[Lex Talionis] Starlight: Terror. Version 0.1

Hello everyone! My name is Franzie and I wanted to showcase a project I’ve been working on over the past month and a half using Lex Talionis. The project is titled Starlight: Terror. currently, It’s a short and more casual/easier story spanning around 11 Chapters, with around 24 playable units.


Main Story:
In the land of Altherazan, The Land of Dragons, there lived a corrupt noble who owned a bit of land in it. His name is Malacath Swain, he did not care about the villagers and peasants, only his own wealth and his family, as such, he would spend his days indulging in his fantasies, and neglecting his people, forcing them to fend for themselves against Banditry as well as wild beasts and monsters. That would soon change however in a fateful encounter that would force him to turn to the dark side, and sell his soul to Chaotic demons. Soon, the lands of Altherazan would begin to corrupt, and its up to a Dragon Prince and his Crusaders to step up to the challenge and drive chaos away.

Main Features

Main Features it currently includes:

  • Currently there is a short story with 11 playable chapters.

  • Around 22 or so playable Units, with brand new and reworked classes

  • A very different class system and list, inspired by a mix of GBA and SNES FE, with over 60+ classes.

  • New weapon types for both physical and ranged. Hammers for Melee classes, Daggers and Firearms for ranged classes, and 10 different magical elements for mages.

  • With the new weapon types, there are many new items and weapons. Such as new ranged physical Swords, Hammers and Daggers.

  • Classic and Casual modes, with Fixed, Dynamic, and Random growth methods.


Item Icons - Most of them by Ereshkigal, Topazlight, SMITHYGCN, Sindle,Mike,fizzly

Generic Class Icons - Rausban, Samirplays,Pushwall, Pikmin1211, Boneman Seth, Team SALVAGED

Portrait- Most by me but some are from BonemanSeth, XVI, Laurent Lacroix, Gold blitz. Eldritch Abomination

Map Sprites - IS, flasuban, Alusq, Rasdel, StreetHero, AnnoyingAnon, Dominus_Vobiscum, TBA, IS, SSHX, N426, 7743, Rasdel, ZoramineFae, knabepicer, Nuramon, Its_Just_Jay,Der,Agro, RobertFPY,Siuloi,SALVAGED,Pikmin,L95,FungusCaesar,Leif,MeatofJustice,TyTheBub,Smug_Mug,Stitch,Huichelaar,Lexou,topazlight,Devisian_Nights,ArcherBias,RealxViPerZ,Circleseverywhere,Pushwall,Aruka,Kenpuhu,Blue Druid,Teelvade,SkidMarc25,Seal,Momo,MrGreen,Dutch Introvert, Aruka, BatimaTheBat,Rexacuse,Peerless,Blademaster,Sax Marine, Kenpuhu,Ryn

Combat Animations - Nuramon, Salvaged, Aruka, 7743, Alusq, Spud, Vikalizer, Flasuban, Seal, Pikmin, MK404, Pushwall, Temp, Iscaneus, Ayr,

Music- Most of it comes from the Wayward Souls OST, while some are from Lauren Bousfield and Nero’s Day at Disneyland

Most, if not all of the assets used will be in the FE Asset Directory

There will be plans to add more chapters, This is currently the first playtestable version so any feedback, whether it be story or gameplay, is necessary.



Download Link:

This is like, my first ever project so any sorts of advice and help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time, and hope yall have a great day! :star: :star: