Skliros Saga: Tragedy of Deceit (1/? Chapters Done)

@MrKarkino and I are proud to announce a brand new project: Skliros Saga, Tragedy of Deceit!

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Here’s what we have planned:

  • A new story featuring Princess Desdemona of Lyrion
  • Over 20 new chapters planned (1 currently done)
  • Many recruitables and new classes at your disposal
  • Split Anima triangle, like in Tellius
  • Average difficulty to ease newer players in, and a Hard mode more closely resembling FE6’s balance

New features:

  • Press Select to view enemy attack ranges
  • Seamless trading and convoy usage without burning your turn
  • Health bars, as well as warning indicators on enemies with effective or Killer weapons
  • Battle stats are viewable, even with animations off
  • Many beautiful animations and weapon icons from the community

This spreadsheet contains all the credits. If anything is missing, please contact me immediately so I can update it.

Currently, we only have Prologue done. Want to try it? Download it here!
Make sure to patch over a clean FE8 (U) ROM.
Help Wanted! If you’d like to contribute to this project or get access to developmental builds of the game, join our discord!


Are Marth and Roy in this game??



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hi we have actual 1-2 range swords
swordmasters rejoice

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I had no idea you were working on this, this is a pleasant surprise.


Prior to releasing this only Karkino knew about the project because we wanted to work on it in secrecy until we had a chapter ready to release. I’m glad you found the surprise to be pleasant!

Hi, I already checked out your first chapter/prologue. Don’t know if you want feedback but I guess so.
It already shows a lot of cool stuff with female fighter, 2 range swords, spear brigands?, quick bow and other stuff.
It’s just maybe a bit too easy for a rather linear map and a lot of playable units right away. But then again it’s a prologue I guess. Doesn’t have to be difficult right away.

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I’m glad you like it. I personally enjoy prologues that are easy and linear, but not easy to the point of being brainless (FE7/8) or difficult to the point of feeling like a puzzle (FE11 on H5)

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Agreed. I’m looking forward to the other chapters. Looks like it has awesome potential so far and difficulty will come for sure^^ Good luck!

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Whoa, dude


Randolf palette is on point. Looking forward to seeing what you all do!

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Just did a quick play through and I’m likin’ it so far, Good luck with the rest!

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I am shook time to play this blind bb


Following some feedback and my own poor decision making, we’ve created a minor update for Skliros Saga:

This changes Ridley to a Mage Knight, and adjusts a few character stats and the map design. Crit on Bronze weapons has been removed, too. Finally, stationary enemies display as – move. Enjoy!

The download link has been updated accordingly.