Bartre Emblem: FE7 The Way It Was Meant To Be Played!

It is I, The Bartre Man, here to bestow upon ye heathens the greatest romhack that will ever exist: Bartre Emblem! A streamer/speedrunner named Keizaron asked me to make him an FE7 hack that replaces every character’s portrait and name with Bartre, so I made it in three hours just now. This hack also replaces everyone’s palette with Bartre’s palette. Note that Karel and Karla are completely unchanged. I also hid Fir somewhere in the game as an NPC, so you’ll have to find her! Oh, and this hack does not change story dialogue at all. So characters still use vanilla names in cutscenes, but now everyone talking is Bartre.

Here is a link to the patch. Apply it to a US FE7 rom. Let me know if there are any problems (hint: there are none, this hack is perfection). And enjoy!

Also here are some images to show it off.
image image image image image image image image


Puny Bartre ain’t got nothing on Batta the Beast.

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Fir as an NPC? Wow, she really is that weak I guess.

Considering she is negative 4 years old at the time of FE7, it makes sense.


The perfect companion to Dorcas Emblem.


Bless :pray:

Legendary. Absolutely amazing. We’ve truly peaked

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I woke up today thinking it would be an uneventful one. I was proven wrong, for today is now the day of Bartre!

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Without reading, I was able to tell that Karla is unchanged…

finally, a good hack

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God dammit lonk. lmao
Change you PFP to the better one smh

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Why did you post regular fe7?
I See nothing diffrent, As perfect as its always been.

Oh boy, first we had Fire Emblem: Dorcas Version and now we have Fire Emblem: Bartre Version. I hope trading is allowed between each version so I could complete my Fighterdex.


Sorry mate, Only axe wonder trading.
None of the Exclusives.