assassin

Known Issues

  • Characters sometimes don’t gain any exp after combat.
  • Mage Knights don’t play sound.
  • Epilogue cutscenes don’t use the right characters.


Other Notes

The game officially ends at 20x when you get the Mulagir (or alternatively if Dayan dies/you run out of turns) with the chapters afterward having minimal changes. In Chapter 21 you get Roy (He’s already a Great Lord somehow, don’t question it), Elffin, Saul, Dorothy and Raigh, along with the legendary weapon holders Rutger, Bartre, Lugh, Clarine and Shanna. 21x is entirely skippable, you get the Binding Blade and Apocalypse at the end of 21.

In 22, Roy, not Yoder is required to open Zephiel’s room. Don’t worry he can’t die, he has the Merlinus unkillable trait.

The dialogue in this version is extremely rough, I hope to refine it at a later date.


FE6 Translation Patch Team
Female Assassin Battle Animation - Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K
Female Assassin Map Animation - RobertFPY
Female Rogue Battle Animation - Temp, Black Mage, Wan
Female Rogue Map Animation - Unknown (Repo)


Please Patch onto a clean Japanese FE6 rom.