Fire Emblem: Shackled Power (FEE3 Approved, 17 Chapters Playable)

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[DISCORD USERS: This thing’s now actually playable! To keep up with development or get your criticism addressed directly via an actual conversation, join the discord server here:]

Well, with massive credit to FEBuilder, I’m throwing my hat into the ring with a new FEGBA Romhack. With the new influx of hack, providing variety is extremely important and I hope that this project can contribute to that necessity.


The Land of Altina has been at rest for many years after the massive crusades from its most powerful nations, Birene and Gothen. Their collective conquests reduced the land to being split down the middle between their lands. In the coming years, both have dreamed of building themselves back up into great military powers to claim the rest of the land for themselves.

However, their latest stalemate resulted in the death of Gothen’s warlord, King Gustav. Morale in Gothen is low and must be corrected if they truly hope to get revenge on Birene. While Birene has been satisfied in turning itself into a trade empire, the surviving queen has been provided with an extreme measure for taking control… and she’s ready to act on it.

Via a thwarted attempt to put Birene into a state of array, the Birenian king’s youngest son learns that the Gothen queen is ready to put them in their place. With the aid of his new public recruiting program, Prince Prosel must assemble a force to cut off the queen and put a stop to her desperate attempt. If he fails, she could do far worse to him and his nation than they have ever been able to do to her…


-Guide Prosel and nearly forty other playable units through huge amounts of tactical warfare!
-30-and-a-half chapters of punching out anyone unfortunate enough to be standing in your way!
-A wide variety of new weapons to play around and strategize with!
-Every unit that uses axes as their primary weapon gets their own unique Prf axe with varying effects!
-Kick down doors, bust open chests and blitz through water with your very lord!
-All new weapon type: Bombs! Shells that contain magical charges, they can be used as indirect projectiles to test enemy resistance with your strength stat! Usable by thieves and an all new class…
-Introducing the Guerilla class! Specializing in indirect warfare, they can plow through terrain barely impaired and snipe the enemy! Promotable with the Crook(Ocean) Seal into Lieutenants!
-Rarely distributed skills to keep things vaguely close to vanilla. Expect to see battle skills on important bosses.
-A brand-new story and land to absorb and learn about as you go!
-Bigger promotion bonuses!
-No deserts!
-New music from other GBA games!

Download the current build with this link:

Thanks for checking this out and enjoy the carnage!

Direct thanks to individual community battle animation artists and patch makers will come a bit later upon the full release, but immediate thanks to 7743 for designing the program that made all of this possible


Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia).emulator
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia).emulator.emulator


I like how a gameplay feature is no deserts lol. But the bomb class has me thouroughly interested

What do you mean by half a chapter?

Is this game done ? Full release?

@Solusaeternus The game is nowhere near finished right now. As it says at the top this is just to have it ready to be submitted for the upcoming FEE3. Full release will likely not be for a long while.

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I noticed the southern part of the continent looks a lot like tellius. Between that and the continent’s name, is there some connection between this game and FE9/10?
Just curious XD.

@Mycahel I haven’t played enough Tellius to intentionally try to reference its continent. The shape of the map is very much based on something (Should be obvious by the shape), but it’s not that.

So I played through the current build. Won’t comment on chapters P-6, since those are still clearly in very early stages, whereas chapter 7 is obviously much more finished. I really liked chapter 7 overall! Thought it played pretty well, and was a very effective introduction to the bombers and their weapons. Locked to 2 range, but highly accurate and hits res. The animations for the bomber classes also looked fantastic. I will say that the right side of chapter 7 felt sorta pointless, but that may be because this is an early build and I thus had absolutely no reason to visit the shops (though they also didn’t sell anything particularly noteworthy anyway). May want to put a droppable in the top right or something, just so there’s a reason to go over there. Looking forward to this getting shown off at FEE3!

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I didn’t realize it was scandinavia until you said that.

Please let me know when the game completely finish ~ thank you :pray:t2:

day 9 gang rise up


We’ll make Day 9 great.
Once the showcase is over, I’ll be releasing the next patch and have a development Discord ready for it.

But first, FEE3!

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With the FEE3 video probably airing slightly after this post is made, the game is now in a vaguely playable public state! Currently 11 chapters are available to play, covering the first story arc and the chapter immediately after.

Changes have been made beyond what’s in the FEE3 showcase. All chapters have proper cutscenes, supports actually work, the EXP formula is no longer Seth-approved, and a whole heap of changes have been made to make things look more polished in its current stages.

If you want to play, the original post has been updated with the current build. In addition, a discord server has been created for the hack and is linked at the top of the original post. Feel free to join to bounce concerns over to me more easily or just check out what’s in store for the future.



Nice work! Enjoyed HeartHero’s showcase. I think the hack shows good potential and has a distinct vibe with the custom animations and weapons.

One suggestion from viewing the video would be to tighten up the map - there was a lot of space and it looked like the flow and placement made it so you had to move into position and wait to take a hit rather than attack proactively. Making the map a little smaller and/or shifting enemies up closer to the player at the start may help. Additionally, I’d recommend reducing the amount of 1-2 range on the enemies since it ends up slowing down gameplay a bit if the player can’t counter effectively. Not saying get rid of all of it, but for example, given that the map has a high density of 2 range bomb units, the pegs shouldn’t also have javelins.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next.


Hey, so it’s been a fair bit since I’ve directly updated this thread. Most of my progress has been made clear on my discord, but it’s probably best that I showcase some more stuff here.

A total of sixteen chapters are now playable, detailing Prosel’s actions after the first act of the story. With new friends and foes alike, what will become of his journey to build a counter-offensive against Gothen?

Below are some screenshots showcasing parts of this new section of the game. Enjoy.


Whoops. Missed a rather embarrassing error when messing with skills. I’ve updated the patch link to a new version that fixes thieves not being able to steal after promotion.

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