Fire Emblem Izarck's Quest

I started this hack around the start of december, since I don’t have much time on PC, the progress is kinda slow.

Story: In the Melgen continent, there are two very powerfull countries, they’re Arcadia and Petos, Arcadia suddenlly started to invade other countries, even though king Arcadio and King Petos are on good terms with each other, so wat’s the reason that made king Arcadio suddenlly attack it’s neighbors?
Follow the story of Izarck, as he makes his path from a simple squire to a famous Hero.

Features: No bandit chapters!
New items.
New icons for new items.
Some new classes.
7 chapters as of now(counting the prologue and chapter 4x)
Some new music.
New mugs.
New events.
New maps.
Deep plot(Not much at the start I admit, but what FE game starts with a good reason to fight?)
New custom battle animations.
All chapters have hidden items and secrets.(Except for the prologue, don’t bother searching)

Some screenshots:


Known issues and gliches:
Lamp sword use effect works properly but it crashes the game if used right after resuming a chapter. Make sure to always savestate before using it’s use effect.
Sleep sword doesn’t makes people sleep yet, it’s halving HP for now to compensate.
By grammar isn’t the best, if someone could help with it would be of great help.
The same can be said about my mugs.



Yang Kai

Yang Kai

Yang Kai
Knight Resource

Battle Animations:
Yang Kai(Izarck Squire, Leticia, Succubus)
Mage Knight404(Alternate Fighter)
The Blind Archer(Armored Brigand)

Michaiah (BladeMaster)
Marshall Sage (Spud)
Female Soldier (Dr0zz)
Female Monk (Teraspark)
HoodLess Shaman (Temp)
Female Civillian

Map Sprites:
Yang Kai(Squire, Armored Brigand)
Female Monk (Teraspark)
Axe Cavalier

Class Cards:
Yang Kai(Female Nomad)

All ripped from ROMs using Zahlman Song Editor,
with Sappy being used to find the Header and
GBA2midi when the ROM wasn’t compatible with Sappy.

Ultimate Tutorial by Blazer.
Arch Event tutorial.
Blazer Tutorial on adding new items.

HxD Hex Editor
Event Assembler
Nightmare by lots of people
FEditor by Xeld and Hextator
MAR array inserter
FE Map
FE Recolor
BS Palette assembler
Zahlman Song Editor
GM8.1 Sprite Editor

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I’d be happy to check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

I could sprite stoof for ya.