Fire Emblem Fates: Weapon Reversal

Excadrill1201 did a hack with the same concept as this like a year and a half ago, but that didn’t change generic enemies, which is like half the fun of Weapon Reversal. Any similarities between this and his are coincidental. This is a mod that is inspired by Kobazco’s FE8 Weapon Reversal, it changes all units’ classes into classes with weapon types that are strong against their original weapon types, like swords into lances. Staff units are changed into the other staff class, and beast units change into the other beast class, but with some changes to promotions to make the swap more interesting. A few classes have been modified, and a few new classes have been added, for better class swaps. Some units have also had stats modified to better fit their new class, all changes to classes and characters can be found in the changelog. Many Revelation route maps have more deployment slots, and many units in Revelation have been buffed as well. DLC CLASSES, MAPS, UNITS, AMIIBO UNITS AND AMIIBO MAPS HAVE BEEN UNTOUCHED. However, a few DLC maps may be impacted due to some classes and personal weapons changing weapon types.

MAKE SURE TO USE THE ROM1.lz and ROM2.lz FILES IN THE ASSET FOLDER AND ASET.lz IN THE bs FOLDER TO MAKE ALL CLASSES AND ITEMS WORK CORRECTLY. ROM3.lz has been edited to incorporate TildeHat’s Kana promoted outfits, swap the beast units’ tails so that they won’t have two tails, and give Charlotte and Benny their unique victory animations in their base class, but if you care about none of those things, you’re free to use the ROM3.lz and texture files from the Promotion Textures mod. Note that some boss animations (Iago, Hans, Kotaro, Zola) may not work correctly if you include the ROM4.lz file from that mod.


Xander vs Ryoma
War Priest
Great Miko
Laslow reclass
Mozu Berserker promo
Mozu Malig promo

Credits for things used

-TildeHat: Malig Knight tome animations, promoted Kana outfits, M!Corrin victory, F!Wyvern lance victory, F!Kinshi bow crit animation fixes, Forrest paralogue pillar fix
-DeathChaos: Xander and Amiibo crit audio fixes. His Rev Unit Buff Patch served as a template and inspiration for many of the buffs to units in Revelation
-Moonling: Velouria Hood Accessory mod
-TrustyWusty: Master Ninja Camilla texture
-Enkad: Great Master Jakob texture.
-Sniguk/brain_allen: Awakening Assassin map sprite port.

Download link is here.

PLEASE let me know if anything is bugged. I have played all 3 routes but some stuff may have slipped through the cracks.


Always warms my heart to still see people making weapon reversals. I truly had no clue what I was starting all those years ago haha.

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