Fire Emblem: Visions of Liberation Update 0.2 [WIP] (8 Chapters Completed. 7 Main and 1 Gaiden)

Good day! I am NKO Riko and I am a new hacker. I started playing Rom hacks in 2020 since I was bored of the same Fire Emblem experience over and over. So, I played my first Rom hack then. Fast forward today I have started my very own Rom Hack project known as Fire Emblem: Visions of Liberation.


In the continent of Iyslia, the eight lands of promise shared harmony and unity for each of their contributions towards creating a paradise. This three millennia long shared piece is about to crumble as internal warfare within the nation of Chevrell has raised a coup to fight against King Howell VIII; thus leading to the civil war in Chevrell. Amongst the people who we’re forcefully exiled from Chevrell due to the uprising is Lapiz, King Howell VIII’s only daughter. She makes her escape along with her two retainers and now seeks to form a group of knights, mercenaries, and civilians who will stand by her to liberate and reunite the country of Chevrell; with little does she know the destiny that awaits her…

  • 40+ Characters Designed
  • 3 Story Acts that accompany it.
  • A personal skill system
  • Unique classes such as Halberdiers, Bow Knights etc.
  • Narrative driven story about political warfare.
  • Linear Fire Emblem
  • Unique support chains (With a more diverse support system)
  • Classic and Casual Mode

Screenshots and assets (As of now)

Title Screen

World Map of Iyslia

Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-0
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-1
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-2
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-3
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-4
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-5
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-6
Fire Emblem-Visions of Liberation (Chapters 00-10).emulator-7

BETA VERSION 0.2 IS NOW RELEASED HERE IN FEUNIVERSE! (Beta Test 1 was on Discord) 5 Playable Chapters in the Demo!


Beta ver. 0.2:
Dropbox - FE Visions of Liberation Closed Beta Test 2.0 - Simplify your life



7743, Ultraxblader,Vesly, Contra for debugging and technical support
Klokinator for helping with the repository
BaconMaster120 and Vale the Violet Mote for the character creator

Boss Portraits:

Prologue: AmBrosiac
Chapter 1: Candy
Chapter 2: LaurentLacroix_33
Chapter 3: Miguel Rojo
Chapter 4: Smug Mug
Chapter 5: Smug Mug
Chapter 5x: NKO Riko
Chapter 6: LaurentLaxcroix_33

Animations for Classes:

Knight Reworks:FPZero, Raulster/Alice
Griffon Knight:EldritchAbomination, Raspberry, Ary
Holy Knight: TeamSalvaged, Velvet Kitsune
Lord (Lapiz): Mikey Seregon
Halberdier:TBA, Jj09, UltraXBlade
Cavalier Reworks: Salvaged
Sniper Reworks: Nuramon
Thief Rework: GabrielKnight, Skitty, Mikey Seregon
Female Myrmidon Rework:
Sage Lord:HyperGammaSpace and Jono
Animus Lord:ShadowAllyX and Toji Magia
Bow Knight:JeyTheCount

Special Thanks to:

Alexbubs (Recolor)
Candy, whale, and CatBall(FEU Playtest)
JetDragun, SaucyJuicy, Bonzaiii, ARSNova, and Creol (Friends/Closed Beta Tests)
Matthieu (Portrait Animations)

Boss Portraits (From the Repo):

Prologue: AmBrosiac
Chapter 1: Candy
Chapter 2: LaurentLacroix_33
Chapter 3: Miguel Rojo
Chapter 4: Smug Mug

Other Repo Stuff:

Mikey Seregon for Lapiz’s Animation
JonoTheRed for Lorri’s Animation

Special Thanks to:

Alexbubs (Recolor)
Candy, whale, and CatBall(Playtest in the FEU Discord)
Matthieu (Portrait Animations)
10RyuZetto and ARS Nova (Closed Playtest of Beta version 0)


You can answer this google form for reviews on the gameplay and how I can further improve the hack.

We also have a Tierlist Maker of the current roster because who doesn’t like tier lists?



A preview of things to come in the next chapter of the story.


Hello, I played through your hack and had a pretty good time.

However, there are some things I want to mention:

  • I lost Walter and Lorri (cuz I suck) but they were somehow revived on chapter 3. Even though I could use them, the game still thought they were dead, causing my turn to end whenever I moved all my ‘alive’ units but skipping the dead ones (Deven acted as a dead unit as well, even though I did not let him die).
  • Deven joined on chapter 3 without weapons and vanished from my roster at the start of chapter 4. There was also some text hidden behind a black screen at the end of chapter 3 so I couldn’t read it.
  • I couldn’t finish chapter 4 since it doesn’t end when killing the boss.
  • As for game balance, it felt fine to me. Although I have to say that Lapiz and Samson were a bit OP, making it rather easy to juggernaut with those two. (Or maybe my level ups were just lucky?)

All in all, I did have fun with the game! It could definitely use some polish on a lot of things, but that is to be expected when a project is still early in development.

Good luck on the project! :+1:

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Hello RandomMercenary. Thank you for this feedback. Will definitely work on those bugs along with the new chapters. Am glad you enjoyed the experience :grinning:

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Hints of things to come…



Personal life hits hard but I am back and up and running to finish Act 1 for Y’all to enjoy. I know its been a while but as a solo dev I know my work is cut out to be huge. But its safe to say that I have new proofs of concepts to show in the development process! Enjoy!!

Updated Cast List

Map Showcases


Feature Showcase: Hub Levels

A small area where you (the player… thats right! You!) can talk to your army and get to know them more!

Convo Sample

Other development notes:

  • Lots of new features coming up gameplay wise (New Weapons, Classes, etc.)
  • Story Writing-Gameplay integration with custom supports based on class and route taken.
  • Original music by yours truly
  • Fun Filled Cast to fall in love with!
  • Playtest Patch for 8 chapters coming soon!

If you wish to help this project in any way, feel free to DM me here or in the FEU Discord Server! Ciao!



This rom covers Chapters 0-6 (With one Gaiden Chapter).

If you want to send your reviews, you can either comment on the google link below or reply to the thread directly. Otherwise, I’ll set up a tier list maker of all the units in the hack so far and see if you like them or not.

UPS and Credits Link: Dropbox - FE Visions of Liberation Closed Beta Test 2.0 - Simplify your life
Tierlist Link:
Google Forms:


Next Update: Route Split


To those who did an early download… redownload the UPS patch. I just updated the Dropbox link with a bug fix. Thats all. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Just a random thought but… would anyone be interested if I started writing an original English light novel (OELN) of my romhack? I had so much world building added that I can’t compress everything into the game. Just something random that went into my head.

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On chapter 2 of Fire Emblem: Visions of Liberation I trained Lorri to level 10 for literally no reason at all just to see what skill she got at level 10.

Other than that ,this hack is easy (imo) and if you do add more difficulty or options I think you should increase enemy stats quite a bit. Some enemy units have 2, and 3 speed and barely any defense

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Hey Kittenlover! Thank you for giving it a try. It is still in the early stages of development still and your feedback is definitely appreciated. I guess giving the convoy class a movement buff at 10 as a way to indicate it cannot promote sounds like iffy game design. I’ll see what I can do to better my hack.

As for the difficulty, I was not expecting it to be easy (even though I did plan for it to be a mixed bag of both easy breather chapters and hard grind chapters). But either way, the more comments I see the better. Goes to show what I need to change and not change. Thank you so much!

If you have the time, feel free to go through the google form or maybe expound more on what you like and what you don’t like about the hack as a way for me to get insight on what works and what doesn’t work. Hope you enjoyed still!

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Also… I started road mapping what I want to do for the long run for this hack. Here are some things I wanna try and implement here, but no promises if everything will be pushed through. It is my VISION after all Ba Dum TSS

Anyways, here’s some Behind the scenes stuff I had been planning all day.


Welcome to the community Riko!
Hack already looks promising, wishing you the best when working on it! :star:

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Aww. Thank you so much. I really dunno how to respond to this since I am more used to getting criticism about my hack. But I hope you have a good time experiencing trying out this story I made in the hack! Along with the cast too! I’ll be sure to keep things posted here!

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Major Update Teaser? Ayo? New Lapiz = New Fun?

Wow, new hack. Awesome. The main lord’s name is Lapiz, which means “pencil” in my language (I love it). And there is a original map for the game, too. Skills, “diverse supports” which I guess it means multiple B supports and one A instead of the limited vanilla GBA supports… Looking good right now. The only thing I don’t like so much is the character design, they don’t look as attractive or original to me as others from other hackroms but hey, you can’t have everything in life. I’ll watch your career with great interest.

Edit: your profile picture is amazingly well drawn, where did you find it (and can I have a link to it)?

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Hey there Lewyn!

Thank you for showing interest in my hack. Upon reading your reply, I think I need to clarify more on what I meant by “Diverse Supports”. Nothing in terms of gameplay changes however I would like to think more in regards to story-gameplay integration. For instance, a support convo changes depending on the promoted class choice. Other times, I would write it based on when the support happens in terms of chapter count. Or something that I am pitching in my head being based on what the unit’s level is (AKA to those people who only bring filler units just for the support).

As for the portraits, I am still new to pixel art (I am a photographer by my trade/career) so I am still learning. But as you said, I cant have everything available LMAO.

And lastly for my PFP, its an alpha design of Lapiz I commissioned my close friend to make. I’m not gonna disclose them since they’re really just that shy and does not have any clue with Fire Emblem. I just described the character as if its my DnD OC.

But either way, I appreciate the support shown for the hack! Expect lots soon!

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Yippee!! Slowly but surely going closer to the route split update!

Edit: Considering if I wanna add hard Mode to my checklist… but thats a problem for future me LMAO


Yaay! Progress! I am surprised that I am ahead of schedule before the next playtest. Maybe I should make a discord server now for Visions of Liberation? But yaay! Progress!

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